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Napalm Death Letter

Napalm Death Letter

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Published by Adam Shay

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Published by: Adam Shay on Jun 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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17/6/2011Dear Barney, Shane, Danny and Mitch,I've been following the talk on your Facebook page regarding your show in Israel and I see theCampaign to Boycott Israel have had a fair go at you. In doing so, they have used slanderous terms and presented simplistic a picture which is different than the complex reality of the Israeli Palestinianconflict. So I want to briefly set the record straight here.Israeli author Amos Oz has said that there are two wars here:One is the Palestinian people’s war for its right to free itself from occupation and to establish anindependent state. Every decent person should support that cause. The other war is the war of fanaticalIslam, from Iran to Gaza and from Lebanon to Kalkilya, to annihilate Israel and to uproot the Jewish people from its homeland. That is a criminal war that every decent person should despise.I'm afraid the anti-Israel campaigners targeting you have been campaigning you have not made thatdistinction. I have heard many calls for Israel's disappearance off the map but no call for a solution.According toAmos Oz the Israeli-Palestinian conflict primarily a national-political conflict, not areligious one, and therefore it can be solved by having two nations existing peacefully side by side. Ihave heard no mention of this from the campaigners.The campaign has on many occasions used the slanderous term “Apartheid” on many occasions.However, the legal record is clear that the crime of apartheid only has only one definition: an official policy of strict racial segregation and political and economic discrimination. 1To apply this to Israel isabsurd. Israel is a state with one law, and it applies equally to 5.6 Million Jewish-Israelis, 1.5 M Arab-
Israelis, and 302,000 other peoples and religions. In Israel, Jews and Arabs go to the beach together, dotheir shopping together, play football together, and go to university together. Arab-Israelis are proudlyrepresented at all levels of Israeli society including the countries courts and Parliament, and many of them are quite happy to be Israeli, such as Dr. Mohammad Wattad, an Arab-Israeli legal expert and alecturer in Law at Israel's Zefat Law School in Israel :“Is there discrimination in Israel? Yes, there is discrimination against women, the elderly,Arabs, various minority groups and echelons of society. Is it good? No. But the same goes for Canada.It means we need to deal with the problem from within.... The existence of discrimination in a statedoes not make it an apartheid state...There is a big difference between apartheid and discrimination.“In an apartheid regime, there is no possibility of judicial review, because the judges are appointed bythe regime and all serve one ideology. This is not the case in Israel ... There is a very strong,independent Supreme Court in Israel..”2The difference between Palestinians and Israelis is political, not racial. There is no ‘onedominant race’. Israeli Jews are far more multiracial than any other group in Middle East. They comefrom Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Ethiopia, the United States, West and East Europe and over 50 other countries. The stereotype of the Jew as exclusively white and European does not exist in Israel. Itexists only in the minds of those who are trying to label Jews as perpetrators of apartheid. Even thosewho have spoken out loudly against Israel's policies toward the Palestinians acknowledge that Israel isnothing like apartheid South Africa. This includes former US President Jimmy Carter:"It's not Israel. The book has nothing to do with what's going on inside Israel, whichis a wonderful democracy, you know, where everyone has guaranteed equal rightsand where, under law, Israeli Arabs and Jews have the same privileges."3
What is happening in parts of the West Bank is a military occupation, an undoubtedly terribleexperience that should be ended as soon as possible. But it is not and cannot be apartheid. Is Britain'soccupation of Afghanistan apartheid? Is the United States' occupation of Iraq apartheid? No. All theseexamples refer to tragic realities, but they are not apartheid and to refer to them as such is misleadingand dangerous. It steers the debate away from a two state solution – an Israeli state and a Palestinianstate living peacefully side by side – and focuses on replacing Israel with Palestine.The most clearest example of such a lie is the experience of Gaza. What the Campaign toBoycott Israel conveniently left out of their story was that before 2005 Gaza was occupied by Israel, just like the West Bank. But in 2005 Israel withdrew all civilian and military personnel from Gazaleaving it 'Jew Free'. Sick of the political corruption of the PLO political party, Gaza responded byelecting Hamas, a radical Islamist organization openly dedicated to Israel's annihilation. Hamas doesnot support the Palestinian national agenda, but rather promotes a global Jihad, calling for thedestruction of Israel, the U.S., Britain and all other 'infidel' countries. Their agenda is bought and paidfor by Iran, which provides weapons and funding for this struggle. Once assuming control over theGaza strip, Hamas increased its terror campaign of rocket attacks against Israel, launching more than
12,000 rockets and mortars onto defenseless Israeli civilian population centers,
slaughtering anyPLO resistance it could find until there was no political opposition left in Gaza.After six years of rocket attacks from Gaza, Israel and Egypt imposed sanctions as directed by theQuartet of Powers (TheUN, the USA,the European Union, andRussia). Despite continuing daily  bombardments of its people, Israel continued to allow aid into Gaza to feed people there, only to see itstolen by Hamas warlords and sold back to the Gazans at exorbitant prices.4“There is no starvation inGaza. No one has died of hunger," Khalil Hamada, a senior official at Gaza's Ministry of Justice, toldLondon's
 Daily Telegraph.
Many live in luxury in such places as the former Crazy Water Park and the

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