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Memory of Bunchy Carter & John Huggins

Memory of Bunchy Carter & John Huggins

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Published by: Mosi Ngozi (fka) james harris on Jun 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BLACK P'"THRR. """0". J'"""V "' ,~, P'CF .Dr. Martin
-II But there comes a time, that. peoPle get tired...tiredof being segregated and humiliated; tired of being kickedabout by the brutal feet of oppression. For many years,we have shown amazing patience. We have sometimes givenour white brothers the feeling that we liked the way wewere being treated. But we come here tonight to be savedfrom that patience that makes us patient with anythingless than freedom and justice."...If you will protest courageously, and yet with dignityand love, when history books are written in future genera-tions, the historians will have to pause and say, 'therelived a great peoPle--a Black peoPle--who injected newmeanir:&g and dignity into the veins of civilization.' Thisis our challenge and our overwhelming responsibility."
--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Montgomery, Alabama 1956With pulsating voice, he made mockery of our fears;with convictlon and determinatlon he delivered a Messagewhich made us overcome these fears and march forwardwith dignity .
Karenga's men there, in CampbellHall. This was intended to stop thework and programs of the Black Pan-ther Party in Southern California.In the fall of 1968,Bunchy and Johnbegan to participate in a special edu-cational program for poor Black andMexican -American students atU.C.L.A. They believed that there,they could better educate other Blackstudents about; he need to serve theBlack community by developing aBlack Studies program.
We commemorate the lives of twoof our fallen brothers, Alprentice"Bunchy" Carter and John JeromeHuggins, who were murdered J anuary17, 1969, while organizing students onthe campus of the University of Cali-fornia at Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.).We cannot forget Bunchy, we cannotforget John --they were revolution-aries; they were examples for us all.The memories that members of theBlack Panth~r Party have of Bunchyand John are beautifulones, they werebeautiful human beings.Ron Karenga, a Black m*n whoheaded a non-serving orgariizationcalled .'US", which was protected bythe Los Angeles Police Department,conspired to take control of theplanned Black Studies programby attempting to have one of his friendsselected as director. Karenga's front-man was rejected for the key positionby the students of U.C.L.A. On Jan-uary 17, 1969, after a meeting of theBlack Student's Union. Alprentice~.Bunchy.. Carter "nd John JeromeHuggins were shot doWn,murdered byThey personified the best of hu-manity , for they gave not only theirlives,-their physical presence to thestruggle, but they gave love, patience,understanding and were truly one withthe people. They contributed much tothe process of the transformation ofsociety into a new and better world.
We lost two of our brothers (inbody) although the Los Angeles Chap-ter of the Black Panther Party con-ttnues to operate and serve. The or-ganizing and untiring work Bunchyand John accomplished will be re-membered by us all. None who knewhim can forget how Bunchy's pre-sence caused everyone to listen toand respect him. No one who knewJohn can forget his way of capturingpeople with the great love he had for Ihumankind. We hope that John andBunchy will be remembered by many
eople as great men, as great Blackmen. We salute their lives. ,ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE-~-
BUNCHY CARTERKarenga of a folded umbrellajOHN HuGGINS organlzatloo, the Black Con-gress, and close friend of Ka-renga, Bremond also worked forthe federal government In MarlntheIr Interest. County several years before thatThIngs got worse for the Sam a. a Housing Authority admlnls-Yorty-Karenga coalItion as time trator. There were others, butpassed. The Black Panther party thls was the maIn group. Nothad begun programs serving the part of the advisory board, buttrue needs of the people and part of the design to rlp offwasn't on theIr payroll. When the people, was also Cannon'sBunchy and johnHugglns entered old gIrlfriend, Mary jane Hewltt,the sacred territory of the head of UCLA's governmentcollege cannpus In the fall of funding projects for the poor1968 and began talking to the (such as EOP).Black Students there, It was These people tried to whlp to-reslly bad. UCLA had already gether during that school breakbeen progrannmed to funnel a Black Students' Union. A fewUnited State. government funds misguided fools, students there,through Its various agencies Into lIstened to them. And togethera government project known as they produced a Dr. Charlesthe "Compton Complex". The Thomas and presented him asCompton Complex was a progrann the Black Student-Black com-to bring new buildings, busl- munlty choice to head a Blacknesses and federal money Into the Studies program at UCLA. PlanspredomInately Black Southern were foIled only over a smallCalIfornia community of Comp- quarrel as to what Thomas'ton. salary would be --oho StudentsCertaInly any strong, black In- thought the offered $16,000 wasfluence upon tho UCLA admlnla- sufficient; tho advisory boardtrators would be able to dictate wanted $23,000. This brought thetho whole Compton Complex whole thing Into the open by theoperation. This, of course, meant time the oew school quarter be-In turn a stronghold on tho gan.economy and therefore the poll- The black students, outraged,tlcs and people of Compton (the and otter many meeting" In earlyclasest community south ofWstts january, fInaUy, on january ISth,--even sometimes calledWattS). "aid they would control theIrThere was a lot at stake and Black Studies program, had nothe UCLA Black Students Union need for the so-called Com-Union had fallen apart by De- munlty Advisory Board andcember, 1%8. Anyone with an eye literally boo-ed Karenga,andtheto keepIng the lid on hot SoUth- approximately fIfty followersCentral Los Angeles would cer- (some armed) he had brought totalnly want control (wIthout cer- argue hls poInt, out of the bulld-talnly anyone knowing) of that Ing.project and all the other govern- Two days later, after a meetingment funds directed at black peo- that was held to discuss thepIe that UCLA distrIbutes. qualIfications of any BlackDurIng the school quarter Studies Program Head, Alpren-break, Karenga formed a Com. tlce Bunchy Carter and johnmunlty Advisory Board'. to Hugglns were shotdownbymom-"aid" UCLA's Black student. In bors of Karenga's US Organl-organizing a so-cal1ed Black zatlon. They were assasslnstedStudies Progrann. He was thetup because these pIgs and agent.proud-mlUtant front-good for saw them as tho maIn tbreat topollce-communlty relations, But any hold they could get overto Insure that everythIng went Black people, particularly Inwell, other top Yorty -United Southern CalIfornia. They wereStates government bootUckers assassInated, 8 years to the day.were part of thla vicious plot: like Patrlce Lumumba, becauseDr. Alfred Cannon a Black Los they represented the true needsAngeles paychlatrlat, head of tho and desIres of the masses ofgovernment-funded Mafundlln- people. john and Bunchy, likestltute, a psychlstrlst atUCLA's Lumumba, were aasasalnated byNeuropaychlatrlc lnlstltute. a the Black, lackey tools of theboard member of at least 12 most vicious and greedygovern-different other federal govern- ment structure In the history ofment "poverty programs", to the world -tho U.S. EmpIre.name some of the governmentprojects In which he Is Involved:Cannon's sidekick, Dr. Hlawatha ALL roWER ro 11iE PEOPLEHarris, another Black psychla- LONG L1YE 11iESTROOGLEOFtrlst, who along with Cannon 11iE PEOPLE OF 11iE COM-fronts off a federal government MUNrrIES OF 11iE WORLDprogram cal1ed the South Cen- AGAINST 11iE U.S. EMPIREItral Mental Health Center: Wal- Southern CaUfornla Chaptertar Bremond, former hea~ with Black Panther PartyPATRICE LUMBUMHAThe EmpIre of the UnitedState. has been for some timenow sophisticating and refiningIts method. and tactic. of keepingthe peoples of the world's variouscommunities under Its absolutecontrol. The uprising", re-bellIons and revolution. by theworld's people. against UnitedState. domination have given riseto entIre organization", unit" andsub-structures of the main or-ganIzed crIminal United State.governing body, organization"whose sole existence Is to quell,crush, defeat or take-over suchefforts of the people. The UnitedState. requIre", that as the threatof loss of Its rule Increases,the action on the part of suchagencies or Individuals must In-crease In proportion. Whetherthe soft-touch, Indirect ruletac-tics of such governmentpersonalities as John Kennedy,or the open, crude and direCtmoves of a Johnson or Nlxon areused Is only a question of needand style. The goal remain" thesame --maintain control of theworld's wealth -the world.On a winter day In earlyJanuary,I%9aheateddlscusslonwas talclng place on the campusof the University of CalIforniaat Los Angeles. Alprentice'Bunchy' Carter was arguing apoint In hls beautIfully persua-sIve manner, He was discussingat one point a man who hImselfwas known for hls great abilityto bring words to hls peopleand help them understand theIrlive" --Patrlce Lumumba, thegreat Congolese revolutionaryleader, Bunchy was arguing witha funCtionary of Ron Karenga'sUS organization. The point ofargument had been the Karengafollower's bllnd Insistence thatwhat Is black Is good, what Iswhite Is evil and bad. Thefollower always prefaced every-thIng he said with words about"Maulana" (Karenga's self-im-posed title, meaning "god") hadtaught him. It was ridiculous.Bunchy referred him to thevicious assassination of PatrlceLumumba. ()trangely, thls fol-lower who espoused love forAfrican tradition and heritagehad to ask who Lumumba was,)Bunchy poInted out that It hadbeen black men who had not onlybetrayed Lumumba, but there-fore also theIr own native Congo:Joseph MobUtU, Joseph Kasa-
vubu, Molshe Tsombe -to nsmethe msln ones -and of course,Dr. Ralph Bunche then UnderSecretary of the UnIted Nationsand Special United Nations Re-presentative In Leopoldvllle. Thepoint was (Is) that the tacticsof greedy men. particularly therulers of the United States Em-pIre, are not limited to whitepeople. That Imperialism Is nota color and In fact employs thedIrect or Indlrecr aid of peopleof all colors. He pointed out thatthrough the work of the UnitedStates Central IntelUgenceAgency (CIA) a black man,working In the Interest of hlspeople to throw off the dIrectrule of Belgium and IndIrect ruleof the United States, was assas-slnsted by other black men.One partIcipant was J oseph Mo-butu, current President of theCongo and former Sergeant Inthe Force Fubllque under tbeBelgians, who was well knownasthe CIA's maIn man In the Congo.Bunchy poInted out thatTshombe was so much In theemploy of tbe Belgium -UnItedStates coalition In the Congo,that even after Lumumba'sassassInation, he recaUledBelgian and other whltemercen-aries to search out and klU allthose still loyal to tbe ldess ofLumumba and of true Indepen-dence and freedom for the Congo.(fshombe's famous white mer-cenarIes killed hundreds ofCongolese In a four-week trekfrom Katanga to Stanleyvllle. Andon December 6, 1%0, s l!ttleover a month before Lumumba'sassassInation, Tshombe was re-ceIved by Belgian King Baudoulnto receive the Great Ribbon ofthe Order of the Crown for therespect hehadshown to Belgian'sl!vlng In Katsnga -the areaTshombe controlled, which hadseceded from the Congo).Through all the discussion thlsfollower of Karenga Insisted withvehemence that thls kInd of thingwas --If It happened --a leastlIkely threat to the Black manthan the whIte man. FInally,having become absorbed In thetruth , and forgetting for a second.all of what "Maulana'. had taughthim. he admitted that one couldnot make such blind, IrrationalstatementS. The class roared. Itt~UCht them.There's nnthlng mystlcalormysterious In some of the eventSIn history that seem to repeatthemselves. Similar cIrcum-stances can produce simIlar re-suits, Pat rice Lumumha wasassassinated on J anuary 17,1%1,at the hands of hls own people,as such. Part of a United Statesplot to maIntain domination andan attempt to crush or queUall efforts on the part of thepeople for freedom and Inde-pendence. Alprentlce 'Bunchy'Carter and John Hugglns wereassassinated on J anuary 17, 1%9,at the hands of theIr own people,as such. Part of a United Statesplot to maintain domination andan attempt to crush or ",aUaU efforts on the part of thepeople for freedom and Indepen-dence.It was Interesting that the classtook place at UCLA and such adiscussion arose between Bunchyand Larry Stlner. Karenga'sfol-lower .Stlner several weeks latertook part In Bunchy's assas-sInatIon on January 17th. ButStlner was just a tool of themain traitor -Ron Karenga. Andthe argument was reaUy begunsome tIme before that day.SpeclflcaUy Karenga (for-merly Ron Everett)hadbeendls-covered by the local pIgauthorities (lIke Mobutu was dIs-covered hy the CIA In the Congo)to be a good local boy to keepthe heat In the ghetto down, asIt were. In Watts In 1%5, ofcourse, there had been the lar-gest violent uprising ever byblacks against the oppressor,the Man, Watts, Uke other worldcommunities, required somework, so that rebeUlon wouldorganized moves for freedomfrom the chains, the oppressionof Sam (the United States pIgpower structure). But It requIredskIll and nothing too obvious --lIke out-rIght fascist force andterror --which could IntensIfy,Instead of smooth thIngs out.Ron Karenga and hls "U.S:'or US organIzation fit that need.It looked good-appearlngblackand militant. For a whIle afterthat, things went smoothly forthem, But In early 1%8, BunchyCarter organized the SouthernCalifornia Chapter of the BlackPanther Party. Andfromthenon,the local and federal pIgs sawthe crucial Southern Californiaarea as being threatened. BundtyreaUy was from the ghetto, thestreets. And he was organlz1rcdIe people to begin to move In
New Haven BlanchBlack Panther Party35 Sylvan AvenueNew Haven, Cunn. 06519Dear Brothers and Sisters.On May 22, eight members ofthe New Haven Branch of the BlackPanther Party were arrested oncbarges of murder and conspiracyto commit murder. Since then,seven other Panther. (IncludIngour ChaIrman Bobby Seale) havebeen arrested and charged wIth thesame trumped up cbarges. Thesearrest are clearly tied to thearrest. and murder. of Panthersaround the country. They are tiedto the growIng repression of Blackcommunities In every part of thenation.The Black Panther Party Is or-ganIzIng around program. whichwill benefIt the communIty andeducate the people on clearlyunderstanding the Injustice that ventlon,this iovernm"nt has brought upon -all poor and oppressed people allaround the world. Huey P. Newtonand Bobby seal.. who are nowIncarcerated on trumped upcbaries. founded the Black PantherParty In October 1966. SInce then,the Party with the help of thepeople has lOne forth to ImplementFree Breakfast for School ChUdronProirams (which serve breakfastto over 40,000 hungry chIldren).Free Health Clinics, Free Clothlni thirteen ofProirams. and Liberation Schools $100,000 each.
The repreeelon of the BlackPany hal tlken a
as a means of lIghtenIng the bur- touch thecase, and the Party 01 /01 mght to a.old prosecution. not supported by the majority ofdens that course cannot raise such an amount On Aucuat 19, Chairman Bobby people In thIs country,awarthatof money. MeanwhIle, the Panther. Seal. was arrested In Berkeley Is oppressIng the people of Vlet-remaIn In jaU, under maximum by FBI agents In connection with nam who want only to have theirsecurlly, not for actually com. the Alex Rackley case. freedom of sell delermlnatlon,mllttng a crime, but on an ex- In the ChIcago raid, which look Very recently our Chief of Stall,tromely yacue charge 01 "con- place on June 4th, FBI agents David HllItard, In a press con-spIracy" whIch rests on clrcum- blocked 01/ the street. at 5:30 terence held In Oakland, Call-stant\al evidence and the testimony In the morning and con/lscated a fornta, mad. a statement that theof Informers lIst of donars, and copies 01 a North Vietnamese were willIng toThen, on May 22nd, In a case petItIon slcned by 15,000 people release some American prisonerswhich polIce claim was lInked to callIng for the releue 01 Ullnols of war In exchange for the free-the New York 21, eight New Haven Party Deputy Chairman Fred dom of Huey P. Newton and Bo~y -.Panthers were arrested and Hampton, who wu In prison on Seale,a two to /lye year sentence for The establIshment knows fromaUegedly stealing $71 worth of expertence the easy formula forIce cream bars. repression: It. up the PantherlThe day alter the ChIcago raid, In court wIth any possible charge,polIce broke Into the Panther of. then deny ball and Inflame publIcopInion so that a fatr trial ..Impossible. The Panthers are n~ed, In Jail awalttng trial on conspiracyto murder and other rldlculouacharges. Conspiracy Is the hardestc~rge to defend and the easiestto prosecute. It Is the most un-faIr to any defendant. Allot theConnectIcut 14 arebelngheldwlth-on charges of conspiracy, kld- out ball. They haye been denIednapping and threatening to murder a prelIminary hearing and manytwo people who allegedly re/used other constItutIonal rIghts Theto return weapons entrusted to only thing that the Party can dothem by the Panthers, Bond was for our Incarcerated brothers andset at $100,000 each for six of the sisters Is work with the peopleIn a concerted el/ort to stoP th"growing tIde offasolsm In Am"r-Ica, The federal task force set upby Tricky Dick Nlxon, and hIsnumber one hatchet m.n Attorneygeneral MItchell has\nlllctedsucha relcn of terror and lIes uponthe Black Panther Party from coastto coast, lIls no surprise that "It(fascIsm) has happened here" .Theonly question Is, "how long wlllIhe people put up wIth It?"The trial and the steps In de-fense of our Incarcerated brothersand sisters wUl be yery expensive,partIcularly sInce such a larpnumber of people have been ar-rested, The Black Panther Partycalls upon aU 01 the people whoare concerlledin~... t t- Q~~ --to contribute to theionnecticut Panthers DefenseFundP.O Box 7117New Haven, ConnectIcutfor Further InformatIon, Ques-upon the people are those of high lions, etc. Call (203) 562-7463food prices, hIgh rent prtces, and Beth MItchelllow wages allot the money beIng CommunicatIons Secretaryueed tG subsidize a war which Is ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLEI111"' ,,4 ~~ .4~.111 e t}we 7 ii4 76 7 ie '1' MIt4-~"WIth a Revolutionary Low" It 1a evident the government doesthe Imprisoned New Hsven Pan- not want to feed hungry chIldren,.thers gIve to the people of New whywouldtheyframelnnocentpeo-Hsven a second Free Breskfsat pIe such a. these .thIrteen. Whyfor ChIldren Progrsm. ThIs new would they sdmlt publIcly that t...y -people's progrsm Is located at destroy 20,000,000 tons of foodthe HIll TeenLounge(Thlrd World) each year to appesae big IndustrY"at 600 Howard Avenlie. greed. Because Industry sees thIaThough Isolated from the people large quantity of surplus food sath9y tried to serve whIle free, a threst to their sscred prlnclpl~atheir spirit has grown ever of profIt hy any means necessary,stronger. Erlcka, Warren, George To the hungry chIldren of Americaand the rest Of the New Haven and the world It's legalIzed gena.Panther. who are now beIng held cldeIn America'" racist, fascist But thes9 thIrteen brothersprison", sole purpose In Il!e was and s1ster. would not let the..to serve the baslc needs and de- fool. commit such crtmos against.Ire. of the people. They devoted humanity Soeachonest\,ppedthelrtheir lull energies to educatIng wanderIng and gave some dlrec- --,the community andorgantzlngpeo- tlon to their lIves and tried toglwpl.'s programs (programs which It to others. That dtrectlonwasthebenlflt the majorIty of the people lIberation from InJustices of allregardless of human 18ckgrounds) poor and oppressed people. Andsuch as the Free Breakfast for for thIs they are now beIng heldChIldren Program Before they In various prisons all over Connec-were framed these beautIful hro- tlcut without ball But Ilk. tM truethers and sisters were trying to revolutionaries they are, theirestablish such s progrsm. ThIs Is mInds are with the people. Andone of the resaons they were from their undyIng Iowa secondframed on charge. of the kld- Free Breakfast for ChIldren Pro-napping and murder of their fel- gram began on Nowmber 10,1969low revolutlooary Alex RackleyOn
class's concentratIon camps. Tl1ree of thewomen are pregnant. Two will give blnhbefore tbe end of 1969.Bright lIght. sblne In their solitary cellsall day .nd .Ii night. Tbelr mall and readinglIata are censored, a. are their visitor".They are denied proper food, exercloe andmedical care. Tbey are denied their con-stitutional right to clIolce of lawyers.In a final attempt tO de.troy tbe will ofthe.e revolutionary women, tbe ruling cia.. I.degrodlng OM of the mo.t be.utlfuIexperiences of women- cbildblnh. Be.ldesdenying them tbe mo.t elementary bumanright tO pre-natal .nd maternity care byqU8l1fled, sympathetic doctors, they areforcIng these berolcwomen to give blnhIn the pre.ence of brutal, debumanlzed prisonguards. (It Is bad enough under normalbospltal circumstances In this country wbereall tbe doctor wants I. to '.knock tbe womanOUt" wIth anesthesIa and collect bls fee.1Finally, these same oppressors, fearful ofthe revolutionary spirit bom In these blackInfants, are gnlng to rip tbem from theirmothers' arms -mothers wbom tbe rulingclass deems "unfit."U.S. Rival. Plannerl of AulchwltzTbe Black Panther Party and N. YWomen's Uberatlon "aid In a recent leafiet.'W" reject the State's definition of a 'fltfmotber, famIly unit and 'suItable' bome. TbeState, by Its tonurous treatment of ourPantber sister" l1as proven ltaelf to be an'unfit' guardian for theoe chIldren. The StateIs making sure that these children will be bomInto a bostlle, brutal and racl.t environment.Tbe State 10 making sure that the BlackPanther Patty will not produce snotbergenerstlon of Panthen."Panthers and all black political prisonersare fighting agaln8t U.s. Imperialism for theirself-determlnation; they are not only politicalprisoners, but also prlsonera of war. Yet theU.s. govemment tonures them In ways thatrival tbe tOnures of Ausbwltz for their calcu-lated barbarity.Prlaoner. of War vI. War CrlmlnabWhile tearing new-born babies from tbearma of tbelr mothera-women wbose realcrime was oettingup free breakfastprograma227-2617)By E.ILY TAKASOY

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