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Gambia Monthly Economic Bulletin August 2010

Gambia Monthly Economic Bulletin August 2010

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Published by Professor Tarun Das

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Published by: Professor Tarun Das on Jun 18, 2011
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The Gambia Monthly Economic Bulletin- August 2010
August 2010
Institutional Support Project for Economic and Financial Governance (ISPEFG)Ministry of Finance (MOF)The Republic of GambiaThe Quadrangle, Banjul, the Gambia
Gambia Monthly Economic Bulletin
 provides an update on the recent economic developments and policies in the Republic of the Gambia. This Bulletin has been prepared, under the overall guidance of theHonorable Permanent Secretary Mr. Serign Cham, by a research team comprising Tarun Das,Macroeconomic Adviser (ISPEFG); Momodou Taal, Acting Director; Lamin Camara, PrincipalEconomist and Ms. Ceesay Chiel and Alhagi Jalllow, Economists in the Statistics and Special StudiesDivision (SSSD), Ministry of Finance; with key inputs from the Central Bank of Gambia (CBG), theGambian Bureau of Statistics (GBOS), and the Gambian Revenue Authority (GRA).It may also be noted that the views expressed in this Bulletin solely indicate the views of the ResearchTeam, which need not necessarily imply the views of the MOF, the other budgetary agencies or theorganizations they are associated with.Any questions and feedback can be addressed to: Tarun Das (das.tarun@hotmail.com)
The Gambia Monthly Economic Bulletin- August 2010
Political and Administrative Structure
The Gambia is divided into seven regions comprising two Municipalities namely, Banjul CityCouncil (BCC) and the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) and five provincial administrativeregions namely, Western Region (WR), North Bank Region (NBR), Lower River Region (LRR),Central River Region (CRR) and Upper River Region (URR). Politically, the relevant units areLocal Government Areas (urban), Districts, Wards and Villages. The Gambia has 35 districtsand about 1870 villages with an average of 13 compounds.
Basic Facts about Gambia:Fiscal year:
January to 31
Items (Year)UnitsValueRank in the Worldfrom topin descending order 
Area (2009) Sq. km. 11,300 171 out of 248countriesPopulation (2008) Million 1.735 148 out of 241countriesGDP PPP (2006) Million US$ 2061 184 out of 229countriesGDP Nominal (2006) Million US$ 511 199 out of 229countriesGDP PPP per capita (2006) US$ 1921 140 out of 169countriesGDP per capita (2006) US$ 329 192 out of 207countriesPoverty Ratio (% of peoplebelow One-US$ per day) (2004)Percent 59 7 out of 95 countries2
The Gambia Monthly Economic Bulletin- August 2010

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