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Hide and Secret - The Lost World - Walk Through & Strategy Guide - wWw.fishBoneGames

Hide and Secret - The Lost World - Walk Through & Strategy Guide - wWw.fishBoneGames

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Published by amnessia
Hide and Secret - The Lost World - Walk Through & Strategy Guide - wWw.fishBoneGames
Hide and Secret - The Lost World - Walk Through & Strategy Guide - wWw.fishBoneGames

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Published by: amnessia on Jun 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hide and Secret: The Lost World
Walkthrough & Strategy Guide
This is a Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.
There is no timer.
The game autosaves automatically.
There are unlimited Hints, just wait for the HINT Button the recharge.
When there is an item to find, clicking on the HINT button will show it circled in white stars.
When there are no items to find, clicking on the HINT button will display text instructions for solvingyour current Objectives.
The Journal Icon in the lower left will glitter when it has new information for you.
Once you get the Map, it will appear as an icon in the lower right. You can use the Map to travelbetween any two locations that you have already visited.
You will need to revisit each location several times during the game. When you see sparkles, aHidden Object Scene or mini-game is available. You can also click on characters to talk to them.
Skip a mini-game by clicking the SKIP Button once it has recharged.
One item in each Hidden Object scenes can be used elsewhere in the game. The game refers tothese as Handy Items.
You may be awarded a Handy Item for completing a mini-game.
Some characters will give you a Handy Item after you complete a task for them.
All of your Handy Items are stored in your backpack in the lower right. You can scroll through theseby using the arrows on the left and right of backpack.
You may not be able to use a Handy Item until a long time after you’ve collected it.
Move your cursor slowly around and you will find from 1 to 4 yellow arrows which are exit points toother scenes. An exit arrow can point up, down, left, or right.
Sometimes the Up Exit is off to one side or another, usually associated with a building or paththere.
Some exits are locked until you do other things in the game. So each time you revisit a scene, scanagain to see if new exit arrows have opened.
When you get stuck and can’t think of what to do next, check your Handy Items to see if there areany you can use. If not, search each location to see if any Hidden Object scenes have becomeavailable.
Use the Down Exit to leave a Zoom Scene or mini-game.
When you are doing a jigsaw puzzle mini-game, a piece will lock into place once it is in the rightposition.
When you are doing a rows and columns mini-game, the pieces do not lock into place when theyare in correct position.
Chapter 1: Lord Rockwood
This is the Landing Site. Use the KNIFE (A) to cut Will (1) down. After you zoom in, use the KNIFEon the straps (2) that are holding him.
Move the Rock to reveal the DULL AXE (B).
Zoom in on the Tree base (3) to reveal a Hidden Object Scene.
Collect the items on the Find List including the HANDLE (C).
“Hoot hoot” is an Owl.
“Marks the spot” is the letter X.
Put the HANDLE on the Sharpener (4).
Sharpen the DULL AXE on the Sharpener to get the SHARP AXE.
Examine the Panther Head Statue (5). You need to find two DIAMOND EYES and return later.
Use the SHARP AXE on the Tree (6) until it falls down.
Position the cursor on the Tree to reveal the Up Exit, then click to cross the chasm.

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