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A one hour interpretation

A one hour interpretation

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Published by zahra

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Published by: zahra on Sep 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A one hour interpretation!
“The story of an hour” is the story of one hour duration in acouple’s life. A husband is dead and it is supposed that the newsof his death must be broken to his wife as gently as possible,because she suffers from a heart trouble! Her sister, Josephine,breaks the news to her in “broken sentences; veiled hints thatrevealed in half concealing”, she doesn’t react like an ordinarywidow “she didn’t hear the news as many women have heard thesame, with a paralyzed inability, to accept its significance. Shewept at once…” this unorthodox reaction foreshadows what’sgoing to happen; she is not an ordinary woman!In the third paragraph we have a reference to her storm of grief,it must be a verbal irony because as we come to understand her grief is not a storm it’s just a breeze! Then she goes to her roomalone, like the woman in the story yellow wallpaper١, theyexperience the same feeling of loneliness. They don’t wish to bedisturbed by others. In their room, they experience new things.The yellow woman experiences the freedom to creep and Louisof our story experiences a new life. She sinks in a comfortable,roomy armchair which faces an open window. The window isopen; it shows that there is a possibility of freedom for Louis.She sees the tops of trees, not their bottoms, which were allaquiver with the spring life. It’s spring time, the time of renewal;so there is a renewal in Louis’s life as well. She doesn’trecognize this sense of renewal from the beginning; it’ssomehow strange to her, it’s a new sensation. The notes of adistant song reaches her faintly, maybe it’s from her within. Her soul is singing the song of her freedom, but it is still faintbecause she is not aware of it. It was raining but now there arepatches of the blue sky showing here and there through theclouds. Her life’s the same, it was always cloudy and rainy butnow there is hope to regain freedom.After crying for seconds she feels that she is young again. Thereis a stare in her eyes on one of the blue patches, its thebeginning of her awakening; it’s a “suspension of intelligent”.There is something coming to her, and she was waiting for itfearfully! She is afraid of this new sensation, this change. She
hadn’t experienced this feeling for a long time, that’s why she isafraid; it is quite unknown to her. She was the angel in the house٢, that’s why this new force that is haunting her is unacceptableto her and she strives to beat it back with her will! Thensuddenly something comes from her soul, from heunconscious, a whisper! It says “free, free, free!” the vacantstare and the look of horror leaves her at once. This is themoment of self-realization. She has found her identity at last, her true identity as a human being not as a repressed animal. Nowher eyes are keen and bright. She is relaxed. She’s escaped thepressure. Now she knows that this new feeling is not amonstrous joy, it’s something natural! Women must be as freeas men are! She welcomes the long procession of lonely comingyears with open arms. She would live for herself, there will be nomore pressures, there will be no more powerful wills bendinghers. Now love, this unsolved mystery, the reason of slavery andsurvival of generation٣ is nothing in face of this possession of self-assertion. Now she is free! Body and soul! Now she onlythinks about the freshness of spring and the warmth of summer.It was only yesterday that she had thought with a shudder thatlife might be long, but now she hopes for a long, lonely life! Shewants more of life. She wants to spend her life slowly and joyfully. She is the goddess of victory, she’s won the game. Shehas something to live for, her loneliness! She can sit and countthe joyful days that are to come. She can look upon the daysthat are passed and enjoy the days that are ahead, spring days,which are full of new things.Some critics say that the end of story is a surprise ending. But Imust say no! It is not a surprise. It is something that happens tothose who stand in front of fate. The woman must have died inthe beginning of the story when she heard of her husband’sdeath. Because she stood it and she tried to make her lifetolerable and enjoyable, fate dealt its cards and killed her. This iswhat always happens to a nonconformist. It is her finaldestination٤!

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