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First Chapter

First Chapter

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Published by Nicole Cline

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Published by: Nicole Cline on Jun 18, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hypnotic States of Americans
1 The Puzzle and the Key
Born in London in 1928 of Jewish heritage, I grew up during the Second World Warand knew that members of my extended family were murdered in the Holocaust. Thepuzzlement at how this could happen affected me from my earliest years.How could an otherwise civilized society like Germany become so completelyimmersed in what appeared to be a madman leading a nation in a trance? This was noordinary madness; trains ran on time, children went to school, the opera performed—theveneer of patriotic normalcy was everywhere and yet the people fought to the death forthe beast from the pit. Hitler might have enveloped the entire world had he and hisminions not been conquered by force—and recall that beating him was very difficult evenwith the combined efforts of the most powerful countries in the world. How could theGerman people ignore or allow the atrocities taking place directly in front of them?That puzzle was resolved for me with jaw-dropping clarity when, in the early 1940s,I saw a stage hypnotist induce people to do crazy and irrational things on an individuallevel, much as Hitler’s Germany had accomplished on a national level, albeit with muchmore evil consequences. (As I would later discover, the oft-repeated notion that peoplecannot be hypnotized to think and act against their own conscience is utterly untrue.)Always a seeking young man, my interest was profoundly sparked by that stagedemonstration. I thought, “Why can’t this power be used to make people behave inrational instead of irrational ways?” It was many years before I discovered that
life itself exerted hypnotic influences
, and that hypnotic pressures were the principal cause of almost all the world’s sufferings. The answer, then, did not lie in fighting hypnosis withmore hypnosis—adding additional layers of conditioning on top of what was alreadythere, but in finding a way to become progressively dehypnotized and less susceptible tothe hypnotic effects of one’s formative years.Countless others have studied this problem, including many profound figures in thehistory of religion. One of the most useful studies is
 Battle for the Mind,
by WilliamSargant, first published in 1957.In addition to describing techniques of religiousconversion, prisoner interrogation, political indoctrination, psychotherapy, and the effectof severe stress situations like combat, Sargant emphasized how suggestible peoplebecome when caught up in states of anger, fear or exultation—and how they can bemanipulated once such states are begun and sustained.There just had to be some kind of counter-hypnotic system, I pondered as a youngman, perhaps what religious people called faith, or listening to one’s conscience,necessitating no other lawgiver. Something common to all humanity just had to be theguiding light and the “lamp unto our feet.” However, this being so, how did we get lost
and how might we be found again? It didn’t take me long to realize that there werepowerful religious and political forces that never wanted us to find that kind of freedomfrom the power they have held for thousands of years. Most puzzling was that entangledpeople tended to be loyal to their corrupters. Like dope addicts with their pushers, mostpeople held fast to their systems, stubbornly defending what they thought of asthemselves, which was in reality a childhood conditioning programmed into thempractically from birth.So, in the late 1950s, after many years of using my growing knowledge abouthypnosis to help people, I made three important discoveries that have guided all mysubsequent work.The first core discovery was that the root of human problems is that we are alreadyhypnotized and hypnotizable to varying degrees. Many well-meaning people in the pastwho came to this realization in some way had tried to help others by fighting hypnosiswith hypnosis—further hypnotizing them into a better set of core beliefs and behaviors—perhaps by converting them hypnotically to a set of religious, ethical or political beliefsor practices that would improve their lives. I further realized, however, that wickedpeople who sensed this weakness in people had applied hypnotic techniques to makeothers serve their selfish ends for power, money or fame—with no intention of helpingthem ever become free.Even converting someone hypnotically to a better set of beliefs and practices wasnot enough, because so long as people remained hypnotized, they would also remainhypnotizable. So another person with hypnotic skill could come along later and convertthem to a very dangerous and unhappy set of beliefs and practices and lead them intodisaster—as Hitler did to the German people, Stalin did to the Russian people, and asmany governments and leaders are doing presently.So, my second important realization was that the fundamental cure to all of this wasnot further hypnosis. Instead, I had to discover a way to help people become de-hypnotized and less susceptible to life’s ongoing hypnotic influences. Only thus could Ihelp people to become truly free—even free of any need for me or any other helper oncethey had been set free from their hypnotic states and equipped with the tools to avoidbeing hypnotized again.My third crucial realization came as I explored means to de-hypnotize people andhelp them become less suggestible. I realized that what is at the root of virtually all of ouremotional problems, including our suggestibility and therefore our inability to truly beourselves, is none other than our own resentment—much of it buried.I realized at a young age why so many Germans during World War II were likethose subjects on the hypnotist’s stage, living in pre-existing hypnotic states sincechildhood. Various authorities held the keys to quivering minds; they alone could reachinside to reawaken and reinforce implanted identities. Identity reassurance in exchangefor submission had to be the reason why so many fight to the death for the strongest
force. The core of authoritarian power had to be child abuse, but not necessarily theviolent or criminally punished kind, as you will see.In 1991, I re-published the booklet,
 Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the RussianTextbook of Psychopolitics.
In this devastating 1930s account, it is clear that Russia, justlike Germany, knew the evil art of subduing the mind. Shadow governments arepreceded by an epidemic of personal and public defamations of noble heroes,demoralization of the youth leading to irresponsible parenting, relationships andunwanted children. An atmosphere of fear, uncertainty and strategic shocks will keeppeople in line no matter how old they become. Maturity rarely outgrows suchconditioning. In fact, seeing and struggling with it can cause a hopeless depressionand/or an ultimate decision to side with the bully.* * * * *Because I never look at today through yesterday’s eyes, I perceive everything afresh,every day anew. It is as though I see everything and everyone for the very first time everyday, as they are now. As I perceive things and people in each moment, I also do sowithout resentment—so that I discern without judging. There is love in such discernment.When you add resentment, however, you turn healthy discernment into unhealthy judgment, and you remain entangled with what is happening now, long after it has fadedinto the past and even from your conscious memoryFrom here on, slowly but surely, imperceptibly, your life begins turning upsidedown and becomes the reason why this submissive or rebellious infantile conditioning istransferable from the villains of the past to the personal and political thugs of the present.It has taken over 68 years for me to uncover everything you’re about to discover in aflash of light. Whatever patient endurance is, if you will seek that gift, your mind willbecome clear, your body will be made well, and soon you will prosper in everything.Instead of being changed by the world around you, you will change the world around youfor the better.All too many families are dictatorships with the children compelled to take on theidentities of either parent, who in turn grow up to be parents doing to their children whatwas done unto them, albeit unconsciously. What power does any child have against suchsoul-robbing impatience? None!! Like it or
not, see it or not, misery and suffering comedown to us hypnotically through the generations and will continue to do so until the spellis broken by learning to give up resentment altogether. Do not wait too long to break thespell and make your stand. The longer you procrastinate in dealing perfectly withimperfect people, the more your personal world will close in. Then there will come apoint of no return where it is too late to stand up as it was in the Holocaust.From experience it should become clear that we can be redeemed only by somethingmysteriously beautiful within us all—something that has been repressed by a lifetime of injustice we never knew how to handle. Mistreatment of children in familiesexponentially begets child abuse, accounting for the inordinate number of subservientpeople in every nation, for whom cures are light years beyond the scope of insights and

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