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Food Fascists

Food Fascists

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Published by Frederick Meekins

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Published by: Frederick Meekins on Jun 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Food Fascism Lays Groundwork For Additional Control 
Dr. Frederick MeekinsFellow Of Worldview Studies
The Issachar Institute For The Study Of Apologetics & Policy
Wonder what the food fascists advocating dietary asceticismscarfed down as children. As anyone that has sat through anevangelistic missionary testimonial knows, those griping theloudest about your errant ways are usually the ones thatcould make a sailor blush before they came to religion.A Chicago school's policy of controlling what students eat isan example of the threat posed to human liberty by publiceducation. Sad thing is many private educators are just aseager to usurp parental authority. Compounding that, if schools are religious, they'll then compile lengthy theological justifications why you are not a "good Christian" if you don'thave a smile plastered across your face regarding thehanded-down decree.If babykillers insist that the government should keep its lawsoff the body of women wanting abortions, who in the nameof Hades are these civil servants to tell anyone what they canor cannot eat for lunch? Students forced to eat food theydon't want should toss it in the trash in defiance or preferably
hold mass puke rallies and refuse to clean up their ownregurgitation.If educational authorities are granted control over what weeat in the name of protecting us from ourselves, where doesthis intervention end?Do education flacks have the authority to tell parents whatthey may feed their own children in the confines of their ownhomes?With each passing decade and generation, it seems the areascentral planners claim jurisdiction over continue to expandand the areas over which we exercise jurisdiction and personal preference continue to contract.A short while ago, parents would have never put up with bureaucrats telling them what they could and could not feedtheir children. Now the principals at schools where thesekinds of policies are being implemented claim no parentshave come forward to complain about them.Thus, once today's young skulls full of mush, as RushLimbaugh calls them, become acclimated to such detailedmicromanaging of their existence at such a young age,expect that kind of command mentality to manifest itself inan array of other issues.Think you know what career change might make you happy?Sorry, you can't change your job because credentialed

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