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Published by hattieu146

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Published by: hattieu146 on Jun 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[2009년 3월] 해커스토익 Lynn한 선생님 예상문제
101.Managers need to know what motivates theiremployees to ________ them committed to theirorganization.(A)keep(B)feature(C)enable(D)become102.Treating employees _______ with dignity will buildstrong rapport between companies and their ownworkers.(A)respect(B)respectful(C)respectfully(D)respected103.After _______complaints from building residents,the city government sued the owners, and a judgeimposed a $5500 fine.(A)repeating(B)repeated(C)repeat(D)repetition104.The company will add _______ 25 stores in India,70 in the Middle East, 30 in Australia and 80 in Japan.(A)up to(B)many as(C)more(D)until105.Many fine companies have gone out of businessafter _______ to offer major discounts.(A)decided(B)deciding(C)decision(D)decides106.The form must be filled in _______ and mailed orfaxed to the League office.(A)complete(B)completely(C)completing(D)completes107.Highly-anticipated Skate 2, the newly releasedvideo game, has been _______to retailers worldwide.(A)shipped(B)shipping(C)ships(D)shipment108.Please be aware ________ newspaper should beplaced in the blue boxes rather than in the office paperrecycling box.(A)of(B)that(C)which(D)but109.Fast food giant McDonald’s Corp has said it willaccelerate its _______ into the Asian market in a moveto boost growth.(A)development(B)increase(C)growth(D)expansion110.If you and your employees are constantly behind theschedule, you will need to hire _______ help.(A) additionally(B)additions(C) additive(D) additional
[2009년 3월] 해커스토익 Lynn한 선생님 예상문제
111.The company has proposed _______ of researchand facilities aimed at developing vaccines to combatinfectious disease.(A)expansion(B)expanding(C)to expand(D)expansive112.The CEO briefed the members of the board in aninformal session on a ______ range of issues.(A) high(B) wide(C) round(D) open113.Remember that you must either send us yourpayment _______ return the product within 30 days ofreceipt.(A) and(B) but also(C) or(D) nor114.Corporate capital spending increased in Februaryfor the first time_______ eight months.(A) in(B) since(C) because of(D) at115.If your application is processed before the 20th of agiven month, you should receive the next month's _______ of the magazine.(A) condition(B) issue(C) price(D) promise116.This can be done by visiting the charity website orfilling out a form _______ by the charity of your choice.(A) provided(B) provides(C) providing(D) is provided117.The current share prices of AIB and Bank of Irelandare not _______ of the true health of these banks.(A) decisive(B) reminiscent(C) protective(D) indicative118._______ at the seminar reached 700 this year,breaking last year’s record 550.(A) attendee(B) attendant(C) attendance(D) attend119.Pamela Michaels gave an entertaining and _________ presentation on e-learning in China,(A) information(B) informative(C)informed(D) inform120.A plan to build 800 more homes at Bellmore Villagecould have _______ consequences for local residents.(A) worried(B)worry(C)worrying(D) worries
[2009년 3월] 해커스토익 Lynn한 선생님 예상문제
121.The city's roads are usually very crowded ________ rush hours, due to an increase in car ownership inrecent years.(A) while(B) during(C) when(D) about122.This new program can significantly decrease thetime it takes ________ large files.(A) copying(B) to copy(C) has copied(D) copy123._______ weeks of negotiation, the company hasrefined its business strategy.(A)following(B)past(C)last(D)next124.Financial experts recommend that you need anemergency savings account usually with enough tocover 3-6 months worth of living _______.(A) budgets(B) expenses(C) prices(D) credits125.The marketing director will explain the problems thecompany _______ regarding the goal of accuratedeliveries.(A) faces(B) presents(C) applies(D) confirms126.The spokesperson said that we will review the courtdecision further and _______ decide our party’s stance.(A) since(B) then(C) here(D) much127. The following topics will be covered in great _______ during our lecture series.(A) detail(B) details(C) detailed(D) detailing128. Chief executive officer Gary Jennison and his teamhave spent the past 18 months_______ the strengths ofthe business.(A) evaluate(B) to evaluate(C) evaluation(D) evaluating129.IT professionals _______ in this area need to reactquickly to the rapidly changing business and technologyenvironments.(A) who works(B) working(C) worked(D) who have been worked130.Sales of the home appliance products were highestduring 2000 and declined during _______ years.(A) next(B) following(C) after(D) subsequent

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