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Published by hattieu146

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Published by: hattieu146 on Jun 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MARCH - NEW TOEIC Part 5 / 6 / 7
Part 5 + Part 6: finish within23 minutes
101.Children younger than 5 years old are _______ free to festival events.(a) admit(b) admitted(c) admission(d) admittedly102.Electronics retailer Buyer's World announced plans to _______ rebates on software purchases.(a) forecast(b) transport(c) eliminate(d) compromise103.Mr. Barry oversaw the development of the Nissan Building _______ its initial stages to itscompletion.(a) of (b) to(c) from(d) about104.WCM's quarterly report _______ the gains thecomputer company made in its software division.(a) reflect(b) reflects(c) reflector (d) reflection105.Beginning in August, free parking _______ available to anyone taking the commuter train fromGreen City.(a) were(b) to be(c) being(d) will be106. _______ offices were set up in the conferenceroom until building renovations were completed.(a) Test(b) Form(c) Invented(d) Makeshift107.Ms. Jefferson asked her secretary to _______ the pamphlets into three categories.(a) separate(b) separation(c) separately(d) separateness108. _______ most of his co-workers, Chris prefersto arrive early for work rather than stay late.(a) Among(b) Except(c) Unlike(d) Following109.Please _______ the text to the left side of thedocument and place all titles in bold letters.(a) align(b) spell(c) degree(d) contrast110. _______ individual merchants provide product prices, Computrade.com is not responsible foinaccurate price information.(a) For 
(b) While(c) However (d) Because111.Cornell SDX has _______ $50 billion in assets,making it the largest investment fund in the market.(a) caused(b) borrowed(c) prevented(d) accumulated112.Employee contracts are eligible for _______ each year .(a) renew(b) renewal(c) renewed(d) renewing113. _______ the simplified characters used on theChinese mainland, traditional Chinese characters areused for writing in Taiwan and Hong Kong.(a) As far as(b) On behalf of (c) In regards to(d) In contrast to114.The latest issue of Traveler's Monthly _______ an article on the magazine's founder .(a) wrote(b) profits(c) features(d) captures115.Storeowners removed outdoor signs anddecorations in _______ of the windstorm.(a) damages(b) relation(c) recovering(d) anticipation116.After _______ in Italy for two years, Carmenwas able to speak Italian fluently.(a) live(b) lived(c) living(d) livable117.The sales tax _______ from the OakdaleShopping Outlets is used to benefit residents of Oakdale County.(a) revenue(b) display(c) banquet(d) language118.A power outage _______ the intersection of Prospect and Finnegan Roads was reported.(a) out(b) near (c) since(d) during119.Due to subway system repairs, service on line 7has been _______ until Tuesday.(a) reserved(b) suspended(c) collected(d) distributed120.Rycell Co. _______ its offer to purchaseBuckly-Finch after reevaluating company finances.(a) withdrew(b) withdraw(c) withdrawn(d) withdrawal121.The evidence suggests people used the machine _______ the late 18th century.(a) off 
(b) plus(c) until(d) between122.Critics _______ that the plot of the film was toointricate and would confuse most moviegoers.(a) favored(b) produced(c) complained(d) appreciated123.Founded ten years ago, the Youth Media Network _______ the leading source of print and broadcast news for adolescents.(a) become(b) becomes(c) becoming(d) has become124.Carrington Medical Group offers employeescompetitive salaries and benefits _______ .(a) pack (b) packed(c) packers(d) packages125.As team leader, Yvette is responsible fo _______ tasks to team members.(a) delegating(b) supporting(c) originating(d) participating126.Former football player Tito Grimaldi is _______ a commentator and analyst for The NightlyFootball Recap.(a) currently(b) carefully(c) purposely(d) personally127.Bus schedules are updated frequently, _______ check our Web site for the latest departure andarrival times.(a) so(b) if (c) neither (d) whereas 128.Employees are not permitted to refundcustomer purchases unless _______ by a manager or assistant manager. (a) supervise(b) supervised(c) supervisor (d) supervision129.For technical questions _______ the Lutan Air Web site, please e-mail help@lutanair.com or callour help desk at (914) 777-4341C.(a) after (b) toward(c) regarding(d) throughout130.Despite the onset of heavy rains, the outdoor concert was not _______. (a) cancel(b) cancelled(c) canceling(d) cancellation131.Monthly observations are _______ as part of the employee evaluation process. (a) educated(b) equipped(c) installed(d) implemented132.The Seville Group must acquire at least onemore _______ before it can purchase the property.

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