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2009-04 e

2009-04 e

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Published by hattieu146

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Published by: hattieu146 on Jun 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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APRIL - NEW TOEIC Part 5 / 6 / 7Part 5 + Part 6: finish within23 minutes
101. Raymond and Howell proposed job cutsfollowing a two-year decline in sales ______.(a) figures(b) actions(c) employers(d) information102. In the past three years, our marketing manager  ______ to Europe, Australia, Brazil and Thailand.(a) had gone(b) has been(c) gone(d) went103. ______ moving to a northern climate, be sure to properly winterize your automobile.(a) gives(b) given(c) giving(d) is giving104. An increase in a nation's rate of savingsultimately ______ to lower interest rates for businessand consumer loans.(a) lead(b) leads(c) leader (d) leading105. We need to get ______ paperwork from him before the end of the fiscal year.(a) him(b) himself (c) he(d) his106. Any information ______ about the revisedholiday work schedule can be obtained from Ms.Zeldenrust in Human Resources.(a) volunteered(b) needed(c) donated(d) called107. Ever since the drivers' strike started, citywide buses have been ______ running thirty minutes toone hour late.(a) finally(b) constantly(c) concurrently(d) very108. More than 6.55 million workers are ______ inthe manufacturing industry, according togovernment data.(a) employed(b) employer (c) employing(d) employment109. Fair Oaks Transit trains were back on scheduleMonday after a mudslide disrupted last Fridaymorning's ______.(a) section(b) commute(c) tracking(d) beginning110. Sam's Steakhouse is ______ better than famousnational chains with larger advertising budgets.(a) argue(b) arguing
(c) argument(d) arguably111. _____ Daily Dogs targets its advertisingcampaign to pet owners, it could be headed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.(a) Until(b) Unless(c) Whereas(d) Except112. Mocha Monkeys Coffee ______ very quickly because of its cheap prices and unique drinks.(a) expands(b) are expanding(c) is expanding(d) to expand113. Notice: The meeting ______ for today has been postponed until Thursday at 4 P.M.(a) scheduled(b) happening(c) important(d) open114. The new computer chips will ______ bedelayed because the hurricane on the East Coast hasdisrupted air traffic.(a) probability(b) probably(c) probable(d) probe115. We would like to thank the Elog Foundation for its generous ______ to our charity fundraiser.(a) donor (b) donate(c) donated(d) donation116. After carefully ______ the bid packages fromeach vendor, we have decided to award the contractto Thomas Cullen.(a) considered(b) considering(c) considerate(d) consideration117. Economists predict a ______ in housing pricesdue to the recent reduction in unemployment.(a) development(b) growth(c) rise(d) lift118. Changes in American eating ______ over thelast twenty years are blamed for a variety of health problems.(a) meals(b) habits(c) dishes(d) restaurants119. The Holden Complex ______ has vacanciesdespite its high rent, inconvenient location and largeannual maintenance fee.(a) unusually(b) rarely(c) frequently(d) assuredly120. Be informed that this medication is fotemporary relief of symptoms, and is not intended ______ your annual immunization shot.(a) replaced(b) replace(c) to replace(d) replacing
121. The Healthcare community was shocked ______ Ricardo Peter's resignation after only oneyear as president of Healthcorps.(a) in(b) up(c) of (d) by122. Alanis bought renter's insurance to ______ her  personal belongings while living in an apartment.(a) protect(b) protector (c) protection(d) protective123. The personnel department requires that all ______ be interviewed at least three times before ahiring decision is made.(a) applications(b) applicants(c) appliances(d) applicator 124. During office remodeling there will be ______ interruptions to ADSL, copier and fax machineservice.(a) usual(b) often(c) frequent(d) little125. Kindly ______ your colleagues to tip thewaitress at least 15 percent.(a) remind(b) remember (c) order (d) command126. It is probably safe to say that of all the boardmembers, Mr. Cain has the most ______.(a) result(b) effect(c) influence(d) conclusion127. Sales of new homes this month are down 2%from last month, ______ 6% from a year ago.(a) too(b) and(c) as well(d) along with128. Since Dawson Creek Fashion was late gettingits new styles on the market, there was not ______ opportunity to meet pre-Christmas sales projections. (a) many(b) little(c) much(d) big129. The CEO of Star Records announced plans for aggressive expansion, saying the company will purchase ______ new properties in the next twoyears.(a) many(b) little(c) much(d) any130. Human resources workers serve a vital ______ in screening qualified candidates for the company'smanagerial positions. (a) play(b) function(c) skill(d) piece

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