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Research Terrorism

Research Terrorism

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Published by Tyba314

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Published by: Tyba314 on Jun 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thesis of Doctorate - 1 -
TerrorismIn IslamResearcher : Adel Abdullah Al-Abed Al-Jabbar
 American University in London2005http://www.saaid.net/ 
Thesis of Doctorate - 2 -
Thanks for Allah and peace be upon our prophet Mohamed Ibn Abdullah and his followers.
Terrorism in Islam
 A scientific thesis as other group of scientific thesis s that clarifythe clear Islam attitude towards terrorism. It shows the Sharia'ruling that forbids the attack and violence against safe people attheir homes and societies. Islam has protected that and preventedany harm to them even by indication of terror.Terrorism: International phenomenon from which many non-Islamic and Islamic countries have complained and suffered.These countries wish to live in peace and far away from terrorism.Terrorists commit severe crimes and sins when they kill peacefulpeople and destroy properties by tripping vehicles by explosives tothreaten and kill people. They do not consider young, old, sick ordisabled people, but they corrupt life and such acts are hated andforbidden by Allah.
Thesis of Doctorate - 3 -
Terrorism is bad in whole, resulting in destruction, corruption andsadness. The terrorist has deviated mind, psychologicallydiseased, absent-minded, defeated in his personality, telling liesand jealous to others. He hates his nation and its development. Allworld hated all terrorism operations which do not distinguishbetween nation, nationality, religion, scholarship, time, or place. All feelings refuse and deny terrorism operations which arebeyond the permitted and reasonable limits. They go beyond theteachings of religions, regulations, and prevailing laws. The word"terrorism" is limited in the commitment of killing, threatening,kidnapping, spoilage.Since the events of 11 Sept. I have the honor to present programsin the Saudi TV talking about terrorism and the Islamic attitudetowards that. Regretfully we have witnessed some violenceincidents in our country. The blasts harmed and did not benefit,killed and did not give life. Therefore, I had to spread the rightthing among the people through available mass media. Thesescientific researches are a group of thesis s to get doctorate degreein Terrorism and the Islamic Attitude towards that from the American University in London.

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