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How to Work for Christ Vol. 1 by Torrey

How to Work for Christ Vol. 1 by Torrey

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Published by: None other Name on Jun 20, 2011
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_PERSONAL WORK_Book One (of Three), comprising:
A Compendium of Effective MethodsBy R. A. Torrey Etext, last modified June 15, 2001, edited byClyde C. Price, Jr.{CLYDE.PRICE@CDLF.ORG} for the ChristianDigital Library Foundationfrom a printed book (used by CCP as atextbook at the Atlanta School ofBiblical Studies) published by.... Fleming H. Revell Company{no date, but first published shortly after 1900}Printed in the United States of America *This file distributed in 2001 byParakletos Ministries & the ChristianDigital Library Foundation. Contact:Clyde C. PRICE, Jr.Founder and President: The ChristianDigital Library Foundation, Inc.11770 Haynes Bridge Rd., Suite 205-214Alpharetta, GA 30004 USAPlease send error/correction reports toemail: Clyde.Price@CDLF.ORGCDLF is recruiting Treasure-Hunters,Scribes & Eager Readers to helpcollect, create, distribute andenjoy Christian & educational etexts.Find CDLF files at { http://www.cdlf.org } } PREFACE This book is written for both ministers andlaymen. It will be of help to the minister insuggesting to him how to make full proof of hisown ministry and how to get his people to work. Itwill be of help to laymen in leading them intomany fields of fruitful labor for Christ. The Church of Christ is full of people who wish towork for their Master but do not know how. Thisbook is intended to tell them how. It contains nountried theories, but describes many methods ofwork that have been put to the test of actualexperiment and have succeeded. So far as I know,there is no other book that covers the same field.For years it has been upon my heart to write thisbook, and I have been asked again and again to doso. But I have never found time for it until now.
May it be used of God to the conversion ofthousands to Christ. R. A. Torrey {5} TABLE OF CONTENTS BOOK ONE -- PERSONAL WORK Chapter Page01. The Importance and Advantages ofPersonal Work 9 02. The Conditions of Success 14 03. Where to do Personal Work 22 04. How to Begin 28 05. How to Deal with those who Realizetheir Need of a Savior and ReallyDesire to be Saved 33 06. How to Deal with those who haveLittle or no Concern about theirSouls 44 07. How to Deal with those who haveDifficulties 55 08. How to Deal with those who EntertainFalse Hopes 90 09. How to Deal with those who LackAssurance 103 10. How to Deal with Backsliders 109 11. How to Deal with Professed Skepticsand Infidels 114 12. How to Deal with those who Wish toput off a Decision until SomeOther Time 133 13. How to Deal with the Deluded 138 14. How to Deal with Christians who NeedCounsel, Rebuke, Encouragement orComfort 150 15. Some Hints and Suggestions forPersonal Work 171 {In separate CDLF etext files:} BOOK TWO -- METHODS OF CHRISTIAN WORK
01. House to House Visitation 18302. Cottage Meetings 19203. Parlor Meetings 20204. The Church Prayer Meeting 205{6}05. The Use of Tracts 21306. Open-Air Meetings 22207. Tent Work 23408. The Use of Autos, Trailers, etc. 241 09. Colportage Work 24410. Services in Theaters, Circuses, etc. 248 11. Organizing and Conducting a GospelMission 25412. Meetings in Jails, Hospitals,Poorhouses, etc. 26813. Revival Meetings 27314. The After Meeting 28415. Children's Meetings 29516. Advertising the Meetings 30517. Conduct of Funerals 314 BOOK THREE -- PREACHING AND TEACHING THEWORD OF GOD1. How to Prepare a Sermon 3212. Preparation and Delivery of BibleReadings 3323. Illustrations and Their Use 3374. Teaching the Bible 3445. Textual Sermons in Outline 3566. Topical Sermons in Outline 4547. Expository Sermons and Bible Readingsin Outline 486 {7} BOOK ONE PERSONAL WORK {8}{9} @01 CHAPTER ONE THE IMPORTANCE AND ADVANTAGES OF PERSONAL WORK In our study of the various forms of Christianactivity, we begin with "Personal Work," thathand-to-hand dealing with men, women and children.We begin with it because it is the simplest formof Christian work, the kind that every one can do.It is also the most effective method of winninglost souls. The Apostle Peter was brought to Jesusby the hand-to-hand work of his brother Andrew.Andrew first found Christ himself, then he went toPeter quietly and told him of his great find, andthus he led Peter to the Savior he himself had

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