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Microsoft Word - Risk Management Capability Final_doc

Microsoft Word - Risk Management Capability Final_doc

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Published by: Dr Rovel shackleford on Jun 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright Optec July 2005 
Critical InfrastructureRisk Management Centre
Capability Statement
Head Office:
2 Church Street Morwell, Victoria, Australia 3840
South Morang - Melbourne - Perth – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide - Darwin
ABN 60523722739
Tel: +61-3-51337174 - Fax +61-3-51337831e-mail: trainingco@optec.com.au web: www.optec.com.au
- Optec Risk Management Centre® 
Copyright Optec July 2005
Optec - Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® Page 3Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® Capabilities Page 4Optec Industry Training Page 4Overview Page 6Optec Capabilities Page 6-7Capability to Audit and Develop Safety Procedures Page 8- 9Optec’s Accreditation Page 10Alliance and Partnerships Page 10Optec Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® Profiles of Principals
 Geoff Griffiths Page 11
 Norm Currie Page 11
 Rovel Shackleford Page 12Optec Clients Page 13Organisational Chart Page 14
- Optec Risk Management Centre® 
Copyright Optec July 2005
Optec - Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® Background
The advent of terrorism and ASIC’s
has focused the Board’s of many institutionsattention on security and risk management. The various legislative responses developedby the respective Federal, State and Local Governments of Australia have created a needfor extensive compliance requirements for all asset owners and managers. As theparticular focus of Optec has always been in industries categorized as
in any such legislation; it is a logical extension for Optec to establish the
Optec Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® 
and work with the SecurityVulnerability Risk Assessment Guide
Risk Management guidelines.Risk management through the application of various relevant Australian Standards issufficiently generic to allow the same or similar methodologies to be applied to anyindustry. As a consequence Optec, with regard to risk management in general and counterterrorism in particular, has developed workshops and auditing programs applicable to allindustriesThe
Optec Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® 
has recognized that thereare three critical elements to the risk management process.
The first
is the thoroughinvestigation required to fully identify hazards. The full recognition of hazards internal orexternal to a particular operation is essential to ensure the risk management outcome isnot flawed.
The second
essential element is the effective identification of vulnerabilities applying to aparticular location. Optec has been approved to use and adopt the Security VulnerabilityRisk Assessment Guide
process to achieve this. This is a program initiallydeveloped by the water industry in Victoria, which, with industry specific adaptation, is avery effective methodology for the determination of risk and vulnerability. This ensures thatrisk mitigation measures are applied where they will have the most effect in risk reduction.This process also provides for remedial action post event.
the presentation of the risk management plan in a format which is user friendly,informative and generic.
Optec Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® 
iscurrently engaged through an end user needs analysis with a view to develop a suitableformat across many industries
Technology developed by the Optec risk management Centre entitled the
SituationalCrime Prevention
approach relies on a
scientific approach
to the reduction ofcrime; a practical example relates to a major Australian Bank’s strategic approach toarmed robbery reduction through a research methodology and implementation strategyinitiated to mitigate the offence risk and situational threat.
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
- addresses the design ofthe built environment to promote personal safety and help reduce people’s fear of crime,by reducing opportunities for crime and anti social behaviour.

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