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Film Dictionary

Film Dictionary

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Published by Cecep Swp
Film Dictionary A to Z
Film Dictionary A to Z

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Published by: Cecep Swp on Jun 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A/B Printing:
 Printing from original film stock which has been conformed into two rolls with alternating shots and black  opaque leader. This methodology will eliminate any potential splice marks from showing up on prints andpermits the incorporation of optical effects and titles.(Film Editing)
A/B Rolls:
Two or more rolls of film having alternate scenes intercut with opaque leaders in such a way that the „A‟ roll presents its picture at the same time that the „B‟ roll presents opaque leader, and vice versa. (F
ilm Editing)
Above the Line:
 Refers to the creative elements of a production such as the writer, producer, director and actors. Literally, these are the elements which appeared above a bold line which divided standard production budget sheets.(Production)
 Alternating Current. An electric current with periodically changing polarity (i.e. 60 times a second for 60Hzpower). (Electricity)
Accent Light:
 A light unit that emphasizes one subject. This might be a key light, a kicker, or a backlight. (Lighting)
Acetate Base:
 The tranparent cellulose acetate plastic film which for years served as the backing for magnetic recordingtape. (Sound Recording)
 An organic liquid chemical used in the manufacture of some types of film cement. Also used to clean filmsplicing equipment.(Film Editing)
The science of the transmission of sound waves. Generally refers to the characteristics of auditoriums, theatresand studios with respect to their design.
Action Cutting:
 The cutting of film from one shot to another in a way yielding the impression that action is continuous anduninterrupted. (Film Editing)
 Analog-to-Digital Converter. An electronic device used at the input of digital audio equipment to convert analog electrical signals to digital values whose numbers represent the level and frequency informationcontained in the original analog signal. (Sound)
 Automatic Dialog Replacement
. Also known as “looping.” A process of re
-recording dialog in the studio insynchronization with the picture.
Address Track:
 A control/timing track on the edge of videotape which contains control data for quick and accurate location of program material.
Aerial Shot:
 An extremely high angle view of a subject usually taken from a crane or a high stationary camera position, but may also refer to a shot taken from an actual airplane or helicopter. (Production).
 An undesirable distortion component that can arise in any digitally encoded information (sound or picture).
Ambient Light:
 General, nondirectional, room light. (Lighting)
Ambient noise:
 The total sound in a given are which is peculiar to that space (room tone).(Post Production) 
 The strength of an electronic signal as measure by its waveform height. (Sound)
Amplitude Distortion:
 The nonlinear relation of input and output induced harmonics which is a function of voltage fluctuations orpower consumption. (Acoustics)
 An electrical signal that continuously varies in strength as related to some form of input.
Analog Recording:
 A means of recording audio or video whereby the recorded signal is a physical representation of the waveform of the original signal.
 An optical system having different magnifications in the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the image.
Angle of View:
 This is the size of the field covered by a lens, measured in degrees. However, because of the aperture masks infilm, the angle of view for a given lens is generally described in terms of the height and width of a lens.(Cinematography).
Answer Print:
The first print combining picture and sound which is submitted by the laboratory for the customer‟s approval.
 Filtering of erroneous frequencies that are created during the analog to digital conversion process.(Sound/Picture)
 A variable opening inside a lens that regulates the amount of light reaching the image plane. Also known as aniris. (Camera/Lighting)
Apple Box:
 A box build of a strong wood or plywood which is capable of supporting weight. These may be of various
sizes, the smallest of which is also known as a „pancake‟ because it is nearly flat. (Lighting/Grip)

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