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cat materials for ph test

cat materials for ph test

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Published by Vignesh Rajendran
cat materials for ph test
cat materials for ph test

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Book
Published by: Vignesh Rajendran on Jun 20, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SOLUTIONS FOR TEP0504Solutions for questions 1 to 10:1.
It is known that each of the Tom, Jerry andDonald is an alternator. As 3 statements are givenby each of them, hence there are only twopossible combinations, viz True – False – True, orFalse – True – False. Assume the first and 3
 statement of Tom as “False” and 2
statement asTrue. Hence, conclude that the 3 statements of Tom follow the order False - True - False.Cat Dog BearTom X milk meat X honey FTFJerry X milk meat X honey TFTDonald X meat Xhoneymilk FTFHence, the cat had the honey, the dog ate the meat andthe bear drank the milk. If we had the TFTarrangement would give rise to an inconsistency.Choice (1)
From the information given, we can deduce thefollowing:(1) Ranjeet is Puja's husband and owns theYellow car.(2) Radha owns a Blue car.(3) Leena owns a Green car.(4) Rama owns a Red car.(5) Pradeep is not Rama's husband.(6) Pavan is not Radha's husband.The information given in choice (1) and (2) areknown to us.Choice (3): Leena is Kamal's wife.
Pavan is Rama's husband.Pradeep is Radha's husband and colours of theircars is also known along with this information.Choice (4): Pradeep is Radha's husband.We cannot know the names of respectivehusbands of Leena and Rama with thisinformation. Hence, the answer is (3).Choice (3)
Assume that John is to the right of Krishna.
Ram is to the right of John.
John is exactly between Rahim and Joseph.
Ram is to the left of Rahim.This is not possible.
John is to the left of Krishna and Ram is to theleft of John.Rahim and Joseph cannot be next to Krishna.Rahim is at one of the ends.
The order is Rahim, Joseph, Ram, John,Krishna. Therefore, all the 3 statements are true.Choice (4)
It is given that "Tatatel, which has 14 floors, is atthe extreme left end"Let us assume that the adjacent building to Tatatelhas 9 floors. In this case, the building with 10floors cannot be in the middle of the buildingswith 13 floors each, since, in this case, there willbe three instances in which the sum of the floorsof the adjacent buildings is 23.[14 9 13 10 13]If the building with 10 floors is not in the middle of thebuildings which have 13 floors each, then these twobuildings [with 13 floors] must be adjacent to each other.But it is contradictory to the given condition. Therefore,the building with 9 floors is not next to Tatatel. In thiscase, the order of the number of floors from left to right isas below.14 13 10 13 9Neither Hutch nor BSNL is at the extreme rightend and Airtel is between them.
Airtel is in the building which has 10 floors, ascan be observed in the following arrangement.
Tatatel Hutch/BSNL Airtel BSNL/Hutch BPL
14 13 10 13 9Choice (3)
In race I, either A or D was first. In race II, eitherB or C was first.One person was 1st and 4th in the two races.In the following arrangement, @ means thatexactly one person finished 1st and 4th in the tworaces.
Case I Race I Race II
A or D 1 4B or C 3
Case II Race I Race II
A or D 1 3
 B or C 4 1In case I, either A or D is 1st. Out of B or C,whoever is 1st in Race II cannot be the 4th in raceI. This person's position is not 1st and thisperson's position is worse than the other personbetween B and C.The same reason is applicable to case II also.Now the person, who stood in the same position,must be 2nd in both races.
Case I Race I Race II
A or D 1 4B or C 3 1? 2 2? 4 3
Case II Race I Race II
A or D 1 3B or C 4 1? 2 2? 4 3If A is not 1st in race I, he must be 2nd in both theraces, because in exactly one of the races B wasahead of A. But this is not possible, as it is giventhat A was not in the same position in both theraces.
A was 1
in race I.Choice (1)
It is given that Vikas owns the Green car but doesnot own Matiz. This implies that Matiz is not theGreen car.It is given that Matiz is neither the Yellow car northe Red car. It is also given that Indica is theBlack car.From all these statements, we can infer that Matizis the Blue car (Since Matiz is not Yellow, Red,Green and Black).Vijay owns the Red car. This implies that Vijaydoes not own Matiz (since Matiz is Blue). It isgiven that Venkat owns Uno and Matiz is notowned by Vinay and Vikas. From this we caninfer that Matiz is owned by Vikas. This impliesthat Vilas owns the Blue
Venkat owns Uno. Uno is not the Black car. Venkatdoes not own the Blue car, the Green car and theRed car as these are owned by Vilas, Vikas andVijay respectively. This implies that Venkat ownsthe Yellow car. This implies that Vinay owns theBlack car [as we know that Vinay does not own anyof the Blue, Green, Yellow and Red cars]. Vinayowns the Black car. This implies that Vinay ownsIndica. It is given that Vikas does not own Maruti.We know that Uno, Indica and Matiz are owned byVenkat, Vinay and Vilas respectively. This impliesthat Vilas owns Santro, which in turn implies thatVijay owns Maruti [as he does not own any of theother cars].
Let us show the above deductions with the help of the following table.
Name of the personName of Car Colour of Car
Vijay Maruti RedVinay Indica Black Vikas Santro GreenVilas Matiz BlueVenkat Uno YellowNow by examining the statements given in thechoices, we can say that statements in choices (1),(2) and (3) are true but that in choice (4) is falseand hence this is the answer.Choice (4)
P is the starting point and R is point when Granthears the sixth whistle.PQ = 32
8 + 2 = 26QR = 1
4 + 16 = 13 Choice (2)
The relationship can be observed clearly with thehelp of the following diagrammaticrepresentation:Since the gender of the author itself is notspecified, hence the author is either the nephew orthe niece of the person in question.Choice (4)
Here, assumption is the second premise(i) All dogs are cats.Assumption : All cats are rats. Choice (1)Conclusion : Some dogs are rats.(ii) (
q :
p)Using the second implication, we get:No cats are rats.Assumption : All dogs are rats .Choice (3)Conclusion: No dog is cat.Hence, choice (2) cannot be used as anassumption in any of the given cases. Choice(2)(iii) (q
p ;
q)Some dogs are rats.Assumption : All dogs are cats. Choice (4)Conclusion : Some cats are rats.Hence, choice (2) cannot be used as anassumption in any of the given cases.Choice (2)
As per the given information, we get thefollowing arrangement :Name TTT H & SPP KabaddiTendu x1, x4 x2, x4Gangu x2, x4 x1, x3Dravid x1, x3 x1, x4Dravid >TenduViru x1, x4 x1, x4Winner = 1
rank; 1
runner up = 2
runner up = 3
rank; 3
runner up = 4
rank.As Dravid’s rank is better than Tendu’s in Kabbadi;Tendu cannot be the winner and Dravid cannot be the3
runner up in Kabbadi. Hence, Tendu must beranked 3
runner up) in Kabbadi, hence ranked2
(i.e. 1
runner up) in H & S and Viru is ranked 2
 in Kabbadi. Likewise we can complete thearrangement as shown below:Name TTT H & S PP KabbadiTendu 4 2 4 3Gangu 1 3 2 4Dravid 2 4 3 1Viru 3 1 4 2All the first three choices are true. Choice (4)
FHusbandSonFatherWifeOnly D-I-LFatherBrotherUncleMe(nephew or niece)MotherSister
Solutions for questions 11 and 12:
 After filling the entire grid with the given data, we get the following.
ManufacturerWarranty(in years)Price(in Rs.)Geyser Godrej 4 8000Cooking Range LG 2 6000Fridge Videocon 1 Washing Machine Samsung 3 AC Hitachi 5 It is given that Geyser (Rs.8,000) costs the average of all the items.
Total cost of all items = 8,000 x 5 = 40,000
Price of Fridge + Washing Machine (WM) + AC= 40,000 – (Geyser + Cooking Range)
Fridge + WM + AC = 40,000 – 14,000 = 26,000Let us assume the price of the Fridge= 10x
Washing Machine = 9xAC = 7x
10x + 9x + 7x = 26,00026x = 26,000
x = 1,000
Fridge = 10,000Washing Machine = 9,000, AC = 7,000
Godrej manufactures Geyser.Choice (1)
Item with the least warranty is Fridge and it ispriced at Rs.10,000.Choice (1)
Solutions for questions 13 to 15:
On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays:– Praful tells lies and Karan speaks the truth.On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays:– Karan tells lies and Praful speaks the truth.On Sundays:– Both Praful and Karan speak the truth.
Assume that on the given day Praful is lying.I is a lie
Praful spoke the truth yesterday.
Today is a Monday.II is a lie
Today is a Monday or a Tuesdayor a Wednesday (since then two days aftertomorrow could be Thursday, Friday or Saturdayand he will be speaking the truths).II and I
Today is a Monday.Now, assume that Praful is not lying.I is true
Today is Thursday.II is true
Praful will lie on Sunday. But thisis not possible.
Our assumption that Praful was lying is correctand hence the conclusion that today is Monday.Choice (1)
If Praful is lying, thenI is a lie
today is a Monday.II is a lie
today is a Wednesday.I and II cannot be lies simultaneously.Let Praful be speaking the truth.I is true
today is Thursday.II is true
today is Sunday.I and II cannot be simultaneously true.
such a case is not possible. Choice (4)
If it is any day from Monday to Saturday, thenexactly one out of Archana and Rachana is lyingwhile the other is speaking the truth. For the givenstatements, it is required that both be lying ORboth be speaking the truth. (Failing which thestatements are clearly inconsistent). But asmentioned today cannot be a day from Monday toSaturday, since both cannot lie or speak the truthsimultaneously. Therefore, the only possibilitybeing that today is a Friday and both are speakingthe truth.
the first one is Archana.Choice (1)
Solutions for questions 16 to 18:
Choice (3)P and S cannot be tested on rats.S and P cannot be tested on rabbits.
Q / R can be tested on either rats or rabbits, butexactly which medicine is used to test on exactlywhich animal, these combinations cannot befound out. Choice (3)
As per the instructions, we get the followingtable:Medicines that can be used:
Rat Rabbit Cat Monkey
P Q S RQ R P SR S Q PNow in the question it is given that Rat
Rat = P or Rat = RSimilarly, Cat
Cat = P (Since, Cat
R)Then, we get the following table:
Rat Rabbit Cat Monkey
 S Q P

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