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Billy Meier - Global Warming 50 Man Made 50 Nature

Billy Meier - Global Warming 50 Man Made 50 Nature

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Published by lansel3478071
Billy Meier on global warming - discussing with his alien friend. 50% is man made 50% is caused by nature/solar system/universe
Billy Meier on global warming - discussing with his alien friend. 50% is man made 50% is caused by nature/solar system/universe

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: lansel3478071 on Jun 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Billy on Global WarmingAll the text here can be found at,http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/The_Pleiadian/Plejaren_Contact_ReportsCause of global warming is 50% natural 50% man madeFrom Contact Reprot 221Billy:Today, I once again have a question regarding the things that you explained to me duringthe last conversation. I mean in terms of the coming events of the increasingly frequentfloods, droughts, storms with snow, rain, and hail, as well as the volcanic eruptions,earthquakes, and forest fires, which will be due in part to natural origin and partly tohuman origin, as you said. Now, the question was asked about this: what all is meant bynatural origin and human origin?Quetzal:1. Natural origin is everything that results from the natural course of the planetarymovements, so therefore the natural volcanic eruptions as well as the natural movementsof the sea currents, geomagnetism, the Moon’s influences, like among other things thelow and high tides, the naturally occurring wind currents, and the natural weather conditions as well as forest fires and steppe fires, etc.2. To these natural processes must be added the natural climate changes and glacialchanges, as well as the influences of the Moon, which causes both low and high tides butalso influences the Earth's magnetic fields.3. The Sun also determines a part of the natural weather and climate happenings of theEarth, and also not in the least the purely cosmic influences as well as those of thegalactic central sun and the so-called central black hole of the galaxy, which is named“Milky Way” by the Earth people.4. Thus, seven (7) determining natural factors are to be mentioned, through which allforms of natural weather, sequences of weather conditions, and climate factors arecreated.5. Among the seven factors, the Earth movements are of particular importance, whichinclude the planetary conditions, such as the formation of the interior of the Earth as wellas its surface, like the land, seas, lakes, rivers and streams, like the mountains and valleys,forests, rain forests, fields, prairies, deserts, open lands, concrete supporting structuresthrough roads and buildings and, of course, the heights and depths under and over the sea.6. Also very important are the environmental elements, such as the temperature, air  pressure, wind directions and wind speeds, the various precipitations, cloud cover, andthe duration of sunshine.7. The actual local climate results from the diverse interaction of all elements and factorsas well as from the geographical latitude of each respective tract of land and from thelatitude-dependent radiation intensity, to which is also added in each case the typical anddifferent atmospheric circulation that prevails over the seas, large lakes, streams, deserts,
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steppes, forests, open lands, and over the rain forests and continents as well as mountainsand plains.8. Even the Earth’s magnetism plays an important role, which must not be forgotten.9. Now, if one makes a total for all influences, etc. of 100 percent, which must bearranged, as said, into seven main factors of cause, then these can be divided in their influences, in terms of a percentage, approximately equally, so for every factor of cause,there arises an approximately 14.3 percent impact on the overall climate of the Earth.10. But now, if the influences are still added, which arise from the irrational, destructive,and irresponsible machinations in terms of the influencing of the climate, the changing of nature, and the environmental degradation via the Earth person, then it must bementioned that 50 percent of all coming natural disasters no longer have to be attributedto purely natural origin but rather to the guilt and burden of the Earth person.11. Through sheer irrationality as well as through greed for profit, irresponsibility, andwillfulness, as well as arrogance and self-glorification, the Earth person already startedsome time ago to change and violate the naturalness of the planet Earth.12. With asphalt and concrete, entire lands are built over with roads and buildings and aredestroyed, vital seas are brought to drying out, the stock of fish becomes eradicated, theresources of the Earth are exploited senselessly and for pure profit and luxury, and air  pollution and environmental degradation occur, which surpass everything in irresponsiblewillfulness and maliciousness.13. Enormous water dams are senselessly and irresponsibly built, by which shifts of theinterior of the Earth take place and a tremendous pressure develops, by what meansearthquakes and volcanic eruptions are caused.14. Courses of rivers and streams are senselessly and irresponsibly straightened, wetmeadows are drained, entire housing developments and villages as well as cities are builtin meadow plains, lowlands, and at places of deforested meadow woods, by what meansno place remains free any more for the wild waters of floods to be able to spread out andseep away.15. Peaceful brooks and rivers become raging and all-destructive currents and wildwaters through their straightening, and nothing can withstand these any more, wherebythey cause devastation and demand the lives of humans and animals and will demandthese more and more, like they’ve never done in all of human memory.16. In addition, houses and other buildings are built on mountain slopes that are at risk inregards to avalanches and mountain slides, etc.17. Mountain slopes become obstructed with ski lifts as well as with cable railways etc., by what means entire mountain landscapes are destroyed and the animal populations aredisturbed in their natural life.18. The greatest of all evils, however, is found in the steadily and inexorably growingoverpopulation, through which all mentioned evils become more and more rampant, soalso the changes in the global climate.19. The overall natural circulation of the atmosphere of the Earth is disturbed byirrational human influences more and more, whereby the air pressure and the globaltemperature change significantly and immense storms and precipitations are causedthroughout the whole world, which can be described as torrential, and indeed, especiallyin the coming time when the Earth and nature begin to avenge themselves by force
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