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Thesis Proposal

Thesis Proposal

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Published by rajasamudra84

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: rajasamudra84 on Jun 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IntroductionA.Background of Study
Master the English language means to master four skills that form the basis for  producing the utterance as well as understanding the massage in order to be able tocommunicate in the global community. That four skills are speaking, listening, readingand writing and further known as productive language skills (writing and speaking) andreceptive skills (reading and listening).Based on accumulative conclusion of some statements from some experts, itcan be concluded that both receptive skills and productive skills have the same degreeof importance. As claimed by Rivers (1981: 259) that the most important activity in anylanguage class is reading beacause reading is a source of information and pleasurableactiviti as well as a means of consilidating one’s knowledge of language. Came alongafter reading is writing. It because writing is a means of communication to expressfeeling, and idea to another person. Different from Rivers, Tomkinns and Hoskisson(1995:17) and Nuran (1991: 39) said that mastering the art of speaking and the abilityto listening. It because the most important goal in language teaching is to help studentslearn to communicative effectively with others through oral and written language.Despite of the importance of reading, listening, writing and speaking ability inteaching English, there is only one skill that in the real teaching process is concideredas difficult to be tought and learnt as well, that is speaking.In our country there are some teachers in few schools still put grammar inwhole teaching process. Whereas this teachnique was claimed not affective to teachenglish in term of speaking (because the goal of learning english is to be able tocommunicate). Scott Thornbury stated ( : iv) that knowing language is different from beable to speak. The claim
She knows Italian
does not entail the statement
She can speak  Italian.
Thus, when you only learn grammar and some vocabularies then you makesentence which pronounce properly, you only vocalize the grammar but not speak.When students only learn grammar they still unable to speak or less fluency. Every theywant to speak, they take a few time to start because their mind still busy to use whichgrammar is suit the structure of the utterance. And finally, when they get confuse theywill stuck and do not speak at all.In addition, some teachers in the field are lack method to make the class activeand fulfil with pleasurable activities. In few schools, teachers only use conversationwith drilling and repeating method in teaching speaking, teacher read the conversationand students repeat and after that teacher asked students read the conversation withtheir pair one after another in the front of class. Moreover the some of topic of conversation do not deal with real life. This kind of teaching method is enough, yet stillhave many lacks. Students will be bored in whole class and even they will have lessexperience because they do not use the conversation in such real life.During the years, some expert of teaching ESL have found some techniques toteach speaking. One of the techniques is deemed as effective technique to teachspeaking is Using Video. This techniques for several years have been trained to manyteachers of all cities our country in several seminar and workshops. ELTIS (English
language Training for Islamic Schools) Surabayamemasukkanteching video as onematerial in Communicative English Languge Teacher Training (CELTT) programm.A lot of schools from high school up to universities have applied thistechniques in English class, SMAN 3 Sidoarjo is included. SMAN 3 Sidoarjo is one of outstanding school in Sidoarjo city. It comes number two after SMAN 1 Sidoarjo interm of its achievement.Effective and Interesting is using authentic video thatmenggungahthe writer to describe how the application of using authentic video in SMAN 3 Sidoarjo.
B.Problem of Study
Based on the background of study above, this research is formulated as “ Howis the Implementation of audio lingual method in teaching speaking for Third Gradeof SMAN I Ketapang?”
C.Objective of Study
Regarding to the problem of the study, the objective of this research is todescribe the implementation of audio lingual method in teaching speaking for ThirdGrade of SMAN I Ketapang.
Scope of Study
The research study focuses on examining the implementation of authenticsvideo in teaching speaking for EFL students and will be conducted in SMAN 3Sidoarjo. SMAN 3 Sidoarjo has 3 types of class, they are, general classes (includingnature science class and social science class), language classess, and accelerationclass. This school provides a computer laboratory, therefore, the researcher considers that students in this school already have a background of knowledgeabout computer.In addition, the research will be conducted only in one of the classes whichwill be decided later. Besides, the research will not be taken in both language andacceleration class to avoid the lack of objectivity and validity of the research result.
D.Significance of Study
This research study is expected to give contribution for, at first, teachers couldtake benefit from the result of this research, it is, to examine the implementation of authentic video and give references for them, so that if they face difficulties andquestions dealing with teaching speaking using authentics video they could read andfind the answers from this research. In addition, it also exected for teachers in other schools could take benefit from this research as well. This will provide analternative strategy in teaching. Second, hoping the students aware the effectivenessof this teaching technique to increase their speaking ability so that they areinterested in and study harder. Third, it provides a valuable reference for those whoare interested in conducting further research in the same field.
E.Definition of Key Terms
To avoid misunderstanding on the terms used throughout this thesis, theresearchers need to the definitions of them, as follows:
EFL Students
EFL (English as Foreign Language) means that the speakers use English not asmeans of communication in their daily life. English is not their first language thatthey acquire at first since they born and also not a second language that they learnsecondly after their first language.
Aunthentics Video
Is all the kind of programme you normally see at the cinema, on TV or DVD:features films, documentaries, commercials, game show, interviews, educationalgames, etc. In addition, we can use authentics video as complete recordings or shortexctracts.
II.Theoretical Framewor
A.Speaking SkillSpeaking is so much a part of daily life that we take it for granted. Theaverage people produces tens of thousands of words a day, yet somehow, some people like auctioneers or politicians may produce more than that. So natural andintegral is speaking that we forget how we once struggled to achieve this abilityuntil we have learn how to do it all over again in a foreign language.As one of language skill, Scott Thornbury said that good speaker should knowseveral stages to produce speaking (: 1), such as:a.Speech Production b.Conceptualization and formulationc.Articulationd.Self Monitoring and repaie.Automaticity, and
B.Authentics Video
Authentic video is all the kind of programme you normally see at the cinema,on TV or DVD: features films, documentaries, commercials, game show,interviews, educational games, etc
a.Why use authentic video?
Using authentic video has a lot of benefits in language teaching.
it is useful for its accessibility. Although we can not always access to English-Language television programmes and features films, but we still can watch theTV news on the Internet, pick up sports programmes on satellite TY, and rentor buy video cassettes and DVDs directly or by post. Audio-visual input is

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