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Internet in the Classroom

Internet in the Classroom

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Published by: juanmel_2000@yahoo.om on Jun 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Internet in the ClassroomInternet Integration Research
WikiSubmitted by:Juanita DouglasGeorgia Southern UniversityDr. Elizabeth DownsFRIT-7330June 22, 2011
The Internet in the ClassroomInternet Integration Research
Assignment #2The use of Wikis as an instructional tool
One of the main arguments being posited by modern researchers in the field education is that theuse technology is critical in the teaching and learning. (Matthew, Felvegi & Callaway 2009)Wiki is one tool that has been identified as a major vessel that develops students learning throughcollaboration. Wikis are collaborative Web-based environments that allow multiple users toeasily and quickly contribute content. They are dynamic, constantly changing Web pages wherereaders become authors and editors. In a case study conducted by Matthew et al. (2009), thefindings revealed that the students were not only concerned with grades but enjoyed thecollaboration they experienced. They saw the wiki as a tool that that benefited them all.Wheeler, Yeomans & Wheeler (2008)
recorded that the wiki was a good tool forcollaboration. The results of the study also showed that after the initial problems of familiarizingthemselves with the tools, students learned to delegate responsibilities, worked more often athome and said it helped them develop critical skills.In the examination of the wiki as a collaborative tool, Aharony (2008) and Hughes & Narayan(2009) also support the argument that the wiki was a great tool to be used for teaching. In theirstudy of the use of wiki, Moskaliuk, Kimmerle & Cress (2010) concluded that through thecollaborative process there was evidence for the two different processes of knowledge building;l:
assimilative knowledge building
contribution of new information without (re)organizing orconnecting information
accommodative knowledge building
understood as rebuilding orrestructuring existing content to make new information compatible, or connecting differentpieces of information.
From the studies it is clear that one of the strengths of the Wiki is derived from its ability tofacilitate collaboration among users. Aharony (2009) identified that through the application of the wiki in the classroom it enables students and instructors to be in a continuous discussion, andthat the wiki can be used as a knowledge repository. Furthermore, he suggests that wikis cansupport collaborative knowledge creation and sharing in an academic environment. However,success depends on certain variables
familiarity with wiki technology, careful planning forimplementation and use, appropriate class size, and motivation of students to engage indiscovery learning. Wikis are also ideal for creating flexible environments. Kessler* &Bikowski (2008) recorded that when students are allowed to have their own space to collaboratethey are likely to build stronger relationships with one another In addition, such collaborationleads to a sense of ownership that encourages extensive utilization of the learning space. In myLanguage Arts class the wiki may be used several ways. Students can share their views on booksthey have read, share links on different subjects we discuss in class, view videos to reinforce
subjects taught in the classroom and peer review each other’s work.
 I have been using the Wiki as a student for one year now, but plan to use it as a teacher in thenew school year. Through my exploration with the wiki I have learned to upload videosdocuments and different files. This has been a great benefit to my educational growth. Mymistakes included erasing the whole page of our practicum presentation sign-up page, but theskills and knowledge I have gained as result of using the wiki has been enormous. What I likemost about the Wiki is there is a wide variety of free wikis and they are not blocked by myschool system. I have therefore been using it as a medium for downloading videos from YouTube and showing these videos in my classroom for instructional purposes.

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