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Unit 10 KB Assignment 905

Unit 10 KB Assignment 905



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Published by anon-782535

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Published by: anon-782535 on Sep 11, 2008
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The Adult College Lancaster Candidate Name:Candidate No:NVQ Teaching Assistant Level 3Unit 010 Knowledge Based AssignmentAssist in Preparing and Maintaining the Learning EnvironmentHelp to prepare the learning environment.
10.1 iii, vi, vii10.3 ii Control of the environment is very important in enabling the intended learning. Our surroundingshave a marked effect on our feelings and our behaviour, but although we cannot always affect their original structure we can control what happens within this space.Draw two plans (these need not be to scale) of:a.The classroom in which you mainly work.b.The same classroom with suggested alterations giving reasons for the alterationsconsidering the Disabilities Discrimination Act 2002 (DDA).Your plans should include:
Position of furniture – shape of chairs / tables/cupboards.
Windows – blinds?
Heating – check temperature – too hot, too cold – effects on pupils, equipment
Artificial lighting – shadows?
Wall covering / posters (do they enhance or detract?)
Health and safety requirements.It would also be useful to give some explanations where relevant.What factors would you have to consider when setting out a learning environment consideringpupil’s physical development (Foundation Stage - Yr. 11) and including special needs, safetyarrangements, positioning furniture, equipment and materials, access to school/classroom, andstorage areas?10.1 iii, vi,10.3 iv
TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005
The Adult College Lancaster 
The learning environment is more than just a classroom.10.1 ii, iii, viiComplete the following spider diagram with suggestions for other areas. 10.3 vi15.1 vFrom the above learning environments (apart from the classroom) list below any potential hazardsyou can think of and state what action would be needed to address them and to whom you wouldreport.
LearningEnvironmentHazardAction NeededReported To
ClassroomDoorsFinger guards fittedH & S office Write a brief statement about each of the following:
TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005
School environmentClassroom
The Adult College Lancaster 
What are your legal duties under the Health and Safety at work legislation.
What role do you play in preparing and maintaining a safe and secure learningenvironment? Is this written in your job description and how do you encourage the childrento accept responsibility for their learning environment?10.1 i; ii; vii10.3 i; v15.1, ii, iiiWho else is responsible in your school for the learning environment? e.g. Site agent – give a brief description of their roles10.1 ii10.1 v10.2 iii10.3 i
TACL.NVQ.TA Unit 10 September 2005

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