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Drink Tank 284

Drink Tank 284

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52 Weeks to Science FIction Film Literacy continues with Invasion of th eBody Snatchers as well as writing form CHris Garcia, Taral Wayne and more!
52 Weeks to Science FIction Film Literacy continues with Invasion of th eBody Snatchers as well as writing form CHris Garcia, Taral Wayne and more!

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Published by: Rev. Dr. Christopher J. Garcia on Jun 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Another fine Mo Starkey Cover! It makes me happy that I get to runthem!So, there was a BayCon last weekend and it was a great time. The bestrun convention I’ve ever been to? No, but the GoHs were great, especially Mr. John Picacio and Mary Robinette Kowal. They were both great and I was luckyenough to get to hang with them for a significant portion of the weekend. Idoubt that anyone will contradict the statement that the two of them wereeasily among the best guests BayCon has ever had.Me? I was working one of the days, so we had a Fanzine Lounge only inthe evenings. They couldn’t afford to give us a room on the party floor, whcihwas far deader than it has been in recent years, so we had a boardroom onthe Mezzanine level. Not optimal, but we had a great time, especially on Sun-day when we sat around at various levels of intoxication, played some cardgames with GoH Mary, recorded some Westerconversations (including onewith Dave Gallaher that had me on the floor) and generally had a real goodtime. It was the people, like Espana, Leigh Ann, Andy, Kevin, Fred Moulton, TheLovely & Talented Linda, Jason Schachat, Bob, Milt Stevens, Digby and so on,that made the place lively.I did a few panels, the best of which being a great panel on Steampunk Literature which just had me and an author and we managed to keep thecrowd rolling. I did one on Computer History where Bobby Toland, SteveSavitsky and andother guy had a great time. The best panel I’ve done on bookswas 5 Recent Books You Must Read. it was on current-ish SF (the last 10years) and there were four of us, so we talked about impressive books thatwe loved. I had The Dervish House by Ian McDonald, Perdido Street Staionby China Mieville, The Half Made World by Felix Gilman, Soulless by Gail Car-riger and The Yiddish Policeman’s Union. I would have had Anathem by NealStephenson on there, but Leigh Ann had it on her list. Jeremy, the publisher atNight Shade Books, was on the panel too. it was a good bunch of folks.The parties were down, the attendance seemed low, as I understandroomnights were off from previous years. Art Show sales weren’t great. Deal-er’s Room did OK, it seems from the couple of dealers I chatted with. Thefood in the buffet was hit (the Meatloaf was great) and miss (thin hockey puckswith ketchup for Chicken Parm) and the drinks at the bar were hella pricey.Still, the staff has always been very good to us and the rooms are nice save forthe funky bathrooms.Does BayCon need an injection of new blood, new management, newattendees? Yeah, that’d help. The next chair is set (Cruz, who has a PleasureCruise concept down) and there’s already talk about getting some new folksinto new positions. This is a good thing, but they need to work in three areas:getting a party culture happening again, making a real masquerade happenand making it worthwhile for costumers, and attracting younger attendees.This can be accomplished by having more guests who aren’t in the higher agebrackets. Getting the folks from xkcd or Schlock Mercenary would be a start,maybe some significant Cosplayers as GoHs. The Costumers used to be a bigpart of the event and now it’s a costume dead area for the most part.Still, check out http://johnnyeponymous.podbean.com for Westercon-versations with folks like Milt Stevens and Dave Gallaher and other Audiofrom the con!Other news is that I’m running another Fanzine Lounge at Westercon
in San Jose over the weekend before July 4th! I’m psyched because it’s got agood location and there are so many folks from all over who are comin’ out!I’ve also got a good bit to use that’ll help everyone who is looking for answers.I’ve just finished the Dining Guide, which is pretty good, I think. I’m hoping thatI can find another time to use it. It’s been used at three different cons, a Librar-ians meeting and for some friends I’ve had from out of town. I love multi-usematerials!Coming up after that is WorldCon and it’s likely I’ll have friends visit-ing before and after. I’m so excited and the events are going great. Of course,there’s a bit of annoyance with the fact that the Big Heart and First Fandomawards aren’t going to be given out at the Hugos. To me, that’s a bad idea, butit happens. We’re working on giving them an appropriate position in the week.I’m not one of those folks who thinks that the Hugos are too long, far fromit. I really think that the Hugo ceremoneis aren’t overly long, but they’re notwell-filled. I know folks don’t like it when I compare the Hugos to the otherbig awards (and let’s be honest, the Oscars, Tonys, Emmys and, Ghod HelpMe, even the Grammys, are many times bigger), but that’s what we should beshooting for. You put on a few awards, have a segment of tribute, then do a fewmore awards, then a stand-up bit, then more awards, then a big productionnumber and then the final big awards. It’s a formula that leads to a longer show,but it also makes it Must See Entertainment! Imagine if we got a few good actsto throw in, a chance to use a few more big names to present and interact withthe audience. This would make the Hugos a bigger deal to the attendees, andpossibly give them more respect for the awards in general. I I’m not saying a 4.5hour ceremony like the Oscars, but even a three hour ceremony can afford alot of great stuff to go on. Perhaps even a chance to present a Musical Guestof Honor with some time in front of the biggest audience of the convention.There are possibilities.So You Think You Can Dance is back and I’m enjoying it. I have a newobsession: Princess Lockerooo. She’s an amazing dancer in a style called Waack-ing. It’s related to Vogueing and the House music/dance movement. She put onperhaps the finest bit of high-energy dancing the entire episode. I’ve beenfollowing her on YouTube and she’s just amazing. Arms like rubber, face thatstrikes fear in the hearts of man! I’m going to try to get an interview with herfor these very pages because if the Drink Tank isn’t about promoting dance,what is it about?We’re working on several theme issues that you might be interestedin. We’ve got the second annual Hugo for the Best Novel issue, which will befun, and then an issue dedicated to Mr. Tim Powers, Renovation GoH, and oneissue of Journey Planet where we’e got a special Guest Editor: Emily McLeay!I’m psyched! Exhibition Hall is doing an issue dedicated to Gail Carriger andThe Anubis Gates! Fun Fun Fun!OK, this issue has some Taral Wayne, some photos (on the last twopages) from Craig Glassner (aka Ranger Craig aka one of my favorite peoplein fandom!), Some art from Brad Foster and Michelle Guerrero and CousinClaire, a piece from Dann Lopez, and a little more amazingness! Also, this is theepisode of 52 Weeks about one of the films that is most identified with the1950s and film. Invasion of the Body Snatchers! I’ve always had somethign of abit of a bee in my bonnet about it, and you’ll see why, but it’s one of the bestSF films ever made!

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