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Table Of Contents

Who Should Use This Book
How This Book Is Organized
Related Documentation
Typographic Conventions
How to Get Help
The Command Line Interface
Connecting to the Switch
Establishing a Console Connection
Establishing a Telnet Connection
Using a BOOTP Server
Running Telnet
Setup Part 1: Basic System Configuration
Setup Part 2: Port Configuration
Setup Part 3: VLANs
Setup Part 4: IP Configuration
IP Interfaces
Default Gateways
IP Routing
Setup Part 5: Final Steps
Optional Setup for SNMP Support
Optional Setup for Telnet Support
Setting Passwords
Changing the Default Administrator Password
Changing the Default User Password
Changing the Default Layer 4 Administrator Password
The Main Menu
Menu Summary
Global Commands
Command Line Interface Shortcuts
Command Stacking
Command Abbreviation
Tab Completion
The Information Menu
Information Menu
System Information Menu
SNMPv3 System Information Menu
SNMPv3 USM User Table Information
SNMPv3 View Table Information
SNMPv3 Access Table Information
SNMPv3 Group Table Information
SNMPv3 Community Table Information
SONMP Information
System Capacity Information
System Information Dump
Layer 2 Information Menu
Layer 2 FDB Information
Show All FDB Information
Clearing Entries from the Forwarding Database
Link Aggregation Control Protocol Information Menu
LACP Aggregator Information
LACP Port Information
LACP Dump Information
Layer 2 Spanning Tree Group Information
Trunk Group Information
VLAN Information
Layer2 Dump Information
Layer3 Information Menu
IP Routing Information
Show All IP Route Information
Type Parameters
Tag Parameters
ARP Information Menu
Show ARP Entries on Referenced SP
Show All ARP Entry Information
ARP Address List Information
BGP Information Menu
BGP Peer information
BGP Summary information
BGP Peer Information:
Dump BGP Information
OSPF Information Menu
OSPF General Information
OSPF Interface Information
OSPF Database Information
OSPF Information Route Codes
OSPF Dump Information
IP Information
VRRP Information
Layer3 Dump Information
Layer 4 Information Menu
Session Table Information
Samples of Session Dumps for Different Applications
Session dump information in Alteon OS
Global SLB Information Menu
Show All Layer 4 Information
Link Status Information
Port Information
Bandwidth Management Information
BWM IP User Information Menu
Bridging Statistics
Ethernet Statistics
Interface Statistics
Interface Protocol Statistics
Link Statistics
RMON Statistics
Port Dump Statistics
Layer 2 Statistics Menu
FDB Statistics
LACP Statistics
Spanning Tree Group Statistics
Layer 3 Statistics Menu
OSPF Statistics Menu
OSPF Global Statistics
Route Statistics
ARP statistics
VRRP Statistics
DNS Statistics
ICMP Statistics
TCP Statistics
UDP Statistics
Server Load Balancing Statistics Menu
Server Load Balancing SP statistics Menu
SP Real Server Statistics
SP Filter Statistics
SP Maintenance Statistics
Global SLB Statistics Menu
Real Server Global SLB Statistics
Virtual Server Global SLB Statistics
Global SLB Site Statistics
Global SLB Maintenance Statistics
Real Server SLB Statistics
Per Service Octet Counters
Real Server Group Statistics
Virtual Server SLB Statistics
Filter SLB Statistics
SLB Layer7 Statistics Menu
Layer7 Redirection Statistics
Layer 7 SLB String Statistics
Layer 7 SLB Maintenance Statistics
SLB Secure Socket Layer Statistics
File Transfer Protocol SLB and Filter Statistics Menu
Active FTP SLB Parsing and Filter Statistics
Passive FTP SLB Parsing Statistics
FTP SLB Maintenance Statistics
FTP SLB Statistics Dump
RTSP SLB Statistics
DNS SLB Statistics
WAP SLB Statistics
SLB Maintenance Statistics
SIP SLB Statistics
Clearing the SLB Statistics
BWM Statistics Menu
BWM Switch Processor Statistics
BWM Switch Processor Contract Statistics Menu
BWM Switch Processor Rate Contract Statistics
BWM Contract Statistics
BWM Contract Rate Statistics
BWM History Statistics
BWM Maintenance Statistics
BWM IP Users Statistics
BWM IP users statistics
Management Processor Statistics
MP Packet Statistics
UCB Statistics
MP-Specific SFD Statistics
CPU Statistics
SP Specific Statistics
SP-Specific Maintenance Statistics
Security Statistics
DOS Attack Statistics Menu
Types of DOS Attacks
IP Access Control List Statistics
UDP Blast Statistics
UDP Blast Dump Statistics
UDP Pattern Match Statistics
Rate Limiting Statistics
Dump Statistics for Security
SNMP Statistics
NTP Statistics
NTP statistics:
Port Mirroring Statistics Menu
Management Port Statistics
Dump Statistics
The Configuration Menu
Viewing, Applying, and Saving Changes
Viewing Pending Changes
Applying Pending Changes
Saving the Configuration
System Configuration
System Host Log Configuration
Seven Levels of Severity
Management Port Configuration Menu
Management Port Link Menu
SSH Server Configuration Menu
RADIUS Server Configuration
TACACS+ Server Configuration Menu
NTP Server Configuration
SynOptics Network Management Protocol Configuration
System SNMP Configuration
SNMPv3 Configuration Menu
User Security Model Configuration Menu
SNMPv3 View Configuration Menu
View-based Access Control Model Configuration Menu
SNMPv3 Group Configuration Menu
SNMPv3 Community Table Configuration Menu
SNMPv3 Target Address Table Configuration Menu
SNMPv3 Target Parameters Table Configuration Menu
SNMPv3 Notify Table Configuration Menu
System Health Check Configuration Menu
System Access Control Configuration
Management Networks Menu
User Access Control Menu
HTTPS Access Configuration Menu
System User ID Configuration Menu
Port Configuration
Alteon OS 2000 Series
Fast Ethernet Ports
Port Link Configuration
Alteon OS 3000 Series
Port Configuration on Alteon OS 3408
Single-Mode ports
Single-Mode Copper Port Gigabit Ethernet Link Configuration Menu
Single-Mode SFP Gigabit Ethernet Port Link Configuration Menu
Dual-Mode Ports
Dual-Mode Copper Port Link Configuration
Dual-Mode SFP Gigabit Link Configuration Menu
Temporarily Disabling a Port
Port Mirroring Menu
Port-Mirroring Menu
Bandwidth Management Configuration
Bandwidth Management Contract Configuration
BWM Contract Time Policy Configuration Menu
Bandwidth Management Policy Configuration
Bandwidth Management Group Configuration Menu
Bandwidth Management Current Configuration
Layer 2 Configuration Menu
Spanning Tree Group Configuration
Bridge Spanning Tree Configuration
Spanning Tree Port Configuration
Trunk Configuration
Link Aggregation Control Protocol Menu
LACP Port Configuration Menu
Layer 3 Configuration Menu
IP Interface Configuration
Default IP Gateway Configuration
IP Static Route Configuration
ARP Configuration Menu
ARP Static Configuration Menu
IP Forwarding Configuration Menu
Local Network Route Caching Definition
Defining IP Address Ranges for the Local Route Cache
Network Filter Configuration
Route Map Configuration Menu
IP Access List Configuration Menu
Autonomous System Filter Path
Routing Information Protocol Configuration
Open Shortest Path First Configuration
Area Index Configuration Menu
OSPF Summary Range Configuration Menu
OSPF Interface Configuration Menu
OSPF Virtual Link Configuration Menu
OSPF Host Entry Configuration Menu
OSPF Route Redistribution Configuration Menu
OSPF MD5 Key Configuration Menu
Border Gateway Protocol Configuration
BGP Peer Configuration Menu
BGP Redistribution Configuration Menu
BGP Aggregate Routing Configuration Menu
IP Forwarding Port Configuration Menu
Domain Name System Configuration Menu
Bootstrap Protocol Relay Configuration Menu
VRRP Configuration Menu
Virtual Router Configuration Menu
Virtual Router Priority Tracking Configuration
Virtual Router Group Menu
Virtual Router Group Priority Tracking Configuration Menu
Virtual Router Group Configuration
Virtual Router Group Priority Tracking Configuration
VRRP Interface Configuration
VRRP Tracking Configuration
Default Gateway Metrics
Security Configuration Menu
IP Address Access Control List Configuration Menu
Pattern Matching Menu
Port Security Configuration Menu
UDP Blast Protection Configuration Menu
Saving the Active Switch Configuration
Restoring the Active Switch Configuration
The SLB Configuration Menu
Filtering and Layer 4 (Server Load Balancing)
Real Server SLB Configuration
Real Server Layer 7 Configuration
Real server IDS Configuration Menu
Real Server Group SLB Configuration
SLB Health Check Types
Server Load Balancing Metrics
Virtual Server SLB Configuration
Virtual Server Service Configuration
Virtual Server RTSP Configuration
Cookie-Based Persistence
SLB Filter Configuration
Defining IP Address Ranges for Filters
Advanced Filter Configuration
802.1p Advanced Menu
Advanced Filter TCP Configuration
IP Advanced Menu
ICMP Message Types
Layer 7 Advanced Filter Configuration Menu
SLB Filter Advanced Security Menu
Advanced Security Rate Limiting Configuration Menu
Port SLB Configuration
Global SLB Configuration
GSLB Remote Site Configuration
GSLB Network Preference Configuration Menu
GSLB Rule Configuration Menu
Global SLB Rule Metric Menu
Layer 7 SLB Resource Definition Menu
Web Cache Redirection Configuration
Server Load Balance Resource Configuration Menu
WAP Configuration
Synchronize Peer Switch Configuration
Peer Switch Configuration
Advanced Layer 4 Configuration
SYN Attack Detection Configuration Menu
Advanced SMT Real Server Port Configuration Menu
Inbound Link Load Balancing configuration Menu
Inbound Link Load Balancing Domain Record Menu
Inbound Link Load Balancing Mapping Menu
Advanced Health Check Configuration Menu
Scriptable Health Checks Configuration
SNMP Health Check Configuration
WAP Health Check Configuration
WSP Content Health Check
WTP and WSP Content Health Check Menu
Proxy IP Address Configuration Menu
SLB Peer Proxy IP Address Menu
The Operations Menu
Operations Menu
Operations-Level Port Options
Operations-Level SLB Options
Real Server Group Operations
Global SLB Operations Menu
Operations-Level VRRP Options
Operations-Level Bandwidth Management Options
Operations-Level IP Options
Operations-Level BGP Options
Activating Optional Software
Removing Optional Software
The Boot Options Menu
Scheduled Reboot of the Switch
Scheduled Reboot Menu
Updating the Switch Software Image
Downloading New Software to Your Switch
Selecting a Software Image to Run
Uploading a Software Image from Your Switch
Selecting a Configuration Block
Resetting the Switch
The Maintenance Menu
Maintenance Menu
System Maintenance Options
Forwarding Database Options
ARP Cache Options
ARP Entries on a Single Port
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