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Cleantech Report June2009

Cleantech Report June2009

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Published by Eunji Lee

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Eunji Lee on Jun 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Impact on Key Sectorsin Europe
With “Cleantech”, we continue our series o reports inconjunction with Oxord Analytica on topics o signicantinterest to all commercial enterprises operating in theEuropean market. The report provides a commentary romthe CMS team involved in the initiative, as well as theindependent Oxord Analytica study in ull.CMS has chosen Oxord Analytica as its partner or the provenquality o its research and analysis. We are condent that indoing so this and similar reports have the scope and rigournecessary to stimulate a healthy and productive debate withinyour own organisations and possibly more widely. In someareas which are still evolving there will as yet be no right orwrong answers. In relation to those, we would not be sopresumptuous as to claim that the views we express or theconclusions we reach are likely to be any more accurate thanyour own. However, by creating the ramework and orumor the debate we hope to be able to educate and perhapsencourage others to nd the right solutions.
In our commentary, we have intentionally referred to
“the Cleantech revolution” because the drivers behind it aretransormational in nature and cut across all continents and allindustries. The global magnitude o its impact is underscoredby the estimate that by 2015, the Cleantech industry will beworth many trillion Euros.As lawyers, we will naturally be looking at the issuesconcerned rom a legal perspective. Further, our intentionis also to examine and, we hope, throw some light on thebroader commercial, regulatory, scal and political aspectso this important topic.
Foreword by Cornelius Brandi –Chairman o the CMS Executive Committee
Clearly the issues related to Cleantech extend well beyondEurope and have global implications. At CMS, however, wethink o ourselves very much as citizens o Europe since, oour 2,400 plus lawyers operating rom 48 cities around theworld, the substantial majority is based in and is oeringpractical legal advice rom within Europe. Our main aim,thereore, is to consider the issues with a European ocusand to assess their likely impact on the uture developmento Europe, particularly as they aect the commercial andcorporate environment in which all o our clients have tomanage their own businesses with a view to protability.This is an economically challenging time worldwide. ButEurope is well positioned to seize the enormous growthopportunities aorded by Cleantech, perhaps even more inthe midst o proound economic uncertainty. CMS and OxordAnalytica hope that this report will oer valuable insightsinto how businesses in all industries can prepare or theimpact o Cleantech by minimising the potential risks andmaximising the unprecedented opportunities it aords.Cornelius BrandiChairman CMS Executive Committee
+49 69 717 01-522
Cleantech – The Impact on Key Sectors in Europe – 2
Our OpinionClean technology: The revolution has begun
Cleantech is at the heart o a huge global revolution, drivenby many actors. Individually each o these actors issignicant but cumulatively they are immensely powerul.These actors include (1) protection o the environment(especially environment degradation, resource eciency andconsumption and climate change), (2) energy security,(3) security o commodities (or instance water, ood, scarcemetals, oil, etc.), (4) nancial movement towardsinternalisation o the external costs o environmentdegradation, and (5) a global population increasing at atremendous pace coupled with increasing human longevity.Dened as technology which is specically designed toaddress environment issues (such as remediation o harmulemissions) or is designed to lessen the impact on the planeto current products or services (or instance renewal energy orecient motors and other products), Cleantech is becomingcentral to many businesses today: waste management, watermanagement, road transport and consumer goods, to name just a ew (the appendix sets out examples o currentclean technologies). CMS believes that over the coming years,Cleantech will pervade virtually all commercial sectors. Thisinnovative and ast growing industry could be worth manytrillion Euros globally by 2015.
Independent report
CMS commissioned Oxord Analytica, an international andindependent consulting frm, to produce a orward-lookingreport on Cleantech and its impact on key commercial sectorsin Europe. We believe that this report can help to rame thecurrent discussion about the enormous market opportunitiesCleantech provides, the potential risks and structural barriersthat it aces and the potential impacts that it will have on othercommercial sectors.
Much o the growth in Cleantech is being driven bygovernment policy and legal regulations. The EuropeanUnion (EU) and its Member States have set clear targets orinstance in clean energy generation, waste managementand road transport. The EU is currently, in our opinion, theglobal thought leader in this area and will continue tobe so in the near uture but the US, Japan and China arecatching up ast.Despite the recent economic crisis, Cleantech and morestringent environment regulations have remained high onthe political agenda. We believe that the ongoing economiccrisis will not dampen the take up o Cleantech any morethan it is dampening other commercial sectors. In act wesuspect that the economic crisis will stimulate the uptake oCleantech, not only because the policy makers in almost allthe major economies view this sector as a sector o potentiallyhuge growth but also because business managers will seekinnovative Cleantech as a means to help increase eciencyand control costs.

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