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Seducing the Prince of Princeton

Seducing the Prince of Princeton

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Published by Gaby
enjoy and let me know what you think :) thanks for reading!
enjoy and let me know what you think :) thanks for reading!

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Published by: Gaby on Jun 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1
“I’m sorry, Nori, but Princeton just won’t work out. There’s notenough time to get your grades up, considering that applications aredue next month.”My heart fell. I’m not going to Princeton. I never once thoughtthat those five words would cross my mind. I slowly stood up and slungmy backpack over my shoulder. Turning my back on Mrs. Brigsteen, Islumped out of her office.“Wait! Nori! We can discuss your other options!” She shoutedafter me. Other options? There were no other options. It was all ornothing. And in this case it was nothing. The smudged figures thatpassed by me paid no attention. They looked so happy and carefree.
They are probably going to the college of their choice.
A voice insidemy head added. I reached my locker and pressed my back to it, slidingdown to the ground.“Cambell! There you are! Come on! We’re all going to dinner tocelebrate and according to my watch, you won’t have enough time toget ready. Nori?” Ethan’s voice grew quieter as he took in myexpression and he sat on the ground beside me.“Nori, what’s wrong?” My blonde curls fell in my face as I tried tohide my tears. Ethan pulled into his arms and I sobbed. I
cried.Which was probably why Ethan seemed so alarmed.I tucked my head into his chest and he stroked my hair.“Shhh Nori, Shhh. It’s okay. Now tell me what’s wrong.” Hepushed my chin up with his fingers, so I was staring straight into hisdeep blue eyes. I caught my breath and made sure I wasn’t going tocry before I spoke.“I’m not going to Princeton.” I whispered. He wiped below myeyes with his thumb and I saw mascara on his fingers. I laughed quietlyand shook my head.“I probably look hideous right now.”“You’re too beautiful to ever look anything other than it.” Ethanwhispered.“Thank you…too bad that won’t get me into Princeton.” I laid myhead on his chest and I listened to his steady heartbeat. His softbreaths filled my ears and I sighed.“Nori, I know Princeton was your first choice, but there are otheroptions…” He said carefully.“No. No, there aren’t. There are no other options!” I whinedsoftly.“We have another seven months before we graduate, so anotherday shouldn’t put us off track. Come to dinner, have a good time, thendiscuss this with your parents.”
“Ethan, you don’t understand. There’s nothing to discuss. If Iwere to go to college, I would go to Princeton. And since I’m not goingto Princeton, I’m not going to college.”“Always so stubborn.” He chuckled to himself. I turned my headto look up at him and smiled.“I love you.” He whispered, his breath caressing my face. I closedmy eyes and nodded. His lips hit mine and I weakly responded. Hepulled away and took my face between his hands.“We’re going to forget about this until later and have a goodtime tonight, okay?” I slowly nodded and Ethan helped me off theground.“You need a ride home?” He asked, taking my hand in his.“Yes.” I slid my huge coat on and grabbed my things beforeleaving. My fingers wrapped around Ethan’s knuckles and I marveled athis smooth, warm hands with my fingers. The gorgeous, thick snowflakes fell heavily from the sky, landingon my eyelashes and tangling in my hair. I scampered to the heatedcar and hopped in, breathing a sigh of relief. Ethan reached the car acouple seconds after me and started the engine. I turned the heatnotch all the way up and laid my head back, shutting my eyes.“Snow suits you.” Ethan said, running his finger along myeyelashes. I laughed and basked in the wonderful warmth.“I’ll pick you up around six okay? That gives you two hours to getready. Is that enough?” Ethan asked, backing out of the school parkinglot. I punched his hard arm and rolled my eyes.“I think I can handle basic math and yes, that’s plenty of time.Who else is coming?” I watched the snowfall, taking in all of its beauty.My grandma always said,
“The best things in life are free. So don’t let  pass them by. Stop and admire their beauty.” 
She told me that beforeshe died and I’ve taken every small thing to heart since then.“Sasha and Greg and Mandy and John.” He kept his eyes focusedon the icy road, going at a slow speed.“Oh, so we’re doing a triple date?” I waggled my eyebrows andturned on the radio quietly.“Yeah, I guess so, but we could always go back to my placeafter…” He suggested. I laughed and sang along to the song. He pulledup to my large house. I unbuckled myself and slumped in the seat.Going into that storm was the last thing I wanted to do, even if thefront door was only a few yards away.Ethan leaned across the seat and lightly kissed my lips.
didn’teven see my response coming. I dove at him, causing us both to endup laying in the driver’s seat, me on top of him, with our feet pressedagainst the passenger window.He chuckled and wound his fingers through my hair, forcing ourlips to meet. I slipped my tongue between his lips and I felt both his

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