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2.Fluid Mechanics and Machines

2.Fluid Mechanics and Machines

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Published by Vikram Rao
3rd Sem Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
3rd Sem Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

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Published by: Vikram Rao on Jun 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Subject Title:Fluid Mechanics and MachinerySubject Code :M-Hours Per Week:04Hours Per Semester:64
GENERAL INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVESAt the end of the course, student should be able to…
1.Understand the basic of fluid mechanics2.Understand the basic principles of fluid statics3.Understand the basic principle of fluid kinematics4.Understand the principles of fluid dynamics and its applications5.Understand the principles of fluid flow through pipes6.Understand the impact of jet on vanes7.Understand the working of hydraulic turbines8.Understand the working of Centrifugal Pumps9.Understand the working of Reciprocating pumps & special purpose pumps
S.NoMajor TopicsHoursAllottedWeightage of MarksSECTION-I
1Introduction 05102Fluid statics 0253Fluid kinematics0254Fluid dynamics06155Flow through pipes andnozzles0615
6Impact of jet on vanes06157Hydraulic turbines1230
8Centrifugal pumps 08259Reciprocating pumps andSpecial Purpose Pumps082510Industry innovations 05
1.1 Scope of the subject1.2 Fluid1.3 Type of fluid1.4 Fluid mechanics1.5 Classification of fluid mechanics1.6 Statics, kinematics, and dynamics1.7 Hydraulics1.8 Ideal and real fluids1.9 properties of fluids1.9.1 Definitions - Mass Density, Specific Volume, Specific Weight, Specific Gravity,Viscosity, Kinematics, SI units of viscosity Surface Tension, Capillarity, Compressibilityand Bulk Modulus1.10Fluid pressure1.10.1Definition of pressure and units of pressure1.10.2Relation between vacuum, absolute and atmospheric pressure1.10.3Pressure head of a liquid1.10.4Pascals law1.10.5Pressure measurement and Types of pressure measuring instruments1.10.6Manometers –Simple and Differential- Advantages and Limitations1.10.7 Mechanical gauges-Construction and working of principle of gauges:Bourdon tube, Diaphragm,1.10.8Vacuum gauges
2.0Fluid statics
2.1Definition of total pressure, centre of pressure, Buoyancy, metacentre and metacentricheight2.3Archimedesprinciple2.4Types of Equilibrium of floating bodies2.5Stable, unstable and neutral equilibrium
3.0Fluid kinematics
3.1Types of fluid flow3.1.1Steady and unsteady flow3.1.2Uniform and non-uniform flow3.1.3One, two and three dimensional flow3.1.4Rotational and irrotational flow3.1.5Compressible and in-compressible flow3.2Rate of flow or discharge3.3Continuity equation3.4Simple problems
4.0Fluid dynamics
4.1Various forms of energy present in fluid flow.4.1.1Pressure energy, Potential energy, Kinetic energy, Total head or total energy.4.1.2Simple problems4.2Bernoulli's equation:
4.2.1Statement and equation4.2.2Assumptions4.2.3 Simple problems4.3Practical applications pf Bernoullis Equation:4.3.1Venturimeter (horizontal only), Flow nozzle, Orifice meter, Pitot’s tube4.3.2Simple problems
5.0Flow through pipes
5.1Loss of head in pipes due to friction5.1.1Major and minor energy losses5.1.2Darcy's formula (without proof)5.1.3Chezy's formula (without proof)5.2Hydraulic Gradient and total energy line5.3syphon5.4Definitions of nozzle and its applications5.5power transmitted thro the nozzle5.6Water hammer in pipes5.7Simple problems
6.0Impact of jet on Vanes
6.1Force of jet striking normally on a fixed plate,6.2Force of jet striking on inclined fixed plate.6.3Force of Jet striking on fixed curved vane.6.4Force of jet on moving flat plate held normal to the jet and work done.6.5Force of jet on moving flat plate held inclined to the jet and work done.6.6Force of jet on moving flat plate fixed on the rim of a wheel,6.7power and efficiency6.8Problems on the above.6.9Force of jet impinging on moving curved vane.
7.0Hydraulic turbines
7.1Scope of the hydraulic turbine7.1.1Definition of a turbine7.1.2Classification of hydraulic turbine.7.2Impulse turbines7.2.1Constructional details and working of a Pelton wheel(Impulse turbine)7.2.2Work done and efficiency of pelton wheel with velocity triangles(Definition and formulae only)7.2.3Types of heads7.2.3.1Gross head7.2.3.2Net or effective head- definition and formula7.2.4Efficiencies with formula7.2.4.1Hydraulic Efficiency, Mechanical Efficiency, Volumetric Efficiency, Overall Efficiency7.3Reaction turbines7.3.1Constructional details and working of Kaplan and Francis turbine7.3.2Work done and efficiency of Francis turbine7.3.3Use of penstock, Anchor block, surge tank and draft tube

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