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Minutes of Meeting - 3 May 2011

Minutes of Meeting - 3 May 2011

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Published by tuggcc
The following is a copy of the Tuggeranong Community Council Inc, General Meeting of 3 May 2011 Minutes
The following is a copy of the Tuggeranong Community Council Inc, General Meeting of 3 May 2011 Minutes

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Published by: tuggcc on Jun 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tuggeranong Community Council IncGeneral Meeting – 3 May 2011Draft Minutes
See attendance record of 3 May 2011.President Darryl Johnston welcomed our guest presenters from United Aged Care, who will later address theMeeting.
Greg Downing, Rusty Woodward, Gai Brodtmann MP, Joy Burch MLA, Amanda Bresnan MLA.
Confirmation of Minutes of April 2011 Meeting:
Accepted: Dugald Holmes Seconded: Alison Ryan
Matters Arising from April 2011 Meeting:
 No matters were raised by members.Glenys Patulny made reference to the allocation of funding in the ACT Budget for the new CentennialWalking Trail project mentioned in an earlier report from the Planning and Environment Sub-Committee.Darryl mentioned that a media release had recently been issued by the Chief Minister regarding this matter.Minute Secretary, Albert Orszaczky, informed members that completion of the Minutes of the SpecialMeeting on 12 April had been delayed due to problems with the microphone used on the night. Thedocument should be completed for distribution shortly, and will also be included on the TCC website course.
President’s Report (Mr Darryl Johnston):
President, Darryl Johnston presented the following Report:“Welcome members and friends to another meeting of the Tuggeranong Community Council.TCC Vice President, Colin Petrie and I recently met with ACT Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope. This was thethird in what have become regular discussions between the TCC and the Chief Minister. Prior to the officialmeeting I thanked the Chief Minister for the successful negotiations with our Federal members andGovernment that secured funding for duplication of the Monaro Highway over Canberra Avenue and theCanberra Rail Line.I reminded him that this was one of the issues the TCC raised in early 2010 in its
Talking Tuggeranong 
 submission. I also thanked him for the trial introduction of a large waste collection service announced onlydays earlier and pointed out that was an issue recently covered in a Motion adopted at the last TCC meeting.Mr Petrie also noted that there had been successes on removing earth mounds and long grass that obstructedthe view of motorists while negotiating roundabouts in Tuggeranong.In opening the talks Mr Petrie and I referred the Chief Minister to a recent TCC Motion calling on the ACTGovernment to begin planning for the introduction of a rail based mass public transport system linkingTuggeranong to other Canberra town centres and Queanbeyan by 2030. We said the TCC believed theCanberra/Queanbeyan region cannot rely on buses alone for its future public transport needs and planningmust begin now for the introduction of a mass public transport system to meet Canberra and Queanbeyan’sforecast growth to approx 600,000 by 2030.Mr. Stanhope said initial government costings and modelling had shown that a light rail system in Canberrawould cost $3billion. He said it also showed that unlike other cities that had developed light rail systems,Canberra did not have the population mass to warrant one at this point. However he conceded that hisgovernment kept an open mind and he believed that a light rail system for Canberra was inevitable, possiblydeveloped in stages over a number of years.We also raised the issue of the proposed location of the new Southern Cemetery at Hume. We told the Chief Minister that while the TCC supported the concept for a cemetery in Southern Canberra,
many TCC members and residents are concerned over its proposed location. We told the Chief Minister thatmembers and residents were also concerned over the lack of a public transport link to the proposed site, theland was too rocky and it contained natural water springs. We also said that members and residents wereconcerned over emissions from a crematorium proposed for the site.Mr. Stanhope responded that he expected an announcement soon on a new Southern Cemetery. He said thesite for the new cemetery would undergo an extensive geotechnical survey, planning and design work thatwill cover public transport issues. As you would be aware, the day following our meeting, Mr. Stanhopeannounced the new Southern Cemetery and Crematorium would proceed at Hume and he had allocated morethan $720,000 for design works.He also announced that further consultation on the project would take place with religious groups and thecommunity. I suggest then that the TCC and residents continue to play an active role in this project if we areto have any influence on its development.On the issue of expanding tertiary education services and facilities in Tuggeranong the Chief Minister saidthe TCC’s call for establishing a combined technical college and university in Tuggeranong had merit. Heagreed tertiary education facilities were focussed in the north and suggested the TCC play a part indiscussions to amalgamate the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) and the University of Canberra (UC).He said the Education Minister, Mr Barr, is due to announce the appointment of a tertiary education expert tolook at the proposals from the Hawke Review on greater collaboration between the CIT and UC. He said itwas worthwhile the TCC playing a part in this process. He also suggested that the TCC organise meetingswith Mr Barr and UC Vice Chancellor, Prof Stephen Parker to discuss this proposal further.We also sought an update on the Tralee residential development. The Chief Minister was unable to provideus with any information because the story of Canberra Airport’s purchase of a share in the proposed site hadonly broken that day and details were still very sketchy.I sought an update on the ACT Government’s review last year into the wood heater education programs and progress on a review by the Federal and State governments into wood heater standards. I am awaiting aresponse.As suggested by one of our members we raised the issue of the introduction of numbered bus stops. Anadviser to the Chief Minister agreed that it was a good idea. He said it had been raised at the (recent)morning tea with the Ministers and was being followed up.Due to an earlier address at the National Press Club that day and back to back meetings our discussions withthe Chief Minister were shorter than previous meetings and after about 35 minutes we concluded. I wish to putit on record that I believe these regular meetings with the Chief Minister are very worthwhile and valuable andI appreciate the time that he gives us. The next meeting will be held around August. Thank you.”Accepted: Donna Smail Seconded: Alison Ryan
Treasurer’s Report (Mr Eric Traise):
Current bank account balance is $13,096 comprising of our Operating Account of $2,600 and InvestmentAccount of $10,496. Expenditure totalled $3,405, with the main items being for purchase of new officeequipment for $2,354, advertising costs of $745 and the usual meeting and office expenses. Income duringthe period was $189 for proceeds of equipment sale ($150) and interest on the Investment Account.Accepted: Jan Petrie Seconded: Jeff Chapman
Sub-Committee Reports:
Planning and Environment CommitteeDarryl indicated that a meeting of the Committee is planned for next week and any interested members arewelcome to attend.He mentioned that a response had been received from the Minister, Simon Corbell regarding the recent TCCMotion for introduction of a bulky waste collection and garden waste bin and it will be circulated for theinformation of members.
Transport and Community Services CommitteeThe response from the Chief Minister regarding the recent TCC Motion on the rail network and driver training issues will also be circulated shortly for the information of members.
Police Report:
Sergeant Rod Anderson, OIC of Tuggeranong Police Station introduced his colleague and duty PatrolOfficer, Acting Sergeant Kelly Corcoran. He proceeded to present the following brief report on crimestatistics and information regarding other local Police activities during April:
Burglaries have increased in April – 10 more than the previous month.
Reported incidents of property damage have increased by 28% over the past month.
Confirmed incidents of assaults have decreased by 10 in April, with a decrease also of 5 stolen motor vehicles reported during the period.
41 arrests were affected by Police in the Tuggeranong Zone during the past month for a range of theusual type of offences.
Police conducted 666 Suburban Policing Strategy patrols within the Tuggeranong patrol zone induring April.
Tuggeranong Zone has continued to see a number of reported property damages to vehicles as wellas theft of vehicle contents. Many of all reported thefts in April were from vehicles, although thenumber of thefts was down by 7 from the previous month. It continues to be visible, highly portable belongings taken such as GPS units, IPods and wallets. Insecure work vehicles allowed offendersaccess to work tools and equipment and the community is reminded to remain vigilant aboutremoving items of value from vehicles to discourage opportunistic break-ins and theft.
First term school holidays fell during the month of April, with Tuggeranong recording only onesingle property damage incident at a school premises during this time. Patrols increased their  presence at schools as part of “Operation School Safe”, conducting proactive vehicle and foot patrolsof the schools.
Over the Easter and Anzac Day long weekend, Tuggeranong Patrols conducted over 600 random breath tests, detecting a total of 5 positive tests for alcohol. Canberra drivers remained safe over thelong weekend, with no fatal collisions or accidents resulting in serious injury occurring.
Questions from the floor:
Members raised some concerns, including the following:
Where have the damaged vehicles generally been parked?
Various locations in public car parks around Greenway as well as local suburban streets; evenone reported at cricket practice in Conder.
Patrols required to identify problem of illegal parking in Clem Hill Street, Gordon.
Matter to be raised with Parking Operations and suitable signage required and to be enforced.
A report was detailed on recent vehicle damage and the outcome of police response and experiencewith an insurance claim. Relevant reference was made to the Neighbourhood Watch program, whichwas supported by Sergeant Anderson, who stressed the importance of reporting any such incidents.
Query regarding the law regarding the parking of heavy vehicles in suburban streets.Sergeant Anderson provided suitable responses .and advice on all issues raised.
Update from Local Members:
Darryl invited the local Members in attendance, namely Brendan Smyth and Steve Doszpot (both CanberraLiberals) to provide a brief report on current activities and issues of interest in the political arena.Mr Smyth provided a summary of items relating to the Tuggeranong Valley in the ACT Budget announcedearlier today, including:
Funding allocated for various local infrastructure items, including major capital works;
Reference made to excessive spending of current ACT Government with related background details;
Impact of overall increases in several areas of household and general cost of living expenses.Query was raised on the proposed new “change of use” charge to be imposed regarding certain propertydevelopment activities and a suitable explanation was provided by Mr Smyth.

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