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Ben Greenfield Podcast 128

Ben Greenfield Podcast 128

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Published by bengreenfield
Listen to this podcast http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/01/episode-128-he-healed-his-moms-cancer-using-diet-nutrition-detox-and-heson-this-audio-episode/
Listen to this podcast http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/01/episode-128-he-healed-his-moms-cancer-using-diet-nutrition-detox-and-heson-this-audio-episode/

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Published by: bengreenfield on Jun 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Podcast #128 fromhttp://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2011/01/episode-128-he-healed-his-moms-cancer-using-diet-nutrition-detox-and-hes-on-this-audio-episode/ Introduction: In this episode, a doctor who heals cancer with nutrition and detox,supplements to take before a fasted workout, body fat scaleaccuracy, how to fuel a bike ride to work, do electrical stimulationdevices work, what to do if you get too skinny when you exercise,advice for a vegan who’s doing 3 ironman triathlons in 1 week, toeat or not to eat before a workout, and how to be a triathlon coach.Hey, folks, Ben Greenfield here. I’m going to act as though I’m nottrying to hurry through today’s podcast because the snow is freshly falling outside and my snowshoes are leaning against the wall in thegarage completely unused. So, this is going to be a snowshoe day,snowshoeing is actually a great form of exercise, it can burn about800 calories an hour and it’s got this kind of relaxing vibe to it as you trump through the fresh white snow. It’s usually kind of quiet,anyways, nice time. So, we have today in this interview a doctornamed Dr. Josh Axe. I happen to use one of his cook books, his realfood diet cook book as a favorite standby in the kitchen. Love someof the stuff that he’s doing and I am going to be interviewing himnot only about this Exodus Health Center that he runs where he hasalternative methods of helping people heal from cancer but alsoabout what he does in his life as a Wellness Physician and how hedoes it. He’s also a triathlete himself, interesting guy. So, we’ve gotthat interview, we’ve got Q&A, so we’re going to go ahead and jumpright in to this week’s content fromBenGreenfieldFitness.com First of all, I’ve received many questions from many listeners in thepast about food allergies, how to test for food allergies, how to know if you have them and what exactly is the best way to find out if youshouldn’t be drinking things like cow’s milk or consuming dairy oreating wheat and gluten or even having things like eggs and soy? So, what I’ve done is I’ve finally taken matters into my own hands andactually made food allergy testing available directly from my  website and I’m going to put a link to that in show notes. It’s overat my websitepacificfit.netbut I’ve found a very good test that’sgoing to screen you not only for all the major food allergies but italso tests you for a lot of the common things that we tend to find inpeople who have nutritional malabsorption or problems withintestinal function going on, such as yeast infections, different typesof food intolerances, not just allergies, digestive hyperactivity,inflammatory bowel disease, chronic disease, thyromyalgia, eventhings like round worm, toxoplasma in the intestine, tapeworm.The list goes on and on, might even gross you out to even hear mesaying those types of things. But, ultimately this is kind of like the
gold standard screen to find out everything you’ve ever wanted toknow about your gut. So, I have put a link to that test in the show notes and it’s also over atpacificfit.netso be sure to check that out, brand new offering in terms of a way to really know what’s going on with your gut. The other special announcement for today is actually two special announcements; the first is that I will be speaking inSacramento, California, on the weekend of January 22
, that’s aSaturday evening and I’ve put a link to the details for that in theshow notes to this episode, Episode #128. And I’ve also included alink to the new Ben Greenfield Fitness Inner Circle, this weekend isthe webinar with Jessa and myself, we are running out of slotsinside the Inner Circle. It’s almost completely full but if you’re ableto get in sometime in the next couple of days, get in to the InnerCircle, 17 dollars and you’ll be able to access the monthly webinar with Jessa and I. The first one’s coming up this weekend, I’m goingto be giving away tons of tips on staying really kind of fit and trimand lean while you’re travelling and my wife’s going to be showing you some stuff you’d be basically crazy not to have around yourkitchen if you’re really serious about wanting to eat healthy. She’sgoing to be bringing out food substitutes and some of the tools thatshe uses, so check that out. I’ll put a link to the new Ben GreenfieldFitness Inner Circlein the show notes and let’s go ahead and moveon to this week’s listener Q and A.Listener Q&A Ben: Alright, folks, to get started, if you email me a question, then youprobably are scratching your head about why it may or may nothave been answered in this podcast and the reason is that I’m really not answering email questions anymore. To ask a question youmust go toBenGreenfieldFitness.comand leave your question thereon the Ask Ben form which is embedded in any of the show notes.So, if you go to Episode #128, today’s episode, and you scroll downto the Listener Q and A section, there’s an Ask Ben form right there.Now, the other way that you can ask me question is the way thatthis first listener did via Twitter by following Ben Greenfield andasking your question there.Chunky Bear Cub is the handle for twitter and he or she says: Do you think anything before a fasted morning workout and how doesit affect the fast? Well, there’s a few specific items that you could consider taking before a fasted workout and the reason we’re talking about fasted workout is, that’s come up a few times in previous episodes where Italked about getting up in the morning and doing anywhere from30 to 60 minutes of cardio on an empty stomach to really accelerate
fat burning. Well, there are definitely few things that you can do tohelp that process along. One would be caffeine and basically whatcaffeine can do is it assists with increase in the metabolism of circulating free fatty acids. So, its primary benefit during exercise iskind of the effect it has on free fatty acids metabolism. So, by having your body burn fatty acids as a fuel, it spares the use of carbohydrate and this is good when you’re out doing say amarathon because you’re going to be dipping into yourcarbohydrate stores just a little less actively, but it’s also good when you’re exercising on an empty stomach because it’ll help you tapinto your fatty acid stores just a little more actively. So, caffeine will be one thing you can do. I always, before my fasted exercise session,drink a cup of black coffee and that’s it, about 8 ounces of black coffee or so. I do mine in a French press and that’s the way that Iget my caffeine in. I don’t go swallow a bunch of Ephedra pills oranything like that, that’ll really get your heart rate raising and cando some nasty things to your blood pressure but a cup of coffee before a fasted morning workout works wonders in terms of helpingthat process along. The next thing would be amino acids. If you’rereally concerned about losing muscle, if you happen to be a slightperson to start with, if you’re fighting against trying to maintainenough muscle on your body, you don’t necessarily want to becannibalizing too much protein during an unfed cardio session. And while an aerobic 30 to 60 minute cardio session is pretty harmless when it comes to dipping into your protein storessignificantly or dipping into your soft tissue, in terms of your leanmuscles significantly, if you’re really concerned about that youcould actually take amino acids prior to a fasted workout. And while amino acids are fairly void in terms of calories, they doelevate the blood levels of your protein building blocks and they kind of send this message to your body not to be breaking down orgoing into a catabolic state during an unfed exercise session. Andamino acids typically come in like a powder or a capsule form, theone that I’d use is the essential amino acids from Bioletics, I’ll talk about it a little bit later in this podcast too, but like a powderedessential amino acid dropped into a glass of water. I would notrecommend putting it in your coffee but essential amino acids canhelp out quite a bit, if you’re concerned about lean musclecannibalization. In my case, when I lift weights I tend to put onmuscle very quickly so I don’t worry too much about the aminoacids before a fasted exercise session but it’s something to bear inmind if you’re that person who is really skinny and slight to start with and is a little bit worried about going into a catabolic state orcannibalizing lean muscle tissue. The next thing you could look into would be like a beta-alanine and beta-alanine really what thatis, is it helps increase the size of the blood vessels and it improvesthe delivery of nutrients into a muscle area by improving blood

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