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Enyo s Day Empowerment

Enyo s Day Empowerment

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Published by Makena Lei

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Published by: Makena Lei on Jun 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Enyovden (June 24) is a festival connected with the summer solstice.
Herbs gathered on 24th June (
) have stronger healing powers than those gathered on any other day of the year.
On Midsummer Day the sun was believed to end its journey towards summer and, after giving three jumps, to turn towards winter. There was a popular belief that the herbs gathered on the eve of Enyovdenhave stronger healing powers than those gathered on any other day of the year, so female herbalists andsorcerers roamed the woods and meadows that night to collect herbs. According to tradition, on Enyovdenchildren and adults roll in dewy fields and have a bath in rivers and brooks in the woods. The womentwine flowers and herbs into a wreath and everybody passes through it three times as a ritual for healthand fertility.The day of the nativity of St. John the Baptist, 24th June, is also known as Enyovden in the Bulgariantradition. There is a popular belief that on this day before the sun rises it spins round three times and thengoes back to face the advent of winter. This rotation causes a shift in time and space and opens up agateway to the world of magic.Some of the most popular Bulgarian rituals were performed exactly on Enyovden. A long time ago peopleused to go out at dawn to gather herbs which were then tied together into a bunch called ‘Enyova kitka’( Enyo’s bunch). Healing potions were being made out of that bunch. It was believed that from this dayon herbs gradually started to lose all their magical powers to heal.Many other Enyovden customs and traditions, like bathing in an ice-cold river and then jumping over  bonfires at midnight, were lost in the distant past. In some regions of Bulgaria, people still do that, but itis not a common ritual any more.If you have a secret wish and you want it to come true, rise before daylight, go out and step barefoot onthe fresh grass. Raise your eyes and take a look. If the moon is distinctly outlined against the clear nightsky, you will be happy and dearly loved throughout the year. If you see a cloud in the sky, examine itsshape carefully. Whatever it looks like, you will have to keep away from it. And don’t forget to pray toGod for health, happiness and prosperity for you and your family.The celebration of Enyo on June 24, known among the people as Enyovden, is one of the oldest traditionsstill preserved. People believe that the stars come down from heaven on the night of June 24
, and blessall herbs. Plants picked early in the morning the next day have magical power and can cure manydiseases. Also, you may walk on the dewy grass for health . This is done not only by those who claimthey are witches but by many people who have the time. On Enyovden, the skies open. This is not only asuperstition, my grandmother told me she has seen it - but I couldn't understand the descriptioncompletely. Anyway, if I stay awake on Midsummer Night, I might share the evidence. The truth is outthere, as they say.Enyovden (Enyo’s Day) is a custom connected with the nature’s bloom. This is the longest day in theyear. The sun rises very early in the morning and everyone should turn in the sunlight and observe hissateen. If the whole of the sateen reflects the light, the person will be healthy all year, but if only part of the sateen reflects the light, illness will befall the person. There is a popular belief that on this day beforethe sun rises it spins round three times and then goes back to face the advent of winter. This rotationcauses a shift in time and space and opens up a gateway to the world of magic..
 Enyo’s bunches
It is believed that on this day all herbs lose their curative qualities but the night before Enyov Day is thetime when they are most healing. The herbs collected that night are thought to be the best medicine for every conceivable illness.It is also believed that on Enyov Den the sun and all illnesses bathe in the lake with the life–giving water.After that they are wiped dry in the grass so in the morning the meadows and trees are all dewy. TheBulgarian folklore tells us about the existence of seventy-seven and a half illnesses. Seventy-seven painscan be cured with herbs but there isn’t any medicine for the half illness. So every year on Enyov Day, people close their eyes and pick a blade of grass which they divide into two having in mind this half illness. The most important herbs are Enyovka, Enyovche, Primrose, Black thorn, Common balm,Autumn bells and etc.Another popular belief is that St Enyo brings luck to the maidens. On the eve of the celebration the lassesthat are to be married soon collect the flower of Enyo, make bunches and put them under their pillows. Inthe morning they stick the bunches in their hair and believe that they will marry the first man they see.It was also believed that the diseases in the world were seventy-seven and a half, and that there werecures for all 77 of them, but no cure for the remaining half. Collecting the herbs known to them, thewomen
would close their eyes and gropingly pick some spray which would be used throughout the year to hopefully cure the incurable disease. The so-called wheat-thieving sorcerers also came out onMidsummer's Eve to take away the fertility from other people's fields and carry it into their own, or tosteal a village's fertility and plant it into another. A robbed field would be recognized by its long butempty ears. A sorcerer's field would naturally be full-eared.According to the people, the beginning of the winter starts on St. Enyo's day. It is believed that in themorning of the day, when the sun rises, it "plays" and "trembles", and who sees it will be healthy throughthe whole year.It is thought that on the day preceding St. Enyo's, day the herbs gain an extra healing power, whichdisappears when the sun rises. So, on this day, before the rising of the sun, the healers and the witches goto gather herbs, which are used for healing and witchcraft later. Many other people, mainly women, aredoing the same thing too. From the gathered herbs, mainly containing goose-grass, people made Enjov'swreaths, which are tied with red thread. In some regions people make as many wreaths as are the
members of their family and put them outside during the night. The Enyov's wreaths are hung in thehouses of the people. They heal sick people with their healing power during the year.With the gathered herbs people make a big wreath, under which they all pass by for health. It is preservedand used for healing during the year. These herbs are used for healing childless women, chasing away evilspirits, doing magic for love and hatred, etc. There is a belief that blue flame goes through the Earth at St.Enyo's Day at the place where a treasure is buried.
Use of the attunements
Activate by saying or thinking, “Enyo’s Day Healing” with the intention of activating the energies. Your intention is more important than the words you use. For example, if you forget the name of shakti butintend for activation, it will. You can use energy any time you want. My recommendation is to use Enyo’sDay Healing energy every time you gather herbs, drink herbal tea or use medicines made from an herbal base. Also, if you need to use it but have none at hand. It will be active for about 20 –30 minutes or more.
The Attunement
PREPARATION FOR ATTUNEMENT: For carrying out of attunement, about 30 to 50 minutes arerequired. Energy increases during attunement. Do not be surprised by this.During attunement, you sit or lay in the weakened quiet condition and receive various sensations.You can observe any changes in your body, in hands, legs, or head. It can be warm, heat, fluctuationsaround the body, color visions, touches of invisible essences. Everyone receives various sensations duringthe process for energy. Ninety-nine people test all these sensations. Irrespective of whether you feel that or not, all of you will equally accept attunement and sensationsduring attunement appear as a fine gift for you.It is desirable to be alone during attunement, or there, where to you will not disturbed.Attunement can start with following applications:“God, higher self, St. John the Baptist and all beings that have my highest good in mind and heart and thatwork with me for health and healing, please see that these attunements are of the highest and purestquality and that they are as affective as humanly and divinely possible. Please send any angels, gods,masters, energies or beings needed to activate and maintain this system. Please have all healing forces,energies, intelligences and beings including, but not limited to, the higher self, God, any guides, masters,angels or other being that work with humans for healing, any healing energy and healing energy system(s)(Reiki, etc.), all healing symbols, mantras, as well as anything found in nature such as the energy of anyherb, crystal, mineral, flower, the five elements, lights, color, sounds and homeopathic remedies,vitamins, enzymes, proteins, etc. work through this Enyo’s Day Healing System. Please make sure thatall beings, energies and thought and emotional forms of a lower nature that might cause any harm are keptout of this system. Thank you.”
How to pass an attunement:
"I ask that my Higher Self, Enyo’s Healing frequency and St. John the Baptist that (person’s name) has been attuned to the energy of Enyo’s Healing System in ... (Hours) (date) in (location) with power,intensity and duration which he/she can endure and for highest and optimal good without harming anyoneand without conflict with anyone’s Higher Will”.The attunement will begin during designated time, can hardly earlier.

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