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Billy Meier - Types of Music and Effect on People

Billy Meier - Types of Music and Effect on People

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Published by lansel3478071
Billy Meier talks with his alien friend about types of music and their effect on people
Billy Meier talks with his alien friend about types of music and their effect on people

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Published by: lansel3478071 on Jun 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All the quoted sentences can be found at http://futureofmankind.co.uk These are excerpts from Billy Meier's Contact Reports where Billy and his alien friendtalking about how music affect people.Contact 248Billy:When I observe people and hear the music that they listen to, I constantly determine that people so much resemble the music that they take in.Ptaah:21. This has been a well-known fact to us for tens of thousands of years:22. People always arrange music according to their evolutionary insight and cognition, aswell as according to the corresponding feelings and thoughts, ethics and consciousness,and so therefore, according to the character of the personality.23. In addition, it is to be frighteningly noted with the people of the Earth that they makeso-called music that truly has nothing at all to do with music and that influences the psyche and the consciousness so destructively that the worst disharmony arises.24. But this so-called music is the reflected likeness of those who produce or listen to it,whose psyche is agitated and destroyed and whose evolution is frighteningly stagnated, inthat these people are hostile to life and incapable of sustaining their own lives, and theystroll along the path of massive destruction.25. This music, which is nothing more than a screaming disharmony, emits the worstdestruction, contempt for mankind, contempt for Creation, the will for destruction, andthe disregard for human rights and the rights of life.26. This, in contrast to truly harmonious music, which develops the psyche and evolution,which is affirmed in a life of respect for human beings and respect for other life forms, incompliance with the life-promoting laws and commandments.Contact Report 230Billy... Tell me, what do you make of the bad music which is manifestly beginning to gain afirm footing on the Earth?Quetzal435. That is an extremely regrettable matter because, as I know from a look into thefuture, now the time is coming in which many kinds of evil become evident.
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436. Worldwide, more and more parents become depraved, who sexually abuse their children, drive them into prostitution, rent them out for this purpose and sell them for child-pornography, and so forth, whereby terrible torment will be inflicted on them andthey will even be murdered. 437. In addition to that, in the coming time, more and morechildren will commit suicide, whereby the suicide rate will climb inexorably.438. Harmonic music will be extensively displaced in the future by unbelievablydisharmonic noise which will be labeled a modern music trend.439. From that, a complete disharmony will come about, by which innumerable peoplewill be seized, and indeed youngsters, teenagers and adults.440. In the future, monstrously big, disharmonious noise-installations of this kind willtake place everywhere, whereby all decency and all feelings of self-worth will betrampled underfoot many times over.441. Many will become criminals in order to indulge these undignified actions and alsodrug addiction, and the related criminality will climb immeasurably worldwide just asmuch as unemployment, and prostitution, which will be shamelessly publicly advertisedin the press and on television.442. All that will occur, next to which porno-prostitution will become an officiallyrecognized industry and will be taxed in the same way as public prostitution.Contact Report 223 - music type and genre corresponds to person's character Billy:You, as well as Ptaah and Semjase, once played the strange humming sounds of the Earthto me through your apparatuses, which I can’t perceive in nature, unfortunately, becausemy hearing senses aren’t so sensitive that I could hear these sounds, which should verywell be possible for other people, however, as you’ve explained. The sources of thesesounds are very diverse, as your cognition yields, and these or similar sounds should,according to your information, also appear on other worlds as well as on asteroids,comets, meteors, suns, and dark clouds, as well as with cosmic nebulae and even in every black hole, etc., so not only on Earth. All electromagnetic waves, as well as the northernlights and solar winds, etc., belong to these sound sources. You named the sounds“Symphony of the Earth” or “Symphony of the Planets” as well as “Symphony of Space,” which is also entirely incorporated into these sounds, like also the atmospheres of  planets and suns and even all material and immaterial things of every kind, concerningwhich you’ve spoken of a “Symphony of the Spheres.” This symphony, i.e. these sounds,are, so far, still unknown to the earthly scientists in particular and to the people in general,other than just the exceptions to the rule, even those people who perceive these hummingsounds, i.e. “Symphony of the Earth,” and who are of the opinion that something isn’tright in their heads, and thus, not that real things are going to and fro. Can you once againofficially explain what it actually concerns with these humming sounds, if it shouldn’tremain a secret?
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Quetzal:3. It does not have to remain a secret because in about 10 to 15 years, a portion of theearthly sciences should also encounter these things.4. Moreover, it concerns the fact that every planet, every comet, every larger asteroid,meteor, and every sun, as well as the nebulae and clouds in space and space itself, as wellas every black hole and all material and immaterial things existing at all produce certaintones and sounds, which we, as you said, actually call Symphony.5. Within the entire realm of the Creation or of the Universe, nothing exists that wouldnot be incorporated into these symphonies, so therefore, all material and immaterialthings vibrationally generate certain tones and sounds and even symphonies, whichusually cannot be perceived by the human ear because these move in too low or too highfrequencies for this.6. Only through abnormal, degenerative, physiological changes can these sounds or symphonies be perceived by human life forms, whereby these then become effective inan extremely consciousness-impairing, nerve-racking, and psyche-damaging manner.7. The frequencies of these symphonies or sounds reach into all levels, so thus, the lowestsounds, like humming sounds, as you say, are given as well as the highest whirringsounds and shimmering sounds, etc.8. As the frequencies are virtually countless in their number, these are also the sources othe sound symphonies, for these relate to all that exists of the material and immaterial.9. Thus, if one starts from the Earth, then these sound sources are, for example, thewaters, in terms of the deep sea movements as well as the movements of the waters of thelakes, rivers, streams, creeks, and springs.10. Even the roar of the waves, the small and mighty storms, the tectonic movements of the Earth’s interior, the bubbling of magma in the Earth, and the eruptions of thevolcanoes belong to these, as well as the rain, hail, and the various layers of theatmosphere, which rub against each other, as well as the winds against the trees, grasses,flowers, houses, mountains, sand dunes and deserts, steppes, icebergs, glaciers, andsurfaces of ice, as well as against windmills, wind turbines, ships, aircraft, rockets,missiles, and vehicles of all types, against land surfaces and everything else thatmaterially exists.11. Also to be noted are the voices and sounds of humans and animals, insects, birds, andfish and any other water creatures.12. All sounds together form the actual “Symphony of the Planet,” as we call it.13. And as this happens in the purely material realm, so this also happens in anyimmaterial sphere in the entire Universe, each of which also produces its own symphony,like also fog flowing on the Earth or nebulae existing in space and all other formationsthat are absolutely impossible to cite in their number because everything is soimmeasurable that it could neither be grasped by purely human understanding nor bytechnological possibilities of any kind.Contact Report 239
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