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SAC Minutes March 16 2011

SAC Minutes March 16 2011

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Published by: Staff Advisory Council at DU on Jun 24, 2011
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STAFF ADVISORY COUNCILMeeting March 16, 2011
Executive Committee Nicky Bruckhart, President,nbruckha@du.edu, x14241Saskia Sawyer, Vice President,Saskia.sawyer@du.edu, x12704Sarah Childs, Treasurer,Sarah.Childs@du.edu, x13501Kate Johnson, Webmaster,kate.johnson@du.edu, x16515Christa Bruning, Secretary,Christa.Bruning@du.edu, x13170Members in attendance:Kathy Aliaga, FacilitiesAshley Beaudry, The Women¶s College Nicky Bruckhart, Athletics and RecreationChrista Bruning, University CommunicationsSarah Childs, Human ResourcesLisa Cox, Institutional Compliance and Internal AuditsLinda Daubers, Graduate School of Social Work Kris DeForest, Arts, Humanities and Social SciencesAnne Gross, AdmissionBecky Gonzalez, Bursar¶s OfficeCheryl Jackson, Morgridge College of EducationKate Johnson, University CommunicationsGayle Keahey, Law SchoolMark Kintgen, Penrose LibraryTina Miller, University CollegeMarty Neary, DU BookstoreSherry Newhouse, NSM/SECSArianna Nowakowski, AHSS/Languages and LiteratureSamara Rasmussen, Graduate School of Professional PsychologySaskia Sawyer, University AdvancementKay Schneider, Institutional ResearchThe meeting was called to order.1.
Introduction of the Council Members.2.
Guest speaker: Chancellor Coombe
Staff Morale Survey
: Per July 2010 meeting: Senior Administrator¶s opinion and Staff perception regarding staff morale differences were discussed in our July 2010 meeting. There seems to be a communication break-down from top to bottom and vice versa as to if this was an issue. Chancellor acknowledged that this needed to be addressed. With the new Human Resource engagementsurvey coming out will the results be made public to the faculty and staff? Also, what will be the
 plan to improve morale if needed and make sure Senior Administration and Staff are on the same page regarding the survey findings and action needed to be taken going forward?
: Per December 2010 meeting: A question was raised if there could be a central location for suggestions on how to improve DU as a workplace. Would this be possible? Could SAC handlethis? Would a box of suggestions be something that would be supported by the Chancellor?A: HR will be sending out the survey soon.
Structure, Financial Aid Review, Ratings
: A question was brought to SAC¶s attention that both the Faculty Senate as well as the major Student groups (undergrad, graduate & law) has the opportunity to report directly to the Board of Trustees. Currently, SAC does not report any staff items to the Board of Trustees. Would this besomething that the Chancellor would perceive as being valuable for the Board as well as SAC toreport staff items an updates to the Board?A: The Chancellor does not have a problem with that at all. Students do that and so doesfaculty. He is happy to recommend it to the Board. Nicky asked how to present to theBoard and would like to ask other groups what has been done in the past. The Chancellor suggested talking to Don McCubbrey and the Faculty Senate for recommendations. Talk about key things you want them to know. SAC will have about 5 minutes of time.
: We keep hearing about extra aid money for students but University College students seem to be left out. I know our tuition is less than the DU campus but with so many students either unemployed or underemployed our tuition is still a lot of money to them. Any chance of UCOLstudents being eligible for some of these funds?A: Extra aid money has principally been for undergrads and some for grad students. Thequestion has been raised in the past but it is discounted heavily already and is a tad lower than half the regular tuition. The likely hood of this happening is small because rates arealready lower.
: What can DU change to become one of the top 12 or even 20 schools in the nation?A: The Chancellor would put our undergrad programs up against anyone¶s right now eventhough we¶re not reflected in the top 12 or 20. In part it is due to a visibility problem, not being on the east or west coast. It is also driven by research and our research establishmentis tiny in comparison to other schools. For example, ours is $21 million and CU¶s is $600million. We measure quality by kinds of undergrad and grad students we have and theimpact of research.
: Do all the deans on the DU campus have a PHD?A: No, all but one, Christopher Hill. He is perceived by many as one of the top two or threeU.S. diplomats. It¶s more about administrative leadership and being in a position of leadingthe faculty and staff in the unit and is reflective of kinds of things we want to train studentsfor.
loyee recognition, Merit, Benefits
: Per July 2010 meeting: SAC would like to push for more acknowledgment of employee¶syears of service. Who do we need to ask / work with to make this happen at this year¶s Staff Picnic?
: Staff would appreciate other forms of recognitions, such as additional time off, small financial bonuses, etc. The small amount of merit increase does not encourage employees to go ³the extramile´. What is the Chancellor¶s view on this and what can be done to address this? How canSAC help to push make a change?A: Yes, it would be ok to recognize employees years of service with separate events for certain lengths of time, 10, 20, 30 years, etc. Cathy Grieve would be the person to contactconcerning recognition events.
: Per December 2010 meeting: Chancellor acknowledged the need for more opportunities for  promotions. What has been done to advance this? Is this something that SAC can help encourageor promote?A: Nothing has been done. There needs to be more leverage for promotional ladder. Itworks and rewards people for real accomplishments. It should not be done in merit butthere needs to be more rungs added and needs to be implanted on the staff side as well (asopposed to only faculty). It has been suggested to senior staff but no proposals have beenturned in yet. Perhaps it should be approached by thinking about titles and a salary bump.This is financially more manageable by DU. SAC can communicate to senior staff, viaCraig Woody, that they are willing to help with this. Talking with Amy King in HR isalso a good starting point. Other types of recognition were bonuses that happened duringmerit. The Chancellor believes that people were reasonably unaware of the bonus poolduring the merit process.
: Staff is still concerned about merit increases. It seems like the University does not feel it isnecessary to adjust pay for inflation and cost of living increase, which, on the other hand,employees expect as it is a common practice outside of DU. It has been brought to our attentionthat staff is feeling like they have gotten a pay decrease over the last two years, when factoring incost of living increase, inflation. What is DU doing to address this?A: The Chancellor is against cost of living raises because they cannot be planned for theUniversity and we have to be able to see into the future.
: Per December 2010 meeting: Chancellor was not opposed to expand tuition waiver to includenot-for-credit courses, enrichment courses. What does SAC need to do to push this forward?A: SAC should talk with the Provost as he makes the operating budget for DU.
: Rumor has it, that the ECO pass will not be accepted by Denver transit starting next year. Isthis correct? If yes, what will DU offer in place of it?

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