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2011 National Figure Championship Schedule - REVISED July 12, 2011

2011 National Figure Championship Schedule - REVISED July 12, 2011

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Published by Mary Wehmeier
REVISED July 12, 2011: USARS 2011 National Figure Championship Schedule: July 24, 2011 to August 07, 2011 - Fort Wayne, Indiana
REVISED July 12, 2011: USARS 2011 National Figure Championship Schedule: July 24, 2011 to August 07, 2011 - Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Mary Wehmeier on Jun 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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USA ROLLER SPORTS 2011 NATIONAL FIGURE CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULE(as of 6/24/2011 - subject to change)Saturday, July 23, 2011
 Evening sessions for Certification and testing will be offered for the following:CIPA Judges Testing Meet Director CertificationCIPA Referee Testing Tabulator Certification
Sunday, July 24, 2011
6:00 AM
 Doors Open -YOUTH PRACTICE #1 Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3Panel 4Panel 5
6:15 AM
 Elem C GirlsFr/So C WomFr/So CPrimaryFiguresFiguresMen C / LBoys C / L
6:30 AM
 Juv B Boys Elem C BoysElem BFr/So BFiguresFiguresGirls C / LWomen C / L
6:45 AM
 Juv B Girls Fr/So B WomFr/So BElem BFiguresFiguresMen C / LBoys C / L
7:00 AM
 Elem B GirlsFr/So C MenFr/So CPrimaryFiguresFiguresWomen C / LGirls C / L
7:15 AM
 Elem B BoysFr/So B MenAdvanceFiguresFiguresLoops
7:30 AM
 Elem CElem Girls C / LBoys C / L
7:45 AM
 Juv BJuv BGirls C / LBoys C / L
8:00 AM
Open A Inline Creative Solo Free Dance
8:15 AM
 Juvenile A Solo Dance
8:30 AM
 Elementary A Solo Dance
8:45 AM
 Juvenile/Elementary A Pairs
9:00 AM
Freshman/Sophomore A Pairs
9:15 AM
 Juvenile A Team Dance
9:30 AM
 Elementary A Team Dance
9:45 AM
Freshman A Team Dance
10:00 AM
Sophomore A Team Dance
10:15 AM
Primary Boys Freeskating
10:30 AM
Primary Girls Freeskating
10:45 AM
 Juvenile A Girls Freeskating
11:00 AM
 Juvenile/Elementary A Boys Freeskating
11:15 AM
 Elementary A Girls Freeskating
11:30 AM
Freshman/Sophomore A Mens Freeskating
11:45 AM
Freshman A Girls Freeskating
12:00 PM
Sophomore A Women Freeskating
12:15 PM
Freshman Inline Boys/Girls Freeskating
12:30 PM
Open A Creative Solo Free Dance
12:50 PM
 Elementary A Creative Solo Free Dance
1:10 PM
 International Youth Solo Dance
1:30 PM
Primary Solo Dance
1:45 PM
Freshman A Solo Dance
2:00 PM
Sophomore A Solo Dance
2:15 PM
 International Solo Free Dance
2:35 PM
3:15 PM
3:30 PMJuvenile A Solo Dance Elimination5:30 PMElementary A Solo Dance Elimination6:45 PMPrimary Boys Freeskating Elimination7:45 PMPrimary Girls Freeskating Elimination9:15 PMInternational Youth Solo Dance Final*10:45 PMFreshman Inline Boys/Girls Freeskating Final*11:15 PMAwards -
Clear Building
 Monday, July 25, 2011
6:15 AM
 Doors Open
6:30 AMFreshman A Solo Dance Elimination
 Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3Panel 4Panel 5
7:45 AMElem C GirlsFr/So C WomFr/So C MenPrimary BoysFigure ElimFigure ElimC/L Final*C/L Final* 8:45 AMElem B GirlsC / L Final *9:45 AMJuv B Boys Fr/So C MenJuv B GirlsFr/So B WomFigure ElimFigure Final*C/L ElimC/L Elim10:45 AMElem C GirlsC/L Elim11:30 AMAwards11:45 AMPrimary Solo Dance Elimination12:45 PMSophomore A Women Freeskating Elimination2:15 PMOpen A Inline Creative Solo Free Dance Final*2:45 PMJuvenile A Girls Freeskating Elimination4:15 PMJuvenile/Elementary A Boys Freeskating Final*5:15 PMAwards -
Clear Building
6:30 PM
 Doors Open
6:30 PMPrimary Boys Freeskating Final7:00 PMPrimary Girls Freeskating Final7:45 PMJuvenile A Solo Dance Final8:30 PMAwards8:45 PMElementary A Team Dance Final*9:15 PMFreshman/Sophomore A Pairs Final*9:30 PMAwards9:45 PMFreshman/Sophomore A Mens Freeskating Final*10:15 PMInternational Solo Free Dance Final*11:30 PMAwards - Clear Building
Tuesday, July 26, 2011
6:00 AM
 Doors Open
6:15 AMElementary A Girls Freeskating Elimination
 Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3Panel 4Panel 5
7:45 AMJuv B Girls Fr/So B WomFr/So B MenJuv B BoysFigure ElimFigure ElimC/L Final*C/L Final *Elem B BoysC / L Final*9:45 AMElem B GirlsElem C BoysFr/So C WomPrimary GirlsFigure ElimFigure Final*C/L ElimC/L Elim11:45 AMAwards12:00 PMSophomore A Solo Dance Elimination1:30 PMFreshman A Girls Freeskating Elimination2:45 PMElementary A Creative Solo Free Dance Final*4:45 PMFreshman A Team Dance Final*5:15 PMAwards -
Clear Building
6:15 PM
 Doors Open
6:30 PMPrimary Solo Dance Final7:00 PMElementary A Solo Dance Final7:45 PMJuvenile A Girls Freeskating Final8:30 PMAwards8:45 PMSophomore A Women Freeskating Final9:15 PMOpen A Creative Solo Free Dance Final*10:45 PMFreshman A Solo Dance Final11:30 PMAwards -
Clear Building
Wednesday, July 27, 2011
6:00 AM
 Doors Open
6:15 AMJuvenile/Elementary A Pairs Final*
 Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3Panel 4Panel 5
6:45 AMElem C GirlsFr/So C WomJuv B GirlsFr/So B Wom
Fig FinalFig FinalC/L FinalC/L Final7:45 AMJuv B BoysElem B BoysElem B GirlsPrim GirlsFig FinalFig Final*C/L FinalC/L Final8:45 AMElem B GirlsFr/So B MenFr/So C WomElem C BoysFig FinalFig Final*C/L FinalC / L Final* 9:45 AMJuv B GirlsFr/So B WomElem C GirlsJuv B BoysFig FinalFig FinalC/L FinalC/L Final10:15 AMAdvanced Co-edLoop Final*10:45 AMAwards11:15 AMJuvenile A Team Dance Final*12:15 PMSophomore A Team Dance Final*1:15 PMAwards1:30 PMElementary A Girls Freeskating Final2:15 PMFreshman A Girls Freeskating Final2:45 PMSophomore A Solo Dance Final3:45 PMAwards -
Clear Building
4:30 PM
 Doors Open -YOUTH PRACTICE #2 Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3Panel 4
4:45 PM
Primary GirlsElem A GirlsFresh A GirlsFiguresFiguresLoops
5:00 PM
 Juv A GirlsSoph A WomenFiguresLoops
5:15 PM
Primary Boys Elem A BoysJuv A BoysFiguresFiguresLoops
5:30 PM
Fr/So A MenElem A GirlsFiguresLoops
5:45 PM
Fresh A GirlsJuv A GirlsFiguresLoops
6:00 PM
Soph A WomElem A BoysFiguresLoops
6:15 PM
 Juv A BoysFr/So A MenFiguresLoops
6:30 PM
Freshman/Sophomore B Womens Freeskating
6:50 PM
 Juvenile/Elementary B Boys Freeskating
7:05 PM
 Juvenile/Elementary B Girls Freeskating
7:25 PM
Freshman/Sophomore B Team Dance
7:45 PM
 Juvenile/Elementary B Team Dance
8:00 PM
 Elementary B Pairs
8:15 PM
Open B Creative Solo Free Dance
8:35 PM
 Elementary B Solo Dance
8:55 PM
 Juvenile/Elementary C Boys Freeskating
9:10 PM
 Juvenile/Elementary C Girls Freeskating
9:30 PM
Freshman/Sophomore B Mens Freeskating
9:45 PM
Freshman/Sophomore B Solo Dance
10:05 PM
Freshman/Sophomore C Solo Dance
10:25 PM
Freshman/Sophomore B Pairs
10:40 PM
Freshman/Sophomore C Mens Freeskating
10:55 PM
Freshman/Sophomore C Womens Freeskating
11:15 PM
Clear Building -
Thursday, July 28, 2011
6:00 AM
 Doors Open
6:15 AMFreshman/Sophomore B Womens Freeskating Elimination7:45 AMJuvenile/Elementary C Girls Freeskating Elimination
 Panel 1Panel 2Panel 3Panel 4
9:15 AMPrimary GirlsJuv A GirlsElem A GirlsFresh A GirlsFigure ElimFigure ElimFigure ElimLoop Final *10:15 AMSoph A WomenLoop Elim11:15 AMSoph A WomFr/So A MenFresh A GirlsElem A GirlsFigure ElimFigure ElimFigure ElimLoop Elim

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