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Rapid Clone

Rapid Clone

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Published by rgulgam
rapid clone
rapid clone

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Book
Published by: rgulgam on Jun 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Southwest Regional Oracle Applications Users Group
SROAUG 2007 Conferences
The SROAUG Board invites our members to joinus at three scheduled local conferences in 2007.Our first full day conference will be held onFriday, March 23
at the Crown Plaza, LosAngeles at LAX. This conference will be anextensive exploration of Oracle Release 12.We have selected July 13
and October 12
asthe dates for our two conferences later in 2007.
SROAUG In Las Vegas at Collaborate ‘07
Board members will be available at Collaborate’07 to meet with SROAUG members and potentialmembers to learn how we can provide betterservice to the user community. Please meetwith us at your convenience at one or more ofthe following times:Monday, April 16
6:00-8:00 PMTuesday, April 17
11:45-1:00 PMWednesday, April 18
11:45-1:00 PMSROAUG will be awarded an OAUG Geo/SIGCertificate of Distinction at Collaborate ‘07 forits support of the OAUG mission to provide aforum for the sharing of information andfostering education and training programs formembers during 2006
Invitation to Share Your Oracle Experience
The SROAUG Board invites you to share yourOracle knowledge and experience. Pleaseconsider submitting an article, tip or trick thatwould be of interest to other Oracle users forpublication in a future newsletter. Bothtechnical and functional topics are welcome.Submissions may be sent to:
umamaniac@hotmail.com ordebemmett@aol.com 
Board of Directors Update
SROUAG Board of Directors
Position Name e-Mail Address
Chairperson/Financial Director/Treasurer BrandonBehrstockbbgoto@yahoo.comVice Chairperson Basheer Khanbk@innowavetech.com Secretary SandraVucinicsandrav@vladgroup.com Membership Director Samir Sachdevssachdev@mwdh2o.com CommunicationsDirector SandraVucinicsandrav@vladgroup.com Website Director James Lui jlui@intelligencia.com Newsletter Director DeborahEmmettdebemmett@aol.comNewsletter Director Uma Maniumamaniac@hotmail.com Meeting Director Les Sakailsakai@helio.com Vendor/SponsorshipDirector Sid Patkisid@sycamoresol.com Vendor/SponsorshipDirector CharltonWangCharlton@twindragonmarketing.com Presentation Director Mike Adamsmike.adams@innowavetech.comPresentation Director Les Sakailsakai@helio.com Parliamentarian LisaPalermolisa@peopleroa.com Oracle Liaison Jennifer HustonJennifer.huston@oracle.com Oracle Liaison MichaelBarrettemichael.barrette@Oracle.com
March 2007Volume 14, Issue 1
By Deborah Emmett, Newsletter Director
Inside This Issue
BOD Update 1SROAUG Board of Directors 1Rapid Clone – Advanced Techniques,Tips and Tricks for 11i environmentcloning2Oracle Safety Stock: The DecoderRing (Updated)8
Page 2 SROAUG News
Rapid Clone – Advanced Techniques, Tips and Tricks for 11ienvironment cloning
Sandra Vucinic, VLAD Group, Inc., email:sandrav@vladgroup.com 
11i Cloning overview and available methods
Cloning is the process of creating an identical copy of an already existing Oracle Applications system.There are various reasons for cloning an Oracle Applications system such as:
Creating a copy of the production system for testing updates.
Migrating an existing system to new hardware.
Creating a stage area to reduce patching downtime.To clone an 11i Oracle Applications EBS environment there are various available cloning methods:
Cloning using AD Clone utility (adclone.pl).
Cloning using Rapid Clone.
Custom cloning methods.
Automated tools.Most widely used method for 11i EBS system cloning is Rapid Clone. This method has been developed andsupported by Oracle Corporation.
Rapid Clone review
Rapid Clone is a new cloning utility introduced in Oracle EBS 11i Release 11.5.8. Rapid Clone utilityleverages the new installation and configuration technology utilized by Rapid Install.To determine if Oracle 11i EBS system is Rapid Clone enabled DBA needs to first verify that Oracle11i EBSsystem is AutoConfig enabled. It is also an imperative to review Rapid Clone prerequisite steps and toapply the latest Rapid Clone and AutoConfig Template patches provided by Oracle. Oracle developmentteam very frequently releases AutoConfig and Rapid Clone patches. Please assure your Source system(applications system being cloned) is updated with the latest patches prior to starting the cloningprocess.The following are high level Rapid Clone steps:Please note the Source system is an applications system being cloned and target system is an applicationssystem being created as a copy of the source system.Rapid Clone utility creates template files for cloning on the source system. After the source system iscopied to the target, Rapid Clone updates these templates to contain the new target systemconfiguration settings. Please note the Rapid Clone will not change the source system configuration.
Verify prerequisites.
Before cloning, prepare the source system by applying any required patchesand running AutoConfig.
Prepare Source System (database and apps).
Copy Source System to Target System.
Page 3 SROAUG News
Configure Target System.
Complete finishing tasks.
Verify prerequisites
phase of Rapid Clone DBAs needs to complete the following steps:
Verify source and target nodes software versions.
Apply the latest AutoConfig Template patch.
Apply the latest Rapid Clone patches.
Setup Rapid Clone on the Applications Tier.
Setup Rapid Clone on the Database Tier.
Maintain Snapshot information.In the
Prepare Source System
phase of the Rapid Clone process DBA runs “perl” commands onthe source database and applications tiers to gather specific configuration information of asource system. Please note the source environment is up and running and available for use while“perl” commands are running.In the
Copy Source System to Target System
phase of the Rapid Clone process DBA needs to
copy the application tier file system from the source applications system to the target node.Please note both database and application process needs to be shutdown in this step. Forenvironments on raw partitions or plan to use hot backup cloning for cloning DBA needs torecreate database control files manually and then use Rapid Clone to complete the remainingconfiguration steps on the target system (node).During the
Configure Target System
phase of the Rapid Clone process
DBA runs “perl”commands on the target database and applications tiers to configure specific values (SID, paths,ports, hosts, etc …) of a target system.DBA should complete the following steps during the
Finishing Tasks
phase of Rapid Cloneprocess:
Update profile options.
Update printer settings.
Update workflow configuration settings.
Verify the APPLCSF variable setting.
Update the SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN value in ICX_PARAMETERS.Each DBA should develop his or her own “cookbook” that contains post Rapid Clone tasks andsteps. In the Rapid Clone tips section of this paper some additional finishing tasks will beoutlined.Please note Rapid Clone method for EBS environment cloning is also applicable for cloningOracle Applications Release 12. This document focuses in steps, methods and Rapid Cloneprocess for Release 11i EBS.

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