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Planetary Music

Planetary Music

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Published by Natalia Paskevits

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: Natalia Paskevits on Jun 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Planetary Music & Dance: Tuning up the Human Instrument 
2006 James Jarvis, M.A.In cultures throughout the world, music has served as a reminder of ouessential oneness or unity with the universe. From Pythagoras of Samos, who believedthat the universe was one vast musical instrument, to the Chinese philosophers, whosaw that Kung, or the great tone, was forever present in nature, we have constantlysought ways in which to reunite with the collective sound of the universe. As HazratInayat Khan, the great Sufi mystic and musician, said: "he who knows the secret of sounds knows the mystery of the whole universe."Equally present in all world cultures is the healing and unifying power of danceand movement rituals. Dance has served us as a means for expressing our intrinsic lifeforces, as a celebration of rites of passage, and as a method of transcending "normal"states of consciousness. Regardless of the setting, whether it is a trance-like participation in a religious ceremony, a shuffle around the dance floor, or aspontaneous impulse to express our inner feelings through movement, there seems to be an universally irresistible quality to dance. Perhaps it is the rhythmic quality of dance that reminds us of our connection with the basic rhythm of life.Drums in particular have played a significant part in the music and dance of many cultures. The Buddha saw a correlation between the rhythms of the drum andthe pulse of the universe. He spoke of the "drum of immortality" that would ring outacross the whole world. The native American cultures of the southwest and the tribalcommunities of Africa all seem to lend support to this correlation through their use of drum rhythms and dances to promote rain, restore fertility, protect their villages and people from evil influences, and to heal sickness. Could it be then, that music anddance have served to "attune" the human energy field so that once tuned it begins toalign with the greater forces of the universe?
The Human Energy Field
It is well known to most of us by now that the "human energy field" iscomprised of seven major energy centres or chakras that are located along thecerebral-spinal axis. Each of these centres acts as a substation or transformer of the1
universal energy or prana that flows through the medulla at the base of the skull. Asthe prana descends through the five lower chakras it is transformed or modified fromit’s pure state. If the lower chakras are clear and free of negative impressions (trauma,suppression, etc.) then the prana is free to ascend back to the upper chakras leading tohigher states of consciousness.If the lower chakras are blocked, however, then the prana is blocked fromascending and these energetic blockages begin to manifest as "dis-ease" on mental,emotional and physical levels. In other words, if we have blockages in any of thechakras it means we have broken our "attune"-ment with universal life force energyon a subtle, or not so subtle, level. Since the chakras are energy centers that respond tovibration, one of the ways that we can come back into alignment or attunement isthrough the conscious use of music and dance.One of the tools that can help us in this journey is an understanding, through theuse of astrology, of the relationship between the chakras and the planets. In theastrological world each of the chakras is associated with or is governed by a different planet. On an energetic level the astrological chart is a map of not only the inter-relationship of the planets but a map of the inter-relationship and condition of thechakras. In essence, we have our own inner solar system that guides the evolution of our consciousness through the various chakra centres. By understanding the planetaryquality of each chakra we can use specific forms of music and dance to awaken andopen each chakra and energize ourselves.
Astrology of the Chakras
The first chakra, located at the base of the spine, is associated with the planetSaturn. Astrologically, Saturn represents our ability to ground ourselves so that wecan materialize our dreams. Not enough Saturn in our lives leaves us ungrounded andunable to support ourselves. For some, too little Saturn makes it hard to create a senseof strong boundaries and centre. Too much Saturn, however, and we can hold onto thematerial plane too much and resist change because of insecurity and fear. One of theways to heal the first chakra is through connecting with the energies of the earth .Walking barefoot, doing yoga and drumming are all ways of tuning into the lower frequencies of the first chakra. Drumming, in particular, is an effective way of 2
opening and awakening the first chakra. When we drum we often hold the drum between our legs which directly connects with the first chakra at the base of the spine.By tuning into the lower frequencies of the drum we not only energize ourselves butalso become more present and in our bodies.In his book, Through Music to the Self, Peter Michael Hamel explains that: "allof the gods... the gods of wind, of water, of fire and of war... have their own specialdrum signals; which are almost indistinguishable to the untrained ear." By attuningwith these impulses the shamans would then directly interpret and play back these oft-times, incredibly complex rhythms. The effect of the drums, then, would be to awakenthis magical consciousness in others. Drumming, whether by ourselves or in groups,is an incredible way to replicate this magical consciousness on a regular basis.The second chakra, governed by Jupiter, is located in the pelvic or genitalregion of the body. The second chakra has to do with issues of creativity and sexualityand how we channel our fundamental life force energy and emotions. Astrologically,Jupiter is the planet that represents how we expand our consciousness. If we grew upin a family that suppressed emotions or sexuality then this would directly impact thesecond chakra and our sense of expansiveness. If we suppress one area of the secondchakra, say sexuality, then all of the other areas;: our passion, creativity, expression of deep emotion, are affected as well. When the second chakra is open we are in touchwith our primal life force, or kundalini energy. This is the fundamentalelectromagnetic force that animates our bodies and when freely expressed createsmagnetism, passion, and true creativity in our lives.Unfortunately, much of our cultural and educational emphasis has been todownplay expression of the power, creativity and passion of the second chakra.Children, who are naturally spontaneous and expressive are taught to sit still, tocontrol themselves, to stifle their voices, to be civilized. Authentic movement andverbal expression is inhibited in favour of restricting and limited ways of being.As a result of this cultural adherence to rigidity, the body responds in a limitedrange of expression. Out of a possible two thousand movements that we are capable of we actually make use of only a few hundred! The key to awakening the energy of thesecond chakra, then, is to get our instinctual energy moving and open and expand the3

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