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The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3 Revelation - Walk Through & Strategy Guide - wWw.fishBoneGames

The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3 Revelation - Walk Through & Strategy Guide - wWw.fishBoneGames

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Published by amnessia

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Published by: amnessia on Jun 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Fall Trilogy Chapter 3: Revelation
Walkthrough & Strategy Guide
This is a Puzzle Adventure Game.
Click on the Menu (A) or Options (B) button to adjust the Voice, Music and Sound effects level.
There is a choice of Full Screen, Custom Cursor, or 360 degree free view in the menu options. 360degree free view is the default in Adventure Mode but can be changed.
There is an Easy button (C) you can use on some of the puzzles to make them easier and then aSkip button will appear if you still have difficulty.
You may choose between Casual and Adventure Mode.
In Casual Mode the Hint and skip button recharge faster and some scenes have added sparkles.
In Adventure Mode there are fewer sparkles to guide what to do and hints and skips take longer toload.
Hints can be obtained by clicking on the iris (C) in the bottom right.
Mini game instructions can be repeated by clicking on the “i” (D) in the lower right.
Click on the wind rose (E) to access a map.
Tsks to be completed can be viewed by clicking on the Task button in the bottom left.
There is a clue gauge above the tasks button that will give you graduated hints.
Click on the + sign on the clue gauge when it’s charged up and then click on the task you want helpon to get a clue.
After completing a task or puzzle wait for the dialogue on the lower right to stop before exiting thescene so that you know where to go next.
Some puzzles can be reset with the curved arrow (F) button.
Press the space bar or the left mouse button to skip a line of dialogue.
Click on Menu on the bottom left to exit the game.
Chapter 1 – The Patient
Watch the flashbacks.
Find the 20 canes.
Look close at the table (G) on the right and read the note (H).
Take the DOCTOR’S BAG (I) from the chair.
Head up the stairs and into the patients room on the left.

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