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54720250 Cain Common Sense Solutions

54720250 Cain Common Sense Solutions

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Published by Karl Abrahamson

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Published by: Karl Abrahamson on Jun 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Herman Cain
CeO, Bsss
COmmOn SenSe
tHe PeOPle’S PlatfOrm
Friends of Herman CainPO Box 2158Stockbridge, GA 30281(678) 601-2772
Paid for by Friends of Herman Cain
 Table of Contents
Introduction: We are America!1.Strengthen Our National Security2.Unleash Economic Growth3.Cut Government Spending4.Release Our Domestic Energy Resources5.Modernize Social Programs6.Fix the Immigration Problems7.Repeal & Replace Health Care “Deform”8.Redo Financial Regulatory “Deform”9.Eliminate Excessive Regulatory Burdens10. Unbundle Education11.Put “United” Back into USAConclusion: In God Is Our Trust
Introduction: We are America!
People are sick and tired o being sick and tired o politicianstalking about problems and not solving them. For decadesthe big three, Social Security, Medicare, the national debtand a long list o other problems have only gotten worse,while the politicians just keep on talking, making promises,and creating new problems.We know Social Security cannot be sustained as it iscurrently structured, so the political elites just keep talkingabout the problem. We know Medicare cannot be sustained,so the Obama administration cuts 500 billion dollars out o it and says they will make it up in efciencies. And insteado getting government out o the way to make healthcare more aordable and accessible, President Obamaand the Democrat-controlled Congress passed a hugenew bureaucracy that’s already making health care moreexpensive and less accessible.People want solutions. The solutions do not have to beperect, but they need to be moving in the right direction.Right now they are just getting worse.Many o our national problems have plenty o “low hangingruit” ideas to get us out o this national quagmire, butpolitics keeps getting in the way. There are plenty o goodideas about how to fx stu, but they never go anywhere.They get stuck in a congressional committee, stuck inanother proposed legislation, stuck in a compromise, or theyget stuck on stupid.The biggest barrier to solving many o our national problemsis lack o leadership. Leadership is not being the sharpestknie in the drawer. It is working on the right problem, askingthe right questions, and removing barriers to success (WAR).So instead o solving a specifc problem, both chamberso Congress will try to pass a “compromised bi-partisan”solution to any and everything that comes up as a problem,and we end up with another hal baked solution. And whenone political party controls both houses o Congress we willsometimes get a completely one sided solution instead o the right solution.The leadership or solving national problems the right waymust come rom the president. Indeed, the president needsthe input, cooperation and approval o both chamberso Congress, but 535 Members o Congress can’t leadby committee. The president has to lead. That’s how theFounders set it up.But i the president is more o a politician than a problemsolver, we end up with more hal baked or one sidedsolutions. We have not had a problem solving president inthe White House or decades, which is why our big problemshave only gotten worse, little by little.This booklet is about solutions, low hanging ruit solutions.They are not complicated to understand, but they aredifcult to get through the political bureaucracy. With aproblem solving president and an inspired public they canhappen. These ideas come rom people, other organizationsand yes, sometimes rom Members o Congress.That’s why we call this booklet “The People’s Platorm.” This iswhat the people want now. They want some common sense,and they are tired o waiting.America is an exceptional nation. It is exceptional becauseo its history o success, it’s resiliency through tough times,and the tenacity o the American people to keep Americastrong, independent, and ree. We reuse to let our problemsester any longer. We reuse to continue on this ast track tosocialism. We reuse to become the United States o Europe.
We are America!
“People are sick and tired of being sick and tired of politicians talking about problemsand not solving them.” 

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