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Letter Writing Tips

Letter Writing Tips

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Published by Dana Thompson
Top tips from The Letter Shop on how to write thoughtful letters with the right intent for your audience.
Top tips from The Letter Shop on how to write thoughtful letters with the right intent for your audience.

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Published by: Dana Thompson on Jun 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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15 Tips For Writing To Anyone
I'm including a general "how-to-tips" of good letter-writing, in case you'd like to give thisa go on your own. Sometimes the only person who can convey the right message, isyou. Don't lose credibility by losing touch with your audience.1.
The best time to write a letter is when something is fresh on your mind. Details andimportant parts of what you need to express are readily available.2.
The worst time to send the letter is just after you have written it. Seriously. Time is
of the essence. But sending a letter when you haven't had the time towalk away from it can be catastrophic. (Even a couple of hours can do thetrick.) I've done both the immediate approach, and the think-about-it, and it willalways come out better after you've had time to do something else between"draft" and "sent".3.
The most difficult thing to write about is your baby. If you are a parent of a child,you understand that you will be overly biased about your kid(s). We all do it. As abusiness owner, your business is your baby, so it is often the same biased thoughtprocess. If you can take the back seat on a letter to a customer defending your business, it's probably better. ;)4.
If you are heated about something, have a trusted source proofread your letter.When you are upset, you may repeat yourself, reiterate your frustration, or soundlike a broken record. (If you caught my repetition in triplicate here, good work. ;)5.
If you are in a rush, make sure you outline a few points you want to touch on."Short & Sweet" is often effective for a thank you, and can send the rightmessage even when responding to a complaint. It is better to send somethingshort, than nothing at all.6.
When you start to feel guilty that you have waited too long, it's probably beentoo long. If you are in a pickle and need a letter the same day, I can help.7.
Don't shoot the messenger. If you are writing to a company - try to imaginebeing the recipient. If you are voicing strong opinions about being "right", makesure to use a diplomatic voice in your letter. Often, the person who opens theemail or the letter has the power to delete or forward your letter to the rightpeople. A condescending tone will often get you nowhere. Other threatening

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