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First Contact-Part Two-Chapter24

First Contact-Part Two-Chapter24

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Published by The Dr.

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Published by: The Dr. on Sep 11, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘Oh?’ Freaka-chu asked, pursing his lips. ‘Then we’ve had a fox in the coop for a whilethen.’ ‘Oh yes, Dr.,’ Buster nodded, rubbing his chin eagerly and marching swiftly over to where Freaka-chu stood. The Video Lord backed off a few paces as the maniacalmachine-minded destroyer loomed upon him and slammed Freaka-chu back against oneof the grey walls of the Index Section. ‘Your mind to my mind,’ Buster said with analmost insane expression as his eyes flashed blue. This was the big one, the one that Buster had wanted to take from the very instanthe had learned of exactly who this Freaka-chu was. The man who called himself The Dr. with thirteen lives in total spanning a possibility of sixty-five thousand years. TheBuster-Bot’s mind could only speculate on the utter carnage it could wreak upon theVideo Thieves the world over with such time at its disposal.His mind outstretched across the space between them, grabbing at the edges of the immense consciousness he could sense before him. There it was, an anchor, hispower seized it and pulled. Then the world disappeared.*
Buster hit the floor hard, the ground rolled around him as he went end over end and  finally came to a painful halt, flat on his back. The air was taken from his all-too-susceptible human lungs and he wheezed for breath.His head suddenly exploded with pain as a dull light engulfed his dark surroundings.‘OOOH! I bet 
hurt!’ Buster struggled into a sitting position and glared into the face of the Video Lord,who was annoyingly staring back with the most irritating grin.‘You’re not happy to see me,’ Freaka-chu said coyly. ‘I can tell.’ Buster roared and dragged himself to his feet, taking note of the strange place he  found himself in. The white plane he stood upon seemed to go on forever in all directions until the horizon met with the black sky overhead, where millions of energy ribbons danced  freely in seemingly random patterns.‘What did you do?!’ Buster seethed, holding his burning temples. ‘ 
How did you do it?
’ Freaka-chu rested his hands in the pockets of his coat and inhaled deeply. ‘You got what you wanted, Buster. What are you complaining about? You’re inside the mind of a Video Lord … Not what you expected?’ ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!Buster shouted angrily. ‘THIS ISN’T WHAT’S SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!’ ‘You can’t take my mind like you took the others, Buster … You don’t know what you’re dealing with.’ ‘YOU BASTARD!’ Buster scowled angrily. ‘YOU CAN’T RESIST ME! NOBODY RESISTS ME!’ Freaka-chu regarded him closely. ‘You seem upset,’ he said, folding his arms.‘Though, the way I figure it …
not the one who needs to be upset …
on the other hand …’ Freaka-chu said, pointing behind Buster.Not to be fooled lightly, Buster risked only a fleeting glance over his shoulder and saw nothing more than a mirror. It may have startled a person of weaker constitution, but not The Buster-Bot. Who did this Video Lord think he was dealing with here? Such trivial tricks were lost upon him.It was just after completing this thought and letting a glimmer of his smirk return when Buster’s world was rocked once again and his head was propelled forwards from the  force of a violent punch.
Buster sprawled and landed face-down, turning quickly to see a mirror image of himself standing over him, fists clenched.‘I want my body back,’ the mirror image said through gritted teeth.Buster smiled. ‘Fred?’ he laughed, before his lungs were emptied again by a violent kick to his sternum. He didn’t have time to right himself before Fred was bearing down upon him, beating Buster’s head with his fists. ‘GET-OUT-OF-MY-HEAD!’ Fred roared,landing a blow with each word as he battered the robotic consciousness of the Buster-Bot,who, strangely enough, was cackling madly as he absorbed the blows.‘Is that the best you’ve got?’ Buster sneered up at Fred and punched him between the eyes.Fred stumbled back, cradling his nose in his hands as Buster raised himself effortlessly to his feet.‘I think we’ve underestimated eachother, Dr.,’ Buster said, addressing Freaka-chu casually as he dealt Fred another blow to the head, propelling him further backwards. ‘What did you think? Did you really believe that this weakling could take me on?! If he could, we wouldn’t be having this discussion! I’d never have been able to take control as easily as I did!’ That last remark earned him a violent strike in the teeth from Fred, sending Buster careening over to where Freaka-chu was looking on, a grim expression on his face.‘Tag?’ Buster asked, licking his lips. ‘Or two on one, make it interesting.’ ‘Sorry,’ Freaka-chu shrugged. ‘Can’t.’ ‘I’d appreciate it,’ Fred said weakly, wiping blood from his nose as Buster rounded on him and delivered a knee to his gut. ‘PLEASE! HELP ME!’ ‘I told you,’ Freaka-chu said, approaching the battling pair and swept his hand through the air and their bodies. ‘I really 
. This is your fight … I can’t help you to win Fred … The only thing I could do right now … is destroy you both.’ ‘HA!’ Buster chortled. ‘Is that the best you have Dr.?! I thought somebody of your stature would at least take the time to come up with a better bluff that tha-aaaaAAAARGH!’ Both Buster and Fred screamed in pain as the energy ribbons in the air struck them with their multicoloured electrical strikes.‘Not a bluff,’ Freaka-chu frowned. ‘I just thought it was time that you two settled your differences … well, actually I didn’t have a clue until you tried to steal my body … you’re a good actor, Buster, I didn’t have a clue … nobody did.’ ‘Oh, it was easy enough,’ Buster said, standing up on trembling legs and kicked Fred in the  face. ‘All I had to do was pretend to be a sexually repressed, creepy weakling and nobody suspected a thing.’ Fred’s hand reached up and grabbed Buster by the belt, dragging him back down to the floor where the two of them scuffled violently, both of them getting tired.‘If nobody minds by the way,’ Freaka-chu said, standing over them. ‘Could you do this back in your own head? Because, while we’ve been doing this … your friends and the Allucians have started the fight without us … and to be honest, I doubt that us standing in the corridor staring longingly into each other’s eyes is going to do our reputations any  favours.’ Freaka-chu waved his hand and a large grey hole appeared in the floor along side the warring consciouses.‘KILL US!’ Fred shouted suddenly.Freaka-chu sighed.‘IT’S THE ONLY WAY!Fred shouted. ‘DR.! I CAN’T BEAT HIM! I’M NOT STRONG ENOUGH!’ ‘Oh yes you can Fred,’ Freaka-chu said, crouching next to the pair as they continued to struggle against eachother. ‘He might seem stronger, but you’ve got it in you. He’s been suppressing you all this time, draining his own energy supplies. He’s nowhere near as strong as he used to be.’ ‘Shut up!’ Buster said in a warning tone, blood spilling from his mouth.‘He’s a bully Fred, a bully, just like the people that made you what you are! Take your life back Fred! Take it back for the good of us all!’ ‘SHUT UP!’ Buster thundered, swiping at Freaka-chu without success.‘You can do it Fred,’ Freaka-chu continued. ‘If nothing else you can keep him busy.’ ‘I CAN’T!’ Fred croaked. ‘KILL US! KILL US BOTH NOW! DON’T CHANCE IT, DR.! I WON’T WIN!’ 
‘You hear that, Dr.?’ Buster sneered. ‘He, unlike you heathens, knows his place. He’s a tool of my success and he’s so very right … he’s a weakling, a weakling who hasn’t got the stones to do what’s necessary … the same as you, Dr. You won’t kill us. I’ll go back to my body, lock little Freddy here up tight again and then, I’ll kill you myself.’ Freaka-chu lowered his eyes and exhaled with a long sigh.‘KILL US!’ Fred pleaded. ‘KILL HIM! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S PLANNING! THERE’LL BE HUNDREDS OF HIM! HE’LL KILL EVERYBODY!’ ‘Oh,
be quiet,’ Buster snapped and drove his elbow into Fred’s jaw.‘In that case,’ Freaka-chu said dangerously. ‘I’ll have to do what’s necessary … for the greater good.’ He raised a hand, causing the energy ripples to converge and strike the combatants. ‘I’m sorry,’ Freaka-chu said quietly. ‘I’m so sorry.’ ‘NO! NOT YET!’ Buster screamed grabbing hold of Fred. ‘BUT YOU WILL BE!’ The machine mind roared with pain and rolled violently over into the grey hole that Freaka-chu had  formed, dragging Fred along with him.
*Freaka-chu shook his head as reality enveloped him and watched as the body thatFred and Buster shared was propelled back across the Index Section where it collidedawkwardly with the doorway to the Black Hole Room. Freaka-chu winced for the pair of them, well, Fred more than Buster and turned his attention to the fight that was goingon all around him.He sucked air in through his teeth and looked for a possible way to end theconflict without getting involved himself in any physical sense. He hated fighting. He’dseen enough of it. His previous incarnation would have jumped right in and startedthrowing punches like it was going out of fashion, but he wasn’t that man anymore. There had to be a way of ending this without bloodshed.As much as he considered it, he couldn’t see any such way of peaceful resolution.He sighed to himself and punched one of the black-clad minions square in the jaw,knocking him out cold. Maybe he still had a little bit of his previous self inside himafterall. However, he suspected that manoeuvre wouldn’t work on the giant mountaintroll that had been waiting patiently at the back of the fifty-plus soldiers that Buster hadaccumulated. Now it was advancing, preceded by an odour that could make a Cidermangag.‘We did not expect you to return,’ Martian Manhunter said to Freaka-chu as he steppedin front of the Video Lord to face the giant troll. The gargantuan creature lumbered forward, club in hand and towered over theMartian who was almost seven feet tall himself. It boomed a thunderous laugh. ‘BigBuster … Crush tiny green man!’ It rumbled. The Manhunter looked up with his deep-set orange eyes and his brow furrowed.Without another word, the alien morphed his own body and an instant later, he stood astall as the troll who had referred to himself as Big Buster. The troll’s face fell as the now giant Martian took a step closer and seized the clubfrom the troll’s hands, snapping it in half over his green knee.‘Let us see how you handle a fair fight,Manhunter said, delivering a blow to thecreature’s skull.Freaka-chu left them to it and tore his way through the skirmish. He had to get toFred to make sure that Buster didn’t take control again, because if he did, Freaka-chu would have to do something he hadn’t yet experienced in this life. He would actually haveto kill somebody, and this time, it wouldn’t be his own mind fighting back against aforeign agent, it would be him rendering a person’s body so useless that the brain couldno longer survive. However many consciousnesses were locked inside it. Jazz was laughing as he blanketed the Buster-minions with his cancer ray,shrieking with joy that they would find out what he was laughing about in six to eightmonths time.

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