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Stress Tips for Busy Professionals

Stress Tips for Busy Professionals

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http://www.MyWorkPlaceWellbeing.net Research and Information on stress management
http://www.MyWorkPlaceWellbeing.net Research and Information on stress management

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Published by: gradle_gardnermartin2455 on Jun 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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65 Work Place Stress TipsEnhance your career and Live your Life
Learn about stress relieving exercises and techniques
If you practice them often they will lessen the strain on your mind, bodyand spirit. Any exercise which requires deep breathing is beneficialbecause of the overall calming affects. Aerobic exercise is said to begood for lowering high blood pressure.
Get advice about Long term exhaustion
 Workers who work long hours and need to stay at work until they finishwith the emergency usually gather a lot of hours at work which can bedifficult to get back and they get exhausted especially if they do not stopfor regular breaks. See a medical practitioner if you seem to beexhausted all of the time.
Take regular breaks from the computer
The body was not made to stay in a fixed state but was designed foryour muscle to make a pumping action. Get up and go for a walk, makesure that you spend intervals of less than 15 minutes at a time sat inyour chair concentrating on one activity.
Make sure that your eat well
This is not about dieting it is about finding out what works for you. Thebest people to see to talk about will offer you nutritional counselling andwill find the right diet for you based on your physical and emotionalneeds.
Rekindle your interest in your job
Find out all you can about a “Hot” topic in your field
: If you are to remainin your job you need to stop your dwindling interest in your work andrevamp your awareness of why this is the job for you. Manyprofessionals have updated legislation regularly sent to them or look insocial work magazines. Surf the internet for the issues and talk about itin team meeting. See what other teams or authorities are doing aboutthe subject. Write a summary about the key points and send them toyour colleagues
Have a health audit
Go see your doctor for a 6 monthly check up, if you feel unable to copewith work due to a health concerns you should first discuss this with yourdoctor before you discuss it with any managers at work. Ask yourmanager for a referral to Occupational health, if you feel your job may beaffected
Take some time off
 Some workers can find it hard to priorities appropriate breaks, ensure
you plan your breaks for a whole year, it doesn’t matter if you do not go
away but make sure you have a break from work.
Have a sabbatical
Sabbaticals are literally a holiday or time off from work. Somecompanies and authorities will provide workers unpaid leave as part ofwork life balance.
Go to bed early
Running on empty also means not having enough sleep to allow youbody to repair. Of you are routinely going to bed late and getting up earlyyou need to change your sleeping patterns.
Have a mentor
If you need to progress your career and it is not working consider amentor who can help you look at what skills and learning you need todevelop. You can model yourself on a mentor, they are supposed toinspire you by their achievements and support you to get to place whereyou want to get to. Ask them how they deal with their stress nad taketheir advice.
Keep your desk uncluttered
 Workers who have to spend a lot of time at their desks should bare inmind the aspect of how a cluttered desk can create chaos in theirworking day. Keep things available such as important manuals, pensand a pad. Shred confidential work as you go. Have a clear out day andregular administration days to complete work. Cleanliness on your deskis important especially if you eat at your desk. Aim not to eat at yourdesk.
Do not take your work home
 Taking work home means that you do not have a break and work andhome boundaries become blurred. Your home should be a space whichmakes you happy, if your work is not making you happy then this willimpact on your home live. If you have to take work home make sure thatyou have a clean space to do it in and take everything back to workincluding things which need to be shredded. Try doing work in the libraryor some other place like an internet café. You can also do work in freeinspiring surroundings such as museums and parks.
Understand the difference between types of trauma and its effectson you
Post traumatic stress disorder is known as a direct result of beingtraumatised by something that happened to you, vicarious trauma iswhat happens to people in the caring profession who are secondarywitness to other
trauma. It can creep up on workers insidiously.

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