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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Advantages in making the NES portable
Challenges in making it portable
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Advantages in making the Super NES portable
Playstation 1 (PSOne)
Advantages in making the Playstation portable
The Atari 2600 Video Computer System
Advantages in making the Atari 2600 portable
Finding These Game Systems
What You Can Expect to Spend
Chapter in Review
Soldering Irons: Which End to Hold
Types of soldering irons
Types of solder
Using soldering irons
Desoldering Irons: Suck It Up
Using desoldering irons
Maintaining desoldering irons
Multimeters: What They Are and Why You’ll Need One
Types of multimeters
Using multimeters
Tweezers: Your Friend and Ally
Drills and Drill Bits: The Hole Story
Hot Glue Guns: How Did We Ever Live Without Them?
Types of hot glue guns
Using glue in your projects
Hot glue tips and tricks
Other Tools You Can’t Hack Without
Pliers—Needle-Nose and Standard
X-Acto knives
Helping Hands
Wire strippers
How I Hack Up Game Systems
Volts and Amps
Rechargeable Battery Types
Nickel-cadmium batteries
Nickel–metal hydride batteries
Lithium-ion batteries
Power Regulators
Linear regulators
Switching regulators
Stranded wire
Solid wire
Ribbon cable: Really cheap, Really great
Switches: Types and Uses
SPST (single pole, single throw)
SPDT (single pole, double throw)
DPDT (double pole, double throw)
Pushbuttons: Types and Uses
Momentary switches
Push On–Push Off button
Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Portable Screen Overview
˛Portable Screen Overview
Types of portable screens
The parts inside a pocket TV
Hacking a Casio EV-680
Materials you’ll need
Taking apart the Casio EV-680
Hacking a PSOne Screen
Taking apart the PSOne screen
Installing the white-LED mod
Additional PSOne screen hacking notes
Other Small Screens You Can and Can’t Use
What Is a CNC Machine?
˛What is a CNC Machine?
Three-axis CNC router
Laser engravers
How CNC Machines Are Used
Vector versus raster
CNC machine settings
Engraving versus vector cutting
Male cuts
Female cuts
Choosing tool sizes for routers
Materials You Can Rout
Finding CNC Machines to Use
How you can get the best rates for routing/laser work
Ripping Apart the NES
˛Ripping Apart the NES
Identifying the Internal Parts and What They Do
Removing Stuff You Don’t Need
Fixing Questionable Cartridge Connectors
Powering the System with Batteries
Batteries you can use
Which power regulator to use
Power and audio/video connections
Boosting the Video Signal
Working with Controllers
Materials You’ll Need
Electronic parts
Parts for the case
Decal graphics
Odds and ends you’ll need
Making the Front Half of the Case
Making the front plate
Applying decals to the front plate
Attaching screw posts to the front plate
Making and attaching the front walls
Making the Rear Half of the Case
Making the rear plate
Making and attaching the rear walls
Wiring the Unit
Installing the PSOne Screen
Making PC boards
Installing the PC boards
Routing the Parts
Side walls
Routing recap
Hacking More of the NES
Hacking the cartridge slot
Reattaching the cartridge slot
Attaching the cartridge connector to the NES board
Attaching the NES board to the center match plate
Assembling the Parts of the Case
Front of the unit
Screen riser
Control riser
Battery holder
Cartridge holder
Gluing and assembly tips
Applying the decals
Building and installing the control board
Attaching the screen riser
Installing the TV screen
Connecting power to the unit
Connecting the built-in controller
Modifying the battery pack
Attaching the battery and battery holder
Rewiring the battery charger plug
Removing Some Things, Just Moving Others
Rewiring all those darn capacitors
Reconnecting the video and audio lines
Powering the SNES with Batteries
Easy way to power the SNES
Batteries to run the SNES
Rebuilding the Controllers
Electronic components
Parts for building the case
Screws, nuts, and spacers
Miscellaneous stuff you’ll need
Making the Front of the Case
Bending and attaching the front walls
Adding details to the front of the case
Making the Rear Portion of the Case
Building the battery compartments
Installing and wiring the PSOne screen
Cutting the PC boards
Left PC board
Right PC board
Making the left and right shoulder buttons
Installing the SNES board
Installing the power jack and on/off switch
Wiring the two halves together
Modifying the battery charger
Case-building materials
Other random items you’ll need
Laser-cutting the plates
Laser-cutting the side walls
Assembling the Case
Front half of unit
Battery compartment
Battery compartment to rear plate attachment
Making the screen riser
Making the control riser
Attaching the SNES board to the rear plate
Making and installing the control board
Installing the Casio EV-680 Pocket TV
Inserting the jacks
Running the SNES portable off wall power
Ripping Apart the PSOne
˛Ripping Apart the PSOne
Desoldering parts off the board
Suggested battery to use
Alternative batteries to use
Connecting power to the PSOne
Which type of Playstation controller to use
Controller pinout
Desoldering and reconnecting the analog control sticks
Screws and fasteners
Decals and graphics
Miscellaneous tools and parts
Files supplied on the companion Web site
Making the Screen Assembly
Cutting the front screen plate
Applying the screw posts
Bending and attaching the aluminum wall
Installing parts in the screen assembly
Cutting and attaching the rear screen plate
Building the Main Case
Cutting the front case plate
Attaching the aluminum wall
Making the latch assembly
Installing mesh and speakers
Attaching the screen assembly to the main case
Making the Rear Plate
Attaching the rear plate screw posts
Making and installing the shoulder buttons
Installing the PSOne motherboard
Mounting the CD-ROM drive
Making a new right analog joystick
Wiring the two halves of the case together
Modifying the PSOne’s AC adapter to run this unit
Placing final decals
Screws, nuts, and other hardware
Everything else
Files you’ll need
Routing the Parts of the Case
Front half of the case
Rear half of the case
Wiring the shoulder buttons
Extending the CD drive access cable
Attaching the PSOne motherboard
Connecting the halves together
Reconnecting the CD drive access cable wires
Final decaling
Screwing the unit together
Modifying the wall power adapter for this portable
Ripping It Apart
Identifying the internal parts and what they do
Hacking Stuff Off
X-Acto knife method
Band saw method
Master Lead List
Bypassing connections
Getting Audio and Video Signals to a Modern TV
Fine-tuning the picture
Power requirements
Using a power regulator
Difficulty switches
Wiring paddle controllers
Case-building parts
Graphics and decals
Making the front half of the case
Making the rear half of the case
Battery holder and door
Running the unit off wall power
Decals (a.k.a., graphics)
The rest of the stuff
CNC Cutting the Parts
Engraving plastic parts
Quarter-inch material parts
CNC laser cutting recap
Making the front of the case
Attaching decaled front portions
Working with the rear plate
Left and right control boards
Installing the TV screen and speaker
Wiring the front and rear of the case together
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Extreme Tech Hacking Video Game Consoles

Extreme Tech Hacking Video Game Consoles

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