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My 1st Integration

My 1st Integration

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Published by Florian Mausig

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Published by: Florian Mausig on Jun 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I have been well-known of being enthusiastic from the moment that I¶m still a pupil untilI become a student as I accommodate with my fellows in a variety of activities in the school.There is huge evidence like commonly the manner of gays as they want to catch attention fromtheir audience as shown in gay bars. Like a clown that has many actions of immaturity that makefunny. I often was described as ³kingkoy´ which has a naughty personality. When I was a childI¶m full of laughter that as you can think there is no time I wasted to make every momentvaluable. This is how I begin as a dreamer to become a teacher. I want every people listen to meand been persuaded by my attracting words of my own.When I reached to commence in discrimination from heterogeneous social interactionthat is having a surrounding of similar sex, I never change my jolly cheerful way of friendlydealing. But the reaction I get is different. I am suitable only for girl talk. They hate me of beingopen and heartedly. I go back to the same environment where I came from and this is the timethat interest comes to be my life. This is the world I want to be, not for the exaltation of beingrich but for the enjoyment it gives. It is not for the essence that I will become famous for thefuture but how I wish to be remembered by as many I could when I¶m gone. I believe that thereis only one unique me in the entire world in the field of teaching someday. Obviously, myarousing and entertaining skills are just for the youth because for adults I must be considering my part to their socioeconomic status.They told me then since that I¶m fond of children, what if I take elementary education asmy course? I believe that whatever answer I give may determine my success or failure in thesituation of whoever my learners would be. As long as I love teaching as a form of learning or otherwise teaching how to learn, my undertaking is that I will never give them a humdrum eventsto their life. I will stay alive for every day to come has another more surprise. So I must preparefor this unexpected happiness that will make it perfect. I love the flow of my life to be in asmooth direction in the river of my routine. Every rocky obstacle that splash by the waves of activities will make sure that it means deeply a lot. For we must not be stagnant that is unable tomove and silent. It is the reality of bringing the colorful world outside school right possible intothe classroom. Every challenge is a story of a historical accomplishment that is resolve by thevitality of interaction with a sparkling humor when the sun shines towards our transparent dropof flexible attitude. Through the power of my apparatus that sometimes low tide and oftentimeshigh tide of a flashing voice for their mind to figure out like singing a lullaby in the cradle of teaching learning, I will bring light as means to end and never ends within themselves. I can¶tgive to others what I don¶t have myself. I¶m just a wire that passes by an interest from the sourceof knowledge to the output device that brings light.I should constantly update myself on the subject I teach. This is the probation to have atouch of the actor, perhaps even the ham actor. An actor should one who live a life of genteel poverty and teach. What is important is that I cultivate the art of being interesting, know thenecessary tools and skills I will need to guarantee success in the classroom. So that I will becomelike Fr. Joseph V. Landy that I will also share my valuable insights derived from the years of teaching young people. People especially young are of great need of growing in the moderncuriosity and knowledge about the subject of instruction. Their interest in the subject must never  be expired. I am preparing them a paradise where my delivery of quality educational serviceswill be done by me competently and empowered support to develop them holistically and become highly-competitive, productive and value-laden learners.BSE is the world of humor, amusement, handsome, loving and herd that stimulate me to become. It¶s not that I take several years of studying then now will fall still in the school. It¶s notthe job that I¶m looking for my future but it is in my hand that that hold the teaching-learning profession. The danger is not that there will be better than teachers in the future as computerizedrobot that able to teach like human but that human teacher are going to be like robot teacher.

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