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Deductive Lesson Plan in English

Deductive Lesson Plan in English



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Published by Florian Mausig

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Published by: Florian Mausig on Jun 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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At the end of 20-minute discussion the students will be able toA. identify the classes of propositions involved in the given examples.B. differentiate the two propositions presented in class; andC. give more examples of each propositions presentedII.
 Two Classes of Propositions:
Proposition of fact and Proposition of policy 
 The Art of Argumentation and DebateBy: Africapp: 12-13Material:Manila pare with sample of propositionsActivity SheetsIII.
LEARNING EXPERIENCES (Deductive method)Teachers Activity StudentsActivity
Statement of the Problem
How did we define propositions lastmeeting? Will you define it forus Caroline?We defined propositions lastmeeting as an expression inwords of an act of judgment. You have a sharp memory, CarolineProposition are an expression inwords of an act of judgment.B.
Statement of Generalization
For today we are going to talk abouttwo classes of proposition. These areProposition of fact and Propositionof policy.Have you heard of these?No yet SirOkay.
Proposition of fact 
isone that is concerned with the truthor falsity of an act of judgment.It aims at belief. It settles thequestion: “Is this assertion true?”While,
Proposition of policy 
is onethat is concerned with the wisdom or
unwisdom, the expediency orinexpediency, of a course of action.It aims at action. It answers thequestions: “Should it be done?”“Should this course of action be followed?”Will you repeat what I have said aboutthe two classes of propositions Emeline?
Proposition of fact 
is a class of proposition in which one that isconcerned with the truthor falsity of an act of judgment.It aims at belief. It settles thequestion: “Is this assertiontrue?”While,
Proposition of policy 
is aclass of proposition in which onethat is concerned with thewisdom orunwisdom, the expediency orinexpediency, of a course of action. It aims at action. Itanswers thequestions: “Should it be done?”“Should this course of action befollowed?”Well said Emeline, you are really listeningC.
Look at this example on the board.Please read the first example, Jennylyn.
“Resolved, That elective city mayors are more efficient thanappointive ones.” 
 Thank you, Jennylyn That is an example of the
Proposition of fact.
Why do you think the exampleis
Proposition of fact,
Marie?Because, it aims at belief. Itsettles the question underproposition of fact.What is that question under propositionof fact, Nhoren?“Is this assertion true?”Sir
Good observation, Nhoren.Do you understand now the
Proposition of fact?
 Yes SirLet us move on to the second example.Will you please read it for the groupPresca?
Resolved, That the Filipinowomen should bedisfranchised.” 
And this an example of 
Proposition of policy.
Why did I say so, Joyce?Because as we said,
Propositionof policy 
is a class of propositionin which one that is concernedwith the wisdom or unwisdom,the expediency orinexpediency, of a course of action. It aims at action. Thanks, Joyce.D.
Let us try to analyze two otherexamples showing this class of proposition.Kindly read example 1, May Quenne
Resolved, That the term of office of the President be six  years, without reelection.” 
 Thank you, May Quenne! This is called
Proposition of policy.
Kindly read example 2, Lorgen
“Resolved, That the Chinese area menace to our nationalsecurity.” 
 Thank you, Lorgen! This is called
Proposition of fact.
Restatement of Generalization
Is the lesson understood now?Yes Sir.So, will you differentiate again
Proposition of fact 
Propositionof policy 
, Cetadel.
Proposition of fact 
states that itaims atbelief while
Proposition of policy 
aims at action.Well said, Cetadel.F.

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