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Published by Kevin Karaki
Something I threw down one evening and hope to continue...
Something I threw down one evening and hope to continue...

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Published by: Kevin Karaki on Jun 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1IT didn’t know where it was. IT didn’t know what it was. It didn’t knowwho the men in white coats were surrounding the table, nor why it wasstrapped to the table, or much of anything, really. But what IT did know wasthat it wanted a drink of water.IT decided that being strapped to a table was overrated, so it merelysat up, breaking the magnetically-sealed steel reinforced bands holding it likeso many daisy chains. For some reason, all the…doctors,
 yes, that’s what they were
, were yelling and screaming like mad.
Perhaps they were indanger. But what could possibly threaten them in this….laboratory?
Odd, it seemed like doctors should be in hospitals, not laboratories
, thought IT.Its thoughts were suddenly interrupted by an overwhelming pain inits…
what was the word….oh yes, there it is:
shoulder. Upon closer scrutiny, ITrealized there was a tube inserted into its arm. In fact, there were severaltubes, connected all over his body…
wait a minute
Well, no need for these
, he thought, pulling them out of his arm. It hurt for a few seconds,but then the pain strangely vanished. He looked again and saw that his armdidn’t have any marks on it whatsoever; not even a small speck like when hegot his smallpox shot.
Well, that’s…odd. I need a drink of water…
In the middle of the lab’s mayhem, he paused for a minute, just toreview what he knew so far: 1) He was a he (somehow that seemedreassuring). 2) He was a thirsty “he.” 3) He was in a lab. 4) He wassurrounded by doctors who seemed to be in danger. 5) Doctors belonged inhospitals, not laboratories. 6) He could apparently heal rapidly. Lastly, 7) Hehad had smallpox shot at some point in his life.
 A good beginning
, heconcluded.
Men have started with less.
Ah, 8) He was a man. At this rate, heshouldn’t have anything to worry about.After concluding his list, IT (for he didn’t know what else to call himself)began to ponder the great questions of life:
Who am I? Where did I comefrom? What am I?
Granted, the last usually isn’t a great wonder to a greatmany people, but you’d be surprised.
Maybe I can ask one of these doctors…they’ll surely know.
 IT turned towards the nearest doctor and said politely, “Excuse me, butcould you tell me what I am?” as nonchalantly as if you or I were asking fordirections home. For some reason, the doctor only went white with sheerterror and in his haste to find the nearest exit, slipped on the liquid spilling onthe floor from the IVs IT had taken out of his arm. IT bent down to help thepoor man and because the man seemed to be trying desperately to crawlaway, grabbed the easiest thing available: the back of his collar. With nomore effort than flicking a fly, IT lifted the man bodily off the floor with onearm and stood him on his feet. The man ceased screaming and merely staredat this seemingly Superman-like person holding him a foot off the ground. ITthought this was rather strange (when good manners dictated that the man
should thank him) when suddenly an epiphany stuck him:
 Are they’re scared of me?
At precisely the wrong moment, while IT was holding a terrified doctorat arms length, men in green coats with…
came rushing into theroom. IT wondered what they were pointing at him for about half a secondbefore realizing they were
. Not only that, but in all probability, loadedguns.For some inexplicable reason, in IT’s mind, time seemed to slow to acrawl. Bullets came out of the end of the barrels in a slow-motion flash of flame, coming in his direction. Without thinking, IT flew under the table,feeling the still slow-moving bullets whiz over his head. He came up threefeet in front of the first man, who still had his gun pointed at where IT hadbeen.
I’m moving faster than they can react,
thought IT.
Time hasn’t slowed down…I’m just speeding up…but how? 
IT grabbed the man’s hand, delivered a spin-kick to the small of hisback, grabbed the gun as it fell to the floor without even looking, then pistol-whipped the guard.
How did I do that?
It asked himself, but had no time toanswer – the second attacker was now dropping to one knee, spinning to facethis new threat. As he watched the bullet come towards him in slow motionagain, IT flipped backwards, letting the bullet travel under him and kickingthe second gunman at the same time. This time he didn’t even ask himself how he did it. He was kind of beginning to take things in stride.
What now?
IT looked at the two handguns he had taken from the …
who were they…oh yes…
This is a Berretta 92F…accurate close-rangeweapon… And this is a Smith and Wesson model 5906… 9mm caliber…and Ihave no earthly idea how I know that… Why am I so thirsty?
By now, the room was empty, except for the bodies of the unconsciousguards on the floor.
Well, I might as well leave as stay here,
IT decided,walking out of the room into the wide, white hall outside. Upon leaving theroom, he noticed a plaque on the side of the door – “Biogenetics Lab.”
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ESCAPED?!” shrieked Erin Koshek, head of Applied Sciences Department. “We have a maximum security facility that’smore heavily guarded than the President of the United States and you can’ttell me what happened?!Aides scrambled to computers, surveying everysquare inch of the compound.
“I want Tach Units 3 and 4 mobilized and Units 1and 2 on standbyNOW, do you understand?”“Subject located!” shouted out a keyboard-tapping security guard.“Where is he?”“He’s on the 4
floor, corridor 5, walking down the hall.”“Just
.”Meanwhile, IT was making his way down the hall, looking for a waterfountain, when suddenly black-suited, gun-wielding soldiers came rushing athim. Wanting to avoid a misunderstanding like the one previous with the twosecurity guards, IT merely raised his hand to offer a friendly wave, realizingtoo late it still held a Beretta 92F.“Gun, GUN!” came the shouts and instantly all hell broke loose. Sameas before, muzzles started flashing, but this time, instead of bullets, longgreen-tipped syringes started speeding towards him in slow motion.
My guess is that those are bad for me,
thought IT as he began dodging onceagain. The soldier closest to IT was bringing a submachine gun into action.
Wow, I wish
had an MP5-K instead of these half-empty pistols,
thought IT. Asif responding to his thoughts, IT saw a tentacle snake out from nowhere andwhip the gun out of the man’s hands and send it flying through the air at him.Acting on instinct, IT dropped the 9mm and caught the MP5, still dodgingsyringes. He opened fire as he rolled to the floor, sending the soldiersscrambling for cover.
Security-issue Kevlar body suits…weak points are theneck…and under the arm…
Soldiers not fortunate enough to find cover weredropping like flies, groping for the fast-emptying syringes at their necks orarmpits before they were overtaken by a black void. The brief pause enabled IT to investigate the source of the tentaclethat had proved so helpful. To his utter surprise (and it was big for someonelike IT to be surprised after all this) he saw it disappearing into the back of hisshoulder, reminiscent of an eel slipping back into its hole. When itdisappeared completely, the skin tissue of his shoulder closed around it,leaving no trace of anything but a normal human shoulder.
Cool…albeit in a somewhat disturbing manner… boy, do I need adrink…
“Will someone please tell me how ONE freak is holding TWENTY guardsat bay?!” Ms. Koshek’s voice was dripping with sarcasm.“Tach 3 is requesting permission to substitute for live ammunition,”said an aide with one hand holding a pair of headphones on. Koshek paused

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