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September 11

September 11

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Published by ImmortalBlack

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Published by: ImmortalBlack on Sep 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Most people still think that terrorist like Suddam Hussein and the accused terroristBin Laden are responsible for 9/11. Well I have some news, you're wrong. SuddamHussein had nothing to do with this tragic incident. He was not involved in thesituation, and even the so called 'government' we have agrees with this fact.Knowing they can not pin Saddam for any of this, so they decided to go for Laden.Not only is this false accusations, but it is back stabbing. You see, bush (I know thatis bad grammar but I refuse to capitalize his name) and Laden were close familyfriends. There families knew each other, and talked to each other. Then bushaccused Bin Laden of these crimes. Accused him of attacking the soil from which hisbest friend was on. Bin Laden was never really linked to these crimes, but thegovernment released forged videos to confuse us citizens. They brainwashed us intothinking that it was Bin Laden who did this. In fact the government is responsible forthese horrible crimes.When close examination was done to the buildings, us the people found that thecore beams (used to support the twin towers) had been cut. By doing some moreresearch into this subject it was found that, the angle at which the beams were cut,were the angles at which engineers learn to cut pieces of steel. Do not get mewrong the engineers are not the ones at fault here. They did not know that a horrificevent like this would happen. In fact, it is believed that the government directly didthis. Although, I have no knowledge of this fact yet.Why would the government want to do something like this you say? For opium, oil,and money. In the 1980's crack was becoming very popular. It was ruining thepeople, and the government wanted to do something about his. They decided toeliminate most of the crack. They raided the crack houses and the meth labs andconfiscated all their supplies. Now the crack levels were going down, but thegovernment noticed something. The economy was going down with it. They quicklyfigured out that this was from the recent raid of crack. They knew the country wouldsoon become weak if left like this. So they brought the crack back in. Who smuggledin the drugs you ask? The government themselves. They smuggled them in, andsold it back to the streets. The economy rose back up, and we were ok... For awhile. Then a new drug started to become popular.What is this drug? Heroine. What is the main ingredient in heroine? Opium. Thisingredient is abundant in Afghanastan. You see where I am going with this? Thegovernment now having a reason to go to Afghan, quickly sent troops there? Nowbeing there they have many options on how to become the 'almighty government'they hope to be. They have stared sneaking the Opium back to the ContiguousUnited states in hopes to raise the economy. Who are they hoping to sell thesedrugs to? Minorities. We are the main targets of the government. Having many of our people resorting to drugs they see us as the weak ones. I will go deeper intothat subject in a later blog. Now wit the economy raising them then can put all timeinto taking over oil. They stay in Afghan, not in hopes to help the people, not in

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