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Rathlin ferry - garbage trucks and yellow ponchos

Rathlin ferry - garbage trucks and yellow ponchos

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Published by Nevin

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Published by: Nevin on Sep 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. DRD’s Other Resource spending proposals total some £ 245.7 / 336.0 / 372.6m across the Budget 2007 period and further details are set out below.
Spending Proposals
2. A summary of the key spending proposals are set out as follows.3. The top priority bid of £ 157.3 / 192.9 / 219.3 m is what would be required tomeet the subsidy needed for Northern Ireland Water to fully deliver itsStrategic Business Plan. The water and sewerage charging regime wasexpected to be introduced on 1 April 2007 and officials had put allarrangements in place to ensure that this would happen. New charges were tobe phased in over three years with one third of charges being payable bycustomers in the first year, two thirds in the second year and the full chargepayable in the third year. The shortfall from customer revenue was to havebeen made up by Government subsidy.4. On 26 March 2007, the Secretary of State deferred the introduction of annualcharges to enable a returning Executive to decide how to take forward thisissue. The Executive decided on 10 May 2007 to defer charges for the2007/08 charging year while a review of existing arrangements is conductedwith a view to finding sustainable and acceptable funding arrangements forwater and sewerage services. This will result in the need to pay NIW anincreased level of subsidy.5. At this stage it is impossible to know what the outcome of the Executive’sdeliberations will be but it is possible to quantify a number of scenariosincluding:
the amount required if it is decided to defer the introduction of chargesbeyond 2010-11; and
the amount required to finance the phasing in of charges (1/3 / 2/3 / full)over the 3 years from 1 April 2008.6. Our bid of £157.2 / 192.8 / 219.2m relates to the first scenario where chargeswould be deferred beyond 2010-11.7. However, and by way of illustration, if the Executive decides to phase incharging on the same basis as the Direct Rule administration (1/3 / 2/3 / fullover the 3 year period from 1 April 2008) NIW would be able to raise some£ 138.9 / 235.9 / 338.4 m through charges and the bid would reduce to some£ 73.5 / 14.5 / 0 m.8. The Department’s second bid of some £ 2.6 / 4.0 / 5.4 m would secure theprovision needed to maintain the bus and rail Concessionary Fares schemes(including the new All Ireland Free Travel Scheme for Older People) in linewith predicted passenger levels. The Concessionary Fares scheme isdesigned to promote discounted travel on local public transport to those onlimited incomes and those who have mobility difficulties.9. Following a Ministerial announcement in August 2006 the Department hasembarked on a programme of public transport reform which will result in theestablishment of a Passenger Transport Authority (PTA) which will be localgovernment based and responsible for planning, designing and securing publictransport needs through a tendering process. The next bid of £0 / 1.3 / 2.5 mis to cover the estimated costs associated with the establishment of the PTA.10. The fourth spending proposal is to allow the Department to meet increasedFuel Duty Rebate costs to bus operators due to:
the 3.3% rebate increase set by Treasury and announced by theChancellor of the Exchequer in December 2006 ; and
the significant increase in bus services due to the implementation of theUlsterbus Strategic Review and the pending introduction of “Metro 2”
3 11. DRD’s fifth bid of £ 10 / 10 / 10 m is the first of four tranches of spendingproposals to bring the Structural Maintenance baseline up to the levelsrecommend by the Structural Maintenance Funding Plan (SMFP) at 2007/08prices. The SMFP was independently reviewed and updated by Professor MSSnaith in 2005 and recognises that road and footway surfaces do not lastforever and have limited life spans. The NIAO also endorsed the SMFP as asound basis of presenting Road Service’s funding requirements.12. The Department’s sixth bid of £4.2 / 4.3 / 4.5 m is the first of three RoadsService Street Lighting spending proposals in relation to electrical inspectionand testing, increased energy costs and maintenance of the street lightingstock. Roads Service provides and maintains street lights mainly to improveroad safety after dark, but this also helps reduce crime and enhance theenvironment for night-time social and commercial activity.13. Bid 7 is required to fund finance charges that would be payable on contractsfor DBFO Packages 1 and 2 which will deliver major capital improvements tothe road network in line with the Regional Transportation Strategy (RTS) andRegional Strategic Transport Network Transport Plan (RSTNTP).14. The remainder of the Department’s other resource spending proposals arerequired to meet pressures in:
technical adviser costs for the ISNI 2 roads capital programmes, RapidTransit and the reviews of the RTS and RDS: (the associated Admin costimplications of these bids are included in Section 5);
new compensation payments arising from the introduction of health servicerecovery charges,
the procurement and operation of Rathlin Island ferries;
NITHC rail and bus employer pension contributions to NILGOSC; and
the transfer of some 2,000 Roads Service staff to local government underRPA.

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