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Calendar of Praise, a by-city video poem project

Calendar of Praise, a by-city video poem project

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The Calendar of Praise video project starts here. Read and join if any lines move you.
The Calendar of Praise video project starts here. Read and join if any lines move you.

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Published by: Elizabeth K Gordon (aka elizag) on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Calendar of Praise
for multiple voices
To become part of the calendar of praise video project,email calendarofpraise@gmail.com. 
In January, Praise
For between the rows of cut corn, gullies of soft snowFor on the river high-water ice like lacy skirts engirding the larger rocksFor on one bank orchards and on the other fieldsFor Ki
ng’s dream speech read and heard and in a handful of cities half realized
 For an unprecedented alignment of Saturn and UranusFor a comet approaching, some seeing or thinking they seethrough telescopes, through third eyes, a crucifix or an alien ship beside it For those who with seriousness undertake inner work For the rucked and frozen riverFor noon glare like a bridge across it For the brown bear tramping down it, like a ship growing large,Like a ship or a comet watched from afarLike a dream, like a year, like a leader knowing iceis a path and death is a start 
New Paltz, New York <<>><<>>
In February, Praise
For the plain black birds who stayFor the song of the plain black birdsFor daffodils, fake or not,on the porch of the yellow houseFor the bright five o'clock For a gray dog squatted on snow-locked grassFor spokes of bootprints out the doors of the junior highFor church bells and the quiet afterFor the boys at hockey, the crack of their sticks on the skidding puck For the hatless gloveless girls watchingFor under the frozen the unfrozen pond(thinking of it while walking on it)For the sapling bent like an archFor sleeves of bark where the stacked cord stoodFor oil delivered and gas delivered to accounts past dueFor kerosene in red plastic containers retrievedFor sunlight profligate and uncontained, forever retrievedFor sunlight later on the floor of the ward where the son or the daughter mournsFor March impendent and the rumored crocusFor whatever weather every February (each one minutes longer) day
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
In March, Praise
For road crews unclogging our culvertsFor chipmunks up from hibernationFor under the black mulch of layered leaves, green shootsFor seed packets spread like cards across a tableFor in a shack in Appalcahia a palmful of seedsharvested by hand the year beforeFor on laundrymat bulletin boards the one word "Rototilling"with a number and a reasonable price
For magnolia’
s fat braggadocioFor cats so obviously happyFor the earlier and the later sunFor after her last radiation treatment a motherlifting her face to the sunFor the run-off roaring beneath our streetsFor farther away brooks and streams overflowing their banksand farther still the riverurging its ice to the sea
New Paltz, New York <<>><<>>

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