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This scene in Disturbing Visions is actually where the story starts. It takes place a year and a half after the death of Tanya's fiance. Just as Tanya's getting her life back together, her coursework triggers some very frightening images that eventually wear her down and force her to question her sanity.
This scene in Disturbing Visions is actually where the story starts. It takes place a year and a half after the death of Tanya's fiance. Just as Tanya's getting her life back together, her coursework triggers some very frightening images that eventually wear her down and force her to question her sanity.

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Published by: Christine Chris Ambrosini Bronstein on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"The next step is to take your scissors and scalpel, and cut from the distal end of thesternum to the proximal end towards the trachea."Dr. Archer was a tall, sturdy woman in her early fifties with salt and pepper hair neatlycoiffed so that the curls framed her face. She had a professional yet stern air in her presentationof the subject matter at hand. She also had a reputation for being among the toughest instructorsin the physiology department."...crack open the rib cage, you will clearly see the lungs and the bronchial tubes." The professor pointed with her wooden wand at the overhead diagram. "Notice how the tubes from both lungs are adjoined to form the trachea."Tanya Blanchetti and Michelle Rainford, her lab partner opened their lab books to thesection that pertained to respiration."I find it hard to believe that this was once a real person. Just the thought of dissectingthis cadaver makes my skin crawl." Michelle was apprehensive about making the incision.Tanya offered to make the cut and nodded in empathy."The best way to look at it is to pretend you're doing an operation." She carefullyopened up her dissection kit and pulled out a pair of scissors and a scalpel. Even though Tanyahad taken a logical approach to the matter, the sight of the cadaver partially skinned withexposed muscles and tendons reminded her of a 1980's horror movie where the corpse couldcome to life at any moment.
Michelle intently observed as Tanya deftly made the incision and opened up the crackedrib cage, exposing all the vital organs of the respiratory system. Dr. Archer continued to lecturein a business-like tone.³On next week's lab practical, you will be expected to know the functions of each vitalorgan and explain the entire breathing process. You should know this to the point where you canexplain it in your sleep. To review, as you breathe in through your nose..."There were in-depth discussions among lab groups regarding the breathing process.Michelle took a probe and pointed where the gas exchanges took place. A pearly white grinspread across her attractive face."This looks like liver sausage with bubbles in it."As Michelle continued to probe, both laughed at her remark. However, the thin, metal probeflashed at Tanya like a candid photo shot.Dr. Archer's words seemed to fade into the distance as the flash of silver stung sharply inTanya's head. Her large violet eyes took on a distant, murky look as everything grew darker and blurred before her. A total blackness gradually enveloped the entire laboratory.
Tanya suddenly found herself laying on a flat hard surface. Her total body shivered violently from the coldness that surrounded her. She was crying either out of fear or pain.Tanya.
She heard a sensual masculine voice softly called to her.
 As she looked around to seewhere the disembodied voice was coming from, there was only a thick fog. He had spoken to her, but in her highly emotional state, she was unable to comprehend what he was saying. A warm feeling crept through her blood as she felt his strong hands tenderly stroking her thick hair and shoulders. His moist lips brushed her forehead. As Tanya began to open her eyes, everything was still hazy. Shecould feel him firmly holding her left arm as she felt a little prick in her left arm. Momentsafterwards, Tanya had a strong sensation of drifting into an endless oblivion as he continued to sayher name.
As she began to refocus, Tanya realized that the voice calling her name was female. Someonewas lightly shaking her."Tanya, Tanya, is everything OK?" Michelle's tone was urgent. Just then, Angela White, atall, thin, African-American woman came rushing towards them. She took note of Tanya's glassyeyes and ivory skin with sweat oozing through the pores. She immediately had Tanya sit in a chair with her head in her lap.Two young men at the table diagonally from them looked at Tanya. Chris Coburn, theathletic one with crew cut dark hair smirked."What?Can't take it, Tan-ya? Remind you of a horror movie?"Tanya lifted her head slowly, still momentarily disoriented. Chris's partner, Kurt, a tanned,muscular, blond man, zoned in on her clammy face and glazed eyes."Have you seen anything like it?" Kurt lowered his voice, turning to Chris. "Talk about popping too many pills.´ He observed her dilated pupils. ³Look at her eyes.´"Just shut up!´ Angela spoke sharply. ³I'm getting sick of you being such jerks! Just because shedoesn¶t feel well doesn¶t mean she¶s on drugs.´ She turned to Tanya. "You do look pale. I wouldn't pay anyattention to those clowns.´ She lowered her voice. ³Kurt¶s just mad because you turned him down at the beginning of the quarter.´³Maybe I might have given him a chance if he would learn the meaning of personal space,´ Tanyaspoke with hushed agitation.Michelle agreed with Angela. ³He¶s a douchebag. He thinks he¶s tough, but he¶s all talk.´ Shechanged the subject. ³Dissecting a cadaver is not easy. I don't know how you did it."Tanya's tone was muffled. "It's not the body. I'm just a touch nauseous. The smell just hit hard."Just then, Dr. Archer looked at Tanya as if she was a specimen under a microscope. Her voice wasfirm. "Tanya, are you sick?""Just a little dizzy," Tanya echoed as her cheeks flushed. "Normally, the formaldehyde doesn't hit melike this."

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