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Me and the Devil Blues

Me and the Devil Blues

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Published by Andy Moran
A short monologue from a demon's perspective.

There are notions of good and evil, biases of the human perspective, and a touch of satire.
A short monologue from a demon's perspective.

There are notions of good and evil, biases of the human perspective, and a touch of satire.

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Published by: Andy Moran on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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J. M
eople make a big fuss about good and evil. It'simportant to them. It needs to exist. It puts the world in somesort of cosmic struggle where people's morals and actions haveconsequence. I suppose it makes sense. People don't just wanttheir actions to matter, they want themselves to matter. Beingborn just to shit out kids and eventually feed worms isn't pretty,but the truth never is.I guess it's kind of funny that I call their bluff. After all,I'm one of the very things they created. No...not created.Named. They even concocted these labels within their ownharebrained scheme. I first got called “demon” by a man inGreece. Caught me off guard at the time. I've always thoughtof myself as more of a businessman. You know – a wheelerand dealer. When ex-slaves started hoodooing up the south, itbecame a popular notion that I was dealing souls.
To be clear, I don't buy and sell souls. Why? Becausesouls don't exist. Sorry to burst your Jesus-loving bubble. I'minterested in electrical energy - efficient, clean-burning Al Goretype shit. Every one of your kind walks around with someserious juice pumping through your veins. When you die, wedrink it up. No pearly gates. No clouds.Much like you people, we over-consume. We don'twant to live comfortably. We want McMansions, fat bitches,and waffle fries. That's where I come in. I get people to let theair out of their tires before they reach the end of the road tonowhere. Maybe that makes me evil in your eyes, but you can'trape the willing.I gained a little notoriety in the 1920s when I crossedpaths with a Delta bluesman – looked a bit like you. Throughurban legend and perverse lyrics, my name got out there, buteven before I was known, I had my hands in history. I madedeals with Alexander of Macedonia and Franklin D. Roosevelt.Then more recently, there's the deal with you.People want a lot of things. People need very few. Ican only give them what they want, so that they may give mewhat I need. We don't harvest at will. It might shock you to

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