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The Bunologist June July 11

The Bunologist June July 11

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Published by Karen At Boing
June/July's issue features: japanaese earless bunny, UK rabbit farms stopped, Elliot's antics, Tasmanian rabbit rescue, Life at the Do Hop Inn, Poem - I stood beside your bed last night
June/July's issue features: japanaese earless bunny, UK rabbit farms stopped, Elliot's antics, Tasmanian rabbit rescue, Life at the Do Hop Inn, Poem - I stood beside your bed last night

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Published by: Karen At Boing on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June/July 2011
Bunny news!
Elliot’s antics
Bunspace bunny visions
Brightside rabbit rescue
Life at the Do Hop Inn
Poem – I stood beside yourbed last night
Earless bunny sparksnuclear fears in Japan
10 June 2011 -http://www.dailymail.co.uk Fresh fears over a nuclear leak at the tsunami-ravagedFukushima plant have re-ignited after a rabbit born close tothe facility was discovered with no ears.Locals have been left wondering whether this earlessbunny, which was reportedly found near the facility at theend of last month, is the first sign of side effects from thenuclear catastrophe.
A video of thebunny wasposted onYouTube andhas quicklyspread as aninternet viral,labelled the'nuclear rabbit'.However according to the website NY Daily News, expertsare sceptical as to whether radiation could be responsiblefor the bunny's lack of ears.While high doses of radiation can cause cancer and othermajor health problems, radiation experts believe thelikelihood of the rabbit's strange features being a result ofnuclear mutation is very slim.In 2008, a healthy rabbit was born without ears in the UK,aptly-named Van Gogh. While it is a rare occurrence, thedeformity can happen because of a genetic defect orthrough the mother biting off the ears is she is distressed.Dana Krempels, from the US-based House Rabbit Society,told the NY Daily News: 'I have to wonder whether thereare any other bunnies in the group that have anomalies likethat.'I didn't see any. And that would make me very hesitant tocry "radiation" just because one baby bunny is missing hisexternal ear pinnae.However, rabbits' gestation periods are short - about 30days - so if the bunny was born near Fukushima, this couldbe seen as an indication of radiation poisoning, as it wouldhave been conceived well after the nuclear leak.
UK rabbit farms stopped
 27 May 2011 – Farmers GuardianPlans to build two intensiverabbit farms in Nottinghamshirehave been shelved by theowner.Farmer Philip Kerry, who ownsT&S Nurseries in Grantham,submitted plans to build sixbarns across the countryhousing up to 1,000 rabbits ineach.The plans were blasted by animal rights campaigners andthe RSPCA said it had ‘serious concerns’ about theconditions for rabbits in battery farms, particularly theamount of space they were given.Mr Kerry told FG: “Due to public and media pressure wehave decided to withdraw applications for caged rabbitfarms while we reappraise the business model with ourinternal designers and various consultants.”People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) saidthey were thrilled with the result.“PETA supporters sent more than 1,600 letters of objectionto Rushcliffe Borough Council opposing the applications forthe facilities, which would have meant severe suffering forthousands of rabbits,” said spokeswoman Sandra Smiley.“The proposed farms would have been the first rabbitfactory farms in the UK in 15 years and would each havehoused up to 1,100 rabbits in wire cages stacked threehigh inside windowless barns. This kind of unnaturalenvironment – which provides no fresh air or sunlight – cancause extremely painful bone disorders and footinflammation and lead stressed animals to resort toneurotic, self-destructive behaviour.”Rushcliffe Borough Council confirmed the applications forthe farms in Granby and East Bridgford had beenwithdrawn due to the size and positioning of the proposedbuildings, and also the level of objection.
Elliot’s antics
 by Maureen (Tasmania)It was never myintention to haveseven rescue rabbitsliving in my housewith my husband andmyself but one rescueled to another, thenanother and beforelong I had sevensweet furry friends allin need of love andcare... and I wouldn't have it any other way.Elliot (pictured above) is a bunny in a million. He lovesbeing around humans and absolutely hates being aroundrabbits, which could have been a problem in a householdwith six other rescue buns. The problem was solved withElliot talking us into letting him sleep in our bedroom, onthe bed, each night and being carried around in a sling, farabove the other buns, during the day.Then there is Tully who is by far our biggest bunny and anextremely curious boy, so one night when the bedroomdoor wasn't latched properly It didn't take him long to sneakhis way in.I'm used to Elliot's small weight bouncing around the bedduring the night, but when Tully's big body landed smackon my chest I thought I was being attack by an evil, sledgehammer wielding home invader. Of course I screamed likea big girl, scaring Elliot, who instantly disappeared behindthe curtains, my poor husband jumped out of bed gottangled in the sheets and hit the floor hard. As for Tully heseemed completely oblivious to the chaos he'd caused ashe calmly moved to the middle of the bed and beganwashing his face.You'd think that would be enough bunny drama for at leasta week but no, the next day Elliot decided to live up to hisCranky Pants nickname.Bunnies can easily go into a type of shock and simply stopeating, within a very short time their organs start shuttingdown and they die. From previous experience I keep onhand feeding syringes and special bunny food to treatstubborn bunnies on a hunger strike. Unfortunately Elliot isa master at this and Tully's midnight visit seemed to haveset off another bout of this upsetting condition.So the basic deal is to syringe food and water in one endand make sure it come out the other until they give it upand start eating themselves. With most buns this is timeconsuming but not difficult, they can't spit so they eitherswallow or choke and they always choose the swallowoption... except Elliot.Wrapped up like a bunny burrito I cradled him in my armsand syringed some pureed carrot into his mouth. He laycompletely passive, relaxed his jaw and let gravity oozethe carrot out of his mouth and down his chest. Grabbingbaby wipes I quickly mopped up the mess and tried againwith fresh pureed blackberries, a favourite treat of his.Thistime he kept the mush in his mouth, glared at me andcurled his upper lip every now and again as if so say "see,it's still there". As much as I love Elliot, right at thatmoment, a large bunny enema was looking really good.This went on for a full seven days, with him only eatingenough to keep a mouse alive before he snapped out ofhis funk and started eating normally. During this time heglared at me every chance he could and even moved hisusual sleeping position from between my ankles tobetween my husband's. He'd clearly decided me and thedreaded syringe were the enemy.A day or so after he had recovered I was getting ready togo to bed and I noticed Elliot was nestled on my side ofthe bed. I felt a warm glow that he was well and hadapparently forgiven me for upsetting his dignity. Then I saton the bed and my warm glow changed into somethingdifferent...warm yes, but definitely not glowing and verywet. The little brat had peed right where I was about tosleep! Revenge rabbit style!Thankfully everything is back to normal now. The latch onthe bedroom door has been fixed, Elliot is back happilysleeping between my ankles and the bed has stayed dryand clean.On a more serious note, if this ever happens to your ownbunny please take them straight to the vet or they will die.I only treated Elliot at home because I knew exactly whatto do and I spoke to my wonderful bunny vet every day
Rabbits everywhere!
Does it ever happen to you that you see rabbits even whenno real rabbit is around? Then please share your bestencounters with Bunspace.This gallery is dedicated to rabbits everywhere... in the sky,at the bottom of a tea cup, hidden in autumn leaves, evenon paper towels. Please don't stage anything to make itlook like a rabbit, or copy pictures from other websites - justlet your imagination inspire you.Email your bunny pics toinfo@bunspace.com 
Brightside FarmSanctuary rabbit rescue
http://www.brightside.org.au Brightside Farm Sanctuary is set in the beautiful HuonValley of Tasmania on 50 acres. Brightside has rescuedand re homed over 500 farm and companion animals inthe past 2 years as well as giving many animals a lovingand safe home for life.Below are pictures from a small backyard rabbit farm inTasmania that was closing down. For these bunnies it wasa lucky day when Brightside Farm Sanctuary was passingby and saw a sign. The woman who ran this “rabbit farm”was moving and couldn’t take them with her and shewanted to get rid of them.The bunnies were picked up that day and transported toBrightside.
Several rabbits lived in each of these filthydark wet creationsEach area wasmeasured at roughly 1foot x 2.5 foot whereeach rabbit lived inwet, muddy conditionsseparated bycorrugated iron sheets
If anyone would like to donate to Brightside to help thebunnies, please visit their website – http://www.brightside.org.au 

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