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Microstory 11 (aka 'Superstition Collector')

Microstory 11 (aka 'Superstition Collector')

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Published by JimmyLambeth
Microstory no. 11.
Microstory no. 11.

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Published by: JimmyLambeth on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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am not superstitious. But I do collectother people’s superstitions. It’s like ahobby and it can sometimes make the daysmore interesting. My riend Mark never walkedunderneath ladders; my sister never traversedthree contiguous manhole covers; my girlriendalways insisted on looking up beore entering orexiting buildings surrounded by scaolding. I doall these things and, although it sometimes leadsto some odd-looking sidesteps and hesitations,I am prepared to ace the tuts and stares o theother pedestrians, because it reminds me o my riends and loved ones. But ask me whether Ibelieve in these strange customs and I wouldhave to answer ‘No’.
 Jason never passed a magpie without bidding it‘Good day’; Alison always had to clink glasses witheveryone who raised theirs at a toast; and Al rom work always lited up a leg when he encounteredthe number one hundred and eleven. Well, I liketalking to
corvids. rying to touch glasses withan entire ensemble o guests at a wedding banquet was a challenge that resulted in many pleasantconversations. I now raise a oot in the air when Iam reading page 111 o a book—I’m not sure evenAl did that! But ask me whether I believe in theseunusual practices and I would have to answer ‘No’.I really don’t. I just see my collection o superstitionsas a un kind o homage. Believe in that nonsense!I’d be a ool! Te strange thing is, whenever I addsomeone’s superstition to my repertoire, nothingbad happens to me. I have, in many ways, led aremarkable incident-ree lie. But... but the people Ilove and care or. Te people whose superstitions Ihave honoured with unailing elicity... Well, it seemsthat something awul always seems to beall them.Maybe not immediately, but eventually. And so, asmy miscellany grows, I am losing all those I hold dearto me. And I am beginning to get a little worried.Having dinner with my ather last night, he spokeo his hope or good weather or his upcoming

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1 hundred reads
Daniel Essman added this note
This is a sweet story. I speak to corvids as well...Willits is overrun with massive ravens who do not keep their own counsels...my wife makes popcorn for these noisy blacker than black behemoths...they show her no gratitude...Thanks again for the stories...
Joe Hagen added this note
Nicely done. A pleasant and thoughtful read.
Devon Pearse added this note
That was so brilliantly beautiful! I'm all snarfy now.

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