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Pro-Choice Violence in Wisconsin

Pro-Choice Violence in Wisconsin

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A report by Dr. Brian Clowes, Director of Research and Training at Human Life International, for the website www.prochoiceviolence.com.
A report by Dr. Brian Clowes, Director of Research and Training at Human Life International, for the website www.prochoiceviolence.com.

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Published by: Human Life International on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AppletonBarabooMadisonMilwaukeeStevens PointAppleton, Wisconsin
Attempted Homicide of an Unborn Child, Reckless Endangerment, Placing Foreign Objects inEdibles, Unlawful Delivery of a Prescription Drug, Stalking, Burglary, Possession of BurglaryTools and Violating a Restraining Order
This database documents a number of cases where cowardly “pro-choice” men have demanded thattheir girlfriends get abortions. When the women refuse, the men slip easily-available abortifacient drugsinto their drinks or food. Sometimes the men grind up the RU-486 abortion pill and slip it into a drink;other times they use drugs intended to make
miscarry. This sneaky attack is typical of the selfishand cowardly “pro-choice” mentality, and is significant because no national “pro-choice” group has ever condemned them.
Manishkumar M. Patel of Outagamie County had a problem on his hands. His girlfriend DarshanaPatel [no relation] had refused his demands to abort their preborn twins. So, in November 2007, heobtained RU-486 (mifepristone) from his native India and put it in her food. Darshana suspected foul play and refused to touch the spiked food, but instead turned it over to police, who confirmed the presence of the abortifacient drug.On November 28, 2007, police charged Manish Patel with first-degree attempted intentionalhomicide of an unborn child, second-degree reckless endangerment, placing foreign objects in edibles,unlawful delivery of a prescription drug, stalking, burglary, possession of burglary tools and knowinglyviolating a harassment restraining order.Patel admitted to authorities that he had, in fact, spiked Darshana’s food with the abortifacient pill.He was jailed under $750,000 bond, raised from friends, business associates and relatives. But he
 Wisconsin- Page 1 -
skipped bail and left the country, too cowardly to face the consequences of his actions. The bond wasforfeited, and $6,200 of it was awarded to Darshana for damages.
Steven Ertelt. “Wisconsin Man Charged With Trying to Cause Girlfriend to HaveAbortion.”
, November 28, 2007; Steven Ertelt. “Woman in Wisconsin Who was Victimof Forced Abortion Attempt Receives Bond Money.”
, April 12, 2010.
Baraboo, Wisconsin
Sexual Abuse of a Child
In February 2001, a mother in Baraboo, Wisconsin took Planned Parenthood's advice to heart and purchased condoms for her 13-year-old son when she discovered he was having sexual intercourse with a15-year-old girl.The mother was indicted on charges of sexually abusing a child by permitting her son to have sexualrelations before he was of age.
: Tony Gosgnach. "Planned Parenthood Exposed."
The Interim
, February 2003.
Madison, Wisconsin
First - Degree Murder, Rape, Forced Abortion and Abuse of a Corpse
In 1997, Peter Kupaza raped his cousin, Mwenvano Mwambashi Kupaza, then forced her to have anabortion when she became pregnant.Kupaza claimed that Mwenvano had returned to her home in Tanzania, so that's where her friendsthought she was, while her family in Tanzania thought that she was still living in Madison.On July 31, 1999, a woman and her children found a female torso and several garbage bags filledwith body parts. The face, head and neck had been skinned, and the feet were missing.Kupaza was arrested and charged with Mwenvano's murder. He said that he had talked with her father in April, and claimed that her father had told him that Mwenvano had arrived home safely. Butwhen police called her father, he said that he had not spoken to Kupaza in more than two years, and hadnot seen his daughter since June 1998. When police searched Kupaza's apartment, they foundMwenvano's Bible and purse.Kupaza's former wife testified about how he abused her, and about how people in Tanzania often butcher their own livestock, and are therefore skilled with the use of knives. A jury convicted Kupaza ofirst-degree murder.
: Katherine Ramsland. "Killing Cousins." Tru TV's Crime Library athttp://www.trutv.com/library/crime/.
First - Degree Reckless Homicide of an Unborn Child, Rape, Torture and First - Degree Assault
David P. Enis was a "pro-choicer" who simply could not control his violent urges. He beat, kicked,
 Wisconsin- Page 2 -
raped and tortured his girlfriend, who was 8½ months pregnant, so badly that she gave birth to a stillbornchild. She was horribly scarred all over her body from savage bites, cigarette burns, and lashings fromelectrical cords.On December 13, 2000, Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Kitty Brennan sentenced him to thirtyyears in prison, saying "What you did was unthinkable to most people in our community." Enis' lawyer had unsuccessfully tried to challenge the constitutionality of Wisconsin's fetal homicide law during thetrial.
: "Man Gets 30 Years Under Feticide Law."
The Wisconsin State Journal 
[Madison,Wisconsin], December 16, 2000.
Attempted First - Degree Intentional Homicide of an Unborn Child, First - Degree RecklessEndangerment and Tampering with Household Products (3 counts)
According to official police documents and media reports, the following events occurred in andaround Madison, Wisconsin.On March 2, 2008, 23-year-old Daniel C. Bliefernicht's girlfriend, Sarah Pienkowski, announced tohim that she was pregnant and that she wanted to keep her baby. Bliefernicht, a farmer, was not at allhappy. Sarah later testified that he "freaked" and wanted nothing to do with the baby.So, in May 2008, he obtained Oxytocin and Lutalyse, drugs that veterinarians use to abort pregnancies in cows, and mixed them into three beverage bottles, which he then gave to his girlfriend.Sarah thought the beverages tasted strange, so she took them to police, who turned them over to a statecrime lab that tested them.On March 25, 2010, Bliefernicht was charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide of anunborn child, first-degree reckless endangerment, and three counts of tampering with household products.Fortunately, Sarah gave birth to a healthy girl on November 15, 2008.
: Ed Treleven. "DeForest Man Faces Charges of Trying to Terminate His Girlfriend'sPregnancy with Veterinary Drugs."
Wisconsin State Journal 
, March 25, 2010; "Prosecutors: WomanGiven Drugs to End Pregnancy."
Wisconsin State Journal 
, March 26, 2010.
Assault, First - Degree Reckless Injury, and False Imprisonment
Tracy Marciniak was just five days away from delivering a healthy baby boy she had already namedZachariah. On February 8, 1992, her estranged husband, Glenndale Black, appeared at her apartment,and the two argued. The argument soon turned violent, however, and Black grabbed Tracy by her hair and deliberately punched her in the stomach as hard as he could. Tracy said "It felt like it had gone allthe way through me."Following his attack, Black refused to call for help for his wife, who was in agony, and he even prevented
from calling for help.After about 15 minutes of her screaming in pain, he finally went to a bar and called for help. Tracywas rushed by ambulance to the hospital, where Zachariah was delivered by emergency Caesareansection. He was dead. The physicians said he had bled to death inside Tracy because of blunt-forcetrauma.Tracy's own injuries were life-threatening, and she nearly died. She had to spend three weeks in thehospital.It took over three years for this case to go to trial. Because Zachariah was not considered a "born
 Wisconsin- Page 3 -

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