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Pro-Choice Violence in Nicaragua

Pro-Choice Violence in Nicaragua

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A report by Dr. Brian Clowes, Director of Research and Training at Human Life International, for the website www.prochoiceviolence.com.
A report by Dr. Brian Clowes, Director of Research and Training at Human Life International, for the website www.prochoiceviolence.com.

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Published by: Human Life International on Jun 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Nicaraguan “pro-choicers” loathe free discourse, and some are even more irrational andviolent than those in North America.A person from a pro-abortion group in Managua apparently had a crisis of conscience,and leaked a document that outlined a plot to "wipe out" bishops, priests and laymen whowere leading a 2001 Catholic campaign in the country against the legalization of abortion.As a result of this credible threat, on April 8, 2001, Nicaraguan President ArnoldoAleman ordered police to provide special protection for Cardinal Miguel Obando of Managuaand several of the country's Catholic bishops who were targeted for assassination. CardinalObando said the document indicated that the assassination plot could extend to religious andlay leaders of the pro-life movement in other Central American nations.
“Pro-choice” activists use filthy tricks all over the world to legalize abortion, and theysimply do not care who gets hurt or traumatized in the process. All that matters to them isthat abortion is legal — and they could not care less if it is safe or not.The "Rosita" case shows how pro-abortionists eagerly help the rapists of little girls cover up their crimes with abortion, and how they could not care less what happens to the girls.Francisco Fletes Sanchez of Managua was raping his nine-year-old stepdaughter "Rosita"in 2003. Eventually the little girl became pregnant, and Fletes blamed a Costa Ricanneighbor for her pregnancy.Pro-abortionists saw not a little girl in need of help, but instead a great opportunity tooverturn Nicaragua's pro-life law. So pro-abortion groups teamed up and went to work.First, Marta Maria Blandon, the Director for Central America for the American pro-abortion group IPAS, helped Fletes escape Costa Rica, knowing that he was under investigation for the rape. Blandon admitted that she was just using Rosita as an unwittingand unwilling tool as she said:From the very beginning a strategy was developed by the members of the supportgroup that was set up and led by the
 Red de Mujeres contra la Violencia
[Network of Women against Violence] and many other organizations with longexperience in the issues. This coalition of the broader women's movement feltthat it was the right time to lobby for an enforceable law allowing therapeuticabortion and to demand that the State take responsibility for Rosita's case.Then, although doctors in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua denied that an abortion wasnecessary to protect the Rosita's health, Nicaragua's "Women's Network Against Violence"carried out an abortion with the help of three anonymous doctors just to make sure that Fletescould not be identified as the assailant with DNA evidence from the unborn child.
Then pro-abortion groups promoted Fletes as a campaigner, and he flew to Chile in 2003to advocate decriminalization there for the "hard case" of rape.At least the pro-aborts selected a very appropriate spokesman for their campaign.Pro-abortionists made Fletes into a media star and went to any lengths to mock andridicule those who opposed Rosita's abortion. They even began a campaign to get people towrite to their local Catholic bishops to request excommunication for supporting Rosita'sabortion!Despite the best efforts of his pro-abortion protectors, Nicaragua arrested Fletes and puthim on trial. Fletes must have learned a lot from his feminist helpers, because he claimedthat he had the "right" to rape Rosita hundreds of times!The evidence showed that members of the "Women's Network Against Violence"supported Fletes, his wife, and stepdaughter with free housing while knowing that he was thereal father of the child. This allowed Fletes to rape Rosita for four more years and father asecond child, while the so-called "Women's Network" studiously looked the other way.Eventually, Fletes admitted to the rapes.Finally, on November 21, 2007, Fletes was sentenced to thirty years in prison. The prosecutor noted that "Owing to the fact that this person abused the minor in every aspect, both physical and mental, today he is paying for two crimes: The one committed in Costa Rica severalyears ago and the one committed here in Nicaragua."
“Nicaraguan President Orders Protection for Church Leaders."
 Agencia EFE 
viaCOMTEX at http://www.efe.es, Document ID #FA20010501910000306, May 1, 2001.
Matthew Cullinan Hoffman. "Pro-Abortion Group in Nicaragua Caught Aiding RapistEscape Criminal Investigation" [three part series].
 LifeSite Daily News
, August 16, 2007;Matthew Cullinan Hoffman. "Abortion Campaigner Who Sexually Abused Stepdaughter isCaptured in Nicaragua."
 LifeSite Daily News
, August 17, 2007; Matthew Cullinan Hoffman."Man Behind Effort to Legalize Abortion in Nicaragua Gets 30 Years for Step-Daughter'sRape."
 LifeSite Daily News
, November 21, 2007. For a description of the pro-abortionist'sstrategy, see the interview "Marta Maria Blandon and Lorna Norori: "We Have SuccessfullyChallenged Two States"."
Women's Health Journal 
(updated May 29, 2011)
Please send comments, questions or reports of violence to:Brian Clowes, PhDHuman Life International4 Family Life LaneFront Royal, VA 226301-800-549-LIFE

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